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Benintendi Let’s Bat Fly as the Red Sox Beat the Yankees



Andrew Benintendi Let’s Bat Fly as the Red Sox Beat the Yankees

Drew Pomeranz took the mound today [Saturday] and was dominating. He gave up 2 runs early on and had a tough 4th inning. Yet even with these rough patches, he pushed through it.

His 4th Inning was most impressive. He loaded the bases and it didn’t look good.  I mean seriously, the bases were loaded with no outs against the Yankees. It looked like they would tee off against him. But you know what? He made it work.

Pomeranz pitched the rest of the inning flawlessly, he got the outs and left the Yankees with a goose egg on the scoreboard on the inning. That’s one way to do it!

Pomeranz ended up getting the win with good hitting behind him.  He went 6.2 Innings 3 Runs 7 Hits 2 BB and 5 Ks.  He just got fired up and made his pitches strong. He is now [12 – 4] on the Season, which is well pretty good.  I mean his numbers are remarkable for the Red Sox!

The real story of the day was Andrew Benintendi, who hit a 3-run homer in the 3rd Inning as well as in the 5th Inning.  He had 6 RBIs on the day. Have a game will yah!

His bomb to right field came in the 3rd after back-to-back walks and an error. He just knocked it out like he was playing Tee Ball. It was a big deal at the time. But what happened in the 5th was pivotal.

Christian Vasquez was up at the plate and he works on a walk, off of Yankees Pitcher Luis Severino. He made him work hard and fouled off several pitches. Vasquez pretty much chased him out of the game. Benintendi would go up to bat again and again hit a 3-run bomb to right field.

It was like Christmas or something!  Like a newly opened gift, it was that kind of hit and that kind of game for the Red Sox.

Devers and Mookie Betts both had a 2 RBI game and were part of the Run Parade. The Sox would go on to Win the Game [10-5] making up for their blunder loss last night. The Red Sox are now 4.5 Games up on the Yankees and are above .500 on the road.

Sale will be pitching for the Sox as they face the Yankees tomorrow. Look to see him pitch well as he is the best Pitcher in Baseball right now with Cy Young aspirations.

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Boston Red Sox

Boston Red Sox Finally Land Their Guy



According to multiple reports, the Boston Red Sox have reached an agreement with infielder Eduardo Nunez.

Nunez is set to be the primary second basemen to start the season with Dustin Pedroia still recovering from offseason surgery. After Pedroia returns Nunez will likely serve as the primary backup infielder for the Red Sox with occasional time at the DH spot also a potential route for him.

Nunez was traded to the Red Sox in July from the San Francisco Giants and had an impressive offensive performance in 38 regular-season games for the Sox. But a PCL injury limited him as the season wore down. He did not go for surgery on the knee, choosing instead to rehab, but the visual was bad when he was last on the field when the knee buckled. He had to be carried off the field in the playoffs. But some offseason videos of Nunez working out shows some signs of promises.

Nunez’s deal is pending a physical.

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Boston Red Sox

Mookie Betts Not Thinking About His Contract



Red Sox

The Boston Red Sox and Mookie Betts weren’t able to come to a long-term agreement this offseason with both sides actually going all the way to arbitration with the ruling going in Betts’ favor.

Despite both sides not actually agreeing on anything this offseason, there is apparently no hard feelings.

“I’ve enjoyed my time here, for sure. Now that 2018 is here I can focus on this calendar year and next year we can focus there. Right now I’m just worried about 2018.” Betts stated to the media on Thursday at Jet Blue Park.

This past offseason the 25-year-old asked Boston for $10.5 million in his arbitration case with Boston eyeing $7.5 million for this season. Despite the process being rather rocky Betts found the back and forth interesting and has nothing by admiration for the team.

“Just seeing that side of it is pretty interesting,” he said. “I like those type of things, kind of see how people debate. There were no hard feelings, nothing wrong, I love these guys. Nothing changed. I’m just going to continue to go out and play and have my same relationship that I always have.”


Betts seemed to take the process as a learning experience with two more coming in the following two years with the outfielder eyeing a free agent track three seasons from now.

“Well I’ve got to give credit to my agents. They do a really good job of equipping me,” he explained. “I think my first year they were already talking about arbitration and those types of things. I had a pretty good diea kind of going into it. Once I kind of got to go through it, you kind of see a couple of new things that kind of happen and how it feels in the room and those type of things and how the process goes. My agents did a great job in letting me know how things would go and they were spot on.”

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Boston Red Sox

JD Martinez Throwing Wrench in Red Sox Offseason Plans



JD Martinez

Current online MLB sportsbook odds have the Boston Red Sox as the 6th most likely team to win the world series, right behind their hated rivals in New York. To increase their odds, they need to sign another big bat.

For months there has been speculation about the Boston Red Sox resigning outfielder JD Martinez to the team, but it appears they may have hit a snag in negotiations. It has been reported that Boston offered Martinez a five-year deal in the neighborhood of 125 million dollars and apparently that is not enough.

Martinez is rumored to be “fed up” with Boston and speculation is that he could end up signing elsewhere or come into training camp without a deal on the table. The team and Martinez are still talking but a failed deal could change the offseason plans of Boston a bit.

Last season, Martinez hit 29 homers and drove in 65 RBI’s while only playing 67 games for the Arizona Diamondbacks and hit a total of 45 home runs with and 104 RBI’s overall for the season. At age 30, he is rounding into one of the best power hitters in the MLB. Now it is rumored that a potential return to Arizona is in the cards.

Boston could certainly use another big bat to take the next step towards becoming a true MLB contender again and if Martinez were to sign elsewhere, their search would start all over. Boston should do all it can to negotiate with Martinez as his talent is evident. Although, if things do fall through, there are a few other options available such as:

Jose Bautista: Despite being 37, the power is still there for Bautista as he hit 23 homers last season with Toronto. Unfortunately, his gain has tailed off some as evidenced by his .203 batting average. If things get dicey for Boston, Bautista may be a bit of a cheaper option now due to this age.

Carlos Gonzalez: Gonzalez is another big-name hitter whose games may be on the decline. He only managed 14 home runs last season, but at age 32 there is a possibility of a nice bounce-back year. Again, Gonzalez could be a cheaper option closer to the season.

Jayson Werth: Continuing the trend of aging power hitters, Jayson Werth is available on the market after a stint with the Washington Nationals. Werth’s numbers were down this year but are a bit skewed due to the fact that he only played 70 games. He cannot be relied upon on a daily basis anymore but could be a decent pickup as a part-time bat to use.

For the Red Sox, Martinez is clearly far and away the best option available on the Market. As you can see, most of the big names available this offseason is aging and declining players. While each of them could still have some big hits left in them, losing out on Martinez for one of these guys would be a mighty drop off for Boston.

Martinez is not happy with the Red Sox current offer and perhaps it may be time for them to show him the money. With limited other bats available, Martinez is the clear difference maker. Signing Martinez would greatly enhance their chances in 2018.

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