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Boston Bruins Recap: Despite Win Over Isles The Team Is Still Toast

Boston Bruins Recap

Boston Bruins Recap: Despite Win Over Isles The Team Is Still Toast

The Boston Bruins captured a win in what seemed like the most important game of their NHL season as the team beat the New York Islanders to stop their four game losing streak from going to a five game skid.

Going into the game the B’s found themselves on the outside of the playoff picture looking in with the Islanders being the team that was ahead of them in the Wild Card spot, with the win the Boston Bruins moved back into the wild card spot and currently sit a full two points ahead of the Islanders in that spot. Mathematically the B’s have just north of a 60% chance of making the Stanley Cup Playoffs and they only sit one point behind the third place Toronto Maple Leafs.

Despite the match moving back into Boston’s favor with seven games remaining in their regular season campaign, you can’t help but feel down on the franchise that has missed the playoffs each of the last two seasons and is coming off of a disastrous skid which ended in their star goaltending shitting his pants.

Even if Boston maintains this second wildcard spot it doesn’t mean much because they would have to face the Washington Capitals who are the top team in the Eastern Conference. That is a matchup that even the most optimistic Bruins fan knows they will lose quickly. Now if they can get by Toronto, then maybe, just maybe, there is a chance.

If the B’s sneak back into the third spot in the Atlantic they will then face off with the Ottawa Senators, a team that they are currently 0-3 against in the season series. But with the Black and Gold facing the Sens in the second to last game of the season they have the chance to change all of that momentum. If they can do all of this, which might be a long-shot, you could see this Bruins team make the playoffs and win a round.

But do not get your hopes up as the chances of this happening are slim at this point, especially after last weeks loss against Ottawa and the recent play/injury to goaltender Tuukka Rask.

I think at times like this it is important to remember going into the season many of us thought this Boston Bruins squad would not be playoff team this season given the lack of offseason upgrades and the general feeling of the team. But instead this years team has shown promise, players like David Pastrnak have broken out and rookies like Brandon Carlo have shown great promise. Even the promotion of Bruce Cassidy has shown the team has found a capable man in charge of the team.

With prospects like the Charlie McAvoy’s of the world on the horizon under GM Don Sweeney‘s excellent prospect acquisition skills we might see a young Boston Bruins team who can win a title in the near future. So my fellow Bruins fans, this might not be our season but it has shown promise of a future that looks brighter than it did at the end of last season.

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