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Boston Bruins Rumors: Could Be Renting One Of These Top Free Agents

There Are Some Top Free Agent Rentals Out There That Could Help Boston Get Over The Hump

Since The NHL Expansion last week we have seen many big free agents not get any offers from their teams. Some of them ended up in Vegas. Now I do not think that the Bruins should go get a rental. This list is who should they get if they do want a rental.

This is the list of the top wingers that could be in a Bruins uniform this season:

Patrick Marleau, SJS:

Marleau (38) is a guy who possibly up until now has played his entire career with one team. the San Jose Sharks have not offered him another contract at this point and it looks like they will let him go after 19 seasons with the team.

Last season he had 46 points in 82 games, that was his 14 season with 20 or more goals. In his career Marleau is the sharks all time leader in goals (508), points (1,082) and games played (1,493). He is also a stud in the postseason as he has 120 points in 177 career postseason games.

Boston would be a perfect fit for this guy. He brings both a scoring touch and that physicality that we love here in Boston. Marleau like all the guys on this list bring that veteran knowledge of the game and would be a big help to the prospects in the team. He would be the best guy to get in my opinion that may help the Bruins reach the Stanley Cup and dare I say it even win.

Justin Williams, WSH:

Williams (36) just finished his second season with Washington. He had 52 points in 2015-16 season and 48 last season. He is also a great guy for the playoffs as he has 94 points in 140 playoff games. Williams is always a guy that brings his best in the playoffs. Another thing is that he a three-time Stanley Cup Champion. He won with Carolina and LA.

In his career he has 682 points in 1080 games. Williams would be the second guy on my list if I were Sweeney and I was looking for a veteran winger. Again he bring veteran knowledge and he has plenty of postseason experience. Williams like Marleau would bring both the physical and goal scoring touch to the Bruins. I would love for him to be here but the price has to be right.

Radim Vrbata, ARI:

Vrbata, 36, scored 55 points in 81 games last season with the Arizona Coyotes. He has scored 20 or more goals in the past five season. Vrbata is another guy who has bounced around the league ut always seems to fit in wherever he ends up. In his career he has played in 1015 games with 609 points.

He seems most likely to stick with Arizona but I think he is going to shop the market. The Bruins have been linked to him before in the past so it seems like he would want to play here. He would be my third pick on the list if I had to pick. The reason for third is that he does not bring the playoff experience that the others on the list do.

Jarome Iginla, LAK:

Iginla,who will be 40 as of July 1, is a guy who has spent time on the Bruins before in 2013-14 season. In that season he had 61 points in 78 games. The main reason for him leaving was money, as at that time the Bruins had cap issues.

Last season he spent time with both the Colorado Avalanche and LA Kings and scored 27 points in 80 games. Iginla spent most of his career 16 season to be exact with the Calgary Flames. He is the all time leader in goals (525)points (1095) and games played (1,219) for the Flames.

Also he is tied for 15th all time in goals with 625. The only thing missing from this future hall of famer’s resume is a Stanley Cup.

As we have seen in the past, Iginla can fit in with the Bruins. He would bring, like many other guys both physical part of the game as well as the ability to score and create plays. the big question is what is his price.

Thomas Vanek, FLA

Vanek (33 years-old), seems to be the Bruins killer is a guy that always played his best against the Bruins. Vanek is a very good winger and was a top one earlier in his career. Last season he played in 68 games with the Panthers and Detroit Red Wings, scoring 48 points. In his career he has appeared in 885 games and has tallied 697 points.

He would be a great guy to have that would help the Bruins get over the edge and make a deep playoff run. If he were to play he would most likely play with Patrice Bergeron.

Jaromir Jagr, FLA:

Jagr who has already been with the Bruins would be a great addition depending on the contract. I would not be opposed to a one year deal with no more than $2.5 million. The reason is that Jagr is 45 years old. He is still playing with guys that looked up to him when they were kids. For example I am sure that another free agent David Pastrnak used to look up to Jagr as a kid.

Jagr played 82 games for Florida and scored 46 points. Now when he was in Boston for that short time he manged to hit the post almost every time he shot the puck. If there was a stat for hit posts I am pretty sure he took the gold in that stat for that season. In his 26 years he has accumulated  1,914 points which is second all time. He is behind one and that one is Wayne Gretzky who has 2,857. Jagr is the all time leader in-game winning goals with 135. He is also a two-time Stanley Cup Champion.

As we have seen before he is a great addition to the team that needs a top 6 forward. Also he is a future hall of famer and will be able to help the team in both presence and skill as he may be old but he is still at the top of his game.

Patrick Sharp, DAL:

Sharp, 35, was limited last season with concision issues and only had 18 points. Sharp is another three-time Stanley Cup Champion to done this list. He won all three with the Chicago Blackhawks. Sharp has played 15 years in the NHL accumulating 599 points in 869 games.

I do not see him really fitting in with the Bruins style of play. Also I think he would cost too much and want more than a one-year deal.

Boston Bruins Rumors: Could Be Renting One Of These Top Free Agents
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