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Rask Burned By NHL Network

Boston Bruins Goaltender Tuukka Rask Left Off Of Top Ten List By NHL Network

Is Tuukka Rask top ten? Is the Boston Bruins netminder a top ten goaltender in the NHL?

NHL Network doesn’t think so apparently.

They released their top ten NHL goaltenders list on Monday and Rask was notably missing from the list.

  1. Carey Price
  2. Braden Holtby
  3. Sergei Bobrovsky
  4. Matt Murray
  5. Devan Dubnyk
  6. Jonathan Quick
  7. Cam Talbot
  8. Henrik Lundqvist
  9. Martin Jones
  10. Pekka Rinne

Rask is not on the list, and to me, that is a shame.

Now I am not saying Rask is a top 5 netminder. But should he be no.9 or no.10, yes.

Matt Murray is no.4 and split time with Marc Andry Fleury. Martin Jones has a good defense ahead of him in a town where no body cares about hockey in a no pressure situation. Rask is a few years removed from his Vezina Trophy winning season, but he has had to deal with poor or young defenders ahead of him.

Rask also happens to play in a high-pressure situation in Boston and plays at a high level every season. Cases can be made for every player on this list to be on it. But Rask’s case seems to be stronger than players like Jones. If rankings are based on last years numbers alone then a player like Renne should be higher.

Everyone’s list will turn out differently. So here is mine.

  1. Price
  2. Holtby
  3. Bobrovsky
  4. Dubnyk
  5. Renne
  6. Lundqvist
  7. Quick
  8. Talbot
  9. Rask
  10. Murray

This is of course just my personal list, not based solely of stats, but more of a belief. Leave your top ten’s in the comment section below.

Rask Burned By NHL Network
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