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Boston Bruins Recap: Bruins Get Screwed By Video Review Once Again

Bruin Continue to not win a home

Last night the Boston Bruins loss to the Ottawa Senators 1-0. Boston scored in the second but the Sens coach used his challenge it was determined that the play was offsides. Video review is ruining the game.

First Two Periods

There were no goal scored in the first 40 minutes of the game. Each team had plenty of chances including the Bruins goal-no-goal play. Brad Marchand had a great chance early on where he tried to slide the puck five-hole on the backhand but Craig Anderson steered it away. A little bit later Marshy had another great breakaway chance. I think Anderson knew he was going back hand because he sprawled out and was able to make the save. All Marshy had to do was flip the puck over Anderson and boom up 1-0. For some reason Marchand just shot it right into Anderson, maybe he was surprised at what Anderson did. That is still not an excuse for a player who scored nearly 40 goals in the regular season.

Then in the second the Bruins scored or so we all thought. Then the Sens coach used his challenge to challenge offsides. Noel Acciari was able to tip in a shot from Charlie McAvoy for the goal. Here in the video we can see that the play is offsides. The only problem I have is that the goal came 20 seconds after the missed offsides. Here are my issues with this challenge of the offsides:

  1. It takes way to long, If I can figure it out at home in 10 seconds then why can Toronto do the same. They have access to more angles than I do. So I would say put a time limit on the review.
  2. The offsides did not lead directly to a goal. If you ask me it should only be challenged if the offside is missed then bam a few seconds later the goal happens. If the goal happens 20 seconds later than that means the Senators had all that time to clear the zone but they just failed.
  3. The review is flawed. Offsides should not be review able. I agree with having a review but we have seen that it is extremely flawed. The human factor is what makes the game what it is. I like the human factor, it adds an element to the game.  The video review needs to be reviewed itself.

Third Period

In every playoff series there is always a guy that get hot and Bobby Ryan is that guy for the Senators. His goal gave the Sens the lead. Also Erik Karlsson made a perfect pass to Ryan for his easy goal. The Bruins then had a great chance to tie the game with a minute left but the Hockey God’s said no to Marshy.

Up Next:

The Bruin will go back to Ottawa and play game 5 on Friday. Also the Bruins have been down 3-1 in a series 22 times and have come back zero times. Hopefully they can change that.


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