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Bruins and Pastrnak

Boston Bruins And David Pastrnak, The Story That Hasn’t Ended

Boston Bruins forward David Pastrnak is still unsigned for this upcoming season. The latest tidbit of news on him and the status of the negotiations came last week. GM Don Sweeney‘s update was not what Bruins fans wanted to hear.

“I have not made as much progress as I’d like since the last one,” admitted Sweeney, who continues the negotiations with over $10 million in cap space. “But we have plenty of time and the opportunities to continue to talk, and we’ll find a way to keep talking.”

There is still time for a deal to get done, as of writing this the date is August 7th, the main camp opens on Septemeber 14th a week after rookie players report on the 7th. A Pastrnak deal could come down to the start of training camp. There is a chance it happens even sooner though.

The 21-year-old forward just returned this past week from a China tour where he represented the Boston Bruins with fellow teammates like Tuukka Rask. Having Pastrnak continuing to appear as part of the organization is a very good sign that both sides are talking and are still on good terms

While Sweeney’s comments don’t bode well for a deal getting done in the short term. With the main camp, unless he holds out, he will be in the building on a daily basis. In that case, something would likely get done immediately. But if he did that he loses some of his chips, in theory, a potential deal should come in advance of the start of the main camp.

The potential terms of the deal range from $5-7 million per season with the lower end being closer to what the Boston Bruins want and the other being Pastrnak’s camp’s wanted value. Some fans seem hesitant to offer the young speedy forward a deal with that type of price tag. If the range is closer to $7 million per season, with the cap rising and young players getting paid in higher amounts. That higher price isn’t that bad.

One can imagine the final price will be somewhere in-between the two extremes, think $6 million per on AAV. The length for a 34 goal 21-year-old should be relatively long. It is unclear what either side is thinking on that at the moment. But even a 5-year-deal lands him at 26-years-old, the prime of his career.

An issue the Bruins are having is looking at the bloated high priced forwards they already have on their roster. Players like David Krejci, David Backes, Patrice Bergeron, and Brad Marchand are all getting paid $6+ million per season for the foreseeable future. The level of play for those players are all different, but all four are either north of 30 already or will be very north of 30 at the end of their respective deals.

Pastrnak is a different story, he is a young forward who is already a proven NHL commodity. Locking up another forward to a long term deal on high money might make them feel uneasy, but it is the right move that should already be done.

Bruins and Pastrnak
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