Boston Bruins
Boston Bruins

Boston Bruins Show Needs Name

Boston Bruins Show Needs Name

The Boston Bruins are an original 6 hockey team, they have a rabid fan base. But the coverage on them is still lacking in Boston. A Bruins fan is lucky to hear one hour or two of hockey coverage on any of the radio networks a week. Outside of NESN, there isn’t a true video format for Bruins fans to gravitate towards.

Here at Trifecta Network, we are looking to change all that. In the next couple of weeks we are launching a Boston Bruins show/podcast across all of our channels.

The personalities will be:

Tanner Rebelo (Founder)


Justin Doyle (Bruins Editor)

Joseph Copponi (Bruins Contributor)

As a group we are really excited to present this show to you guys. But at the moment, we are lacking a name.

For that reason we turn to you, the Bruins fan, to give us suggestions, because this show is just as much yours as it is ours.

Stay on the lookout for the new show when it releases in the coming weeks. We are looking to have an interactive back and forth with our listeners and truly create a viewer driven show in terms of topics and segments.

Leave your name suggestions in the comment section below, if selected you will receive a shout out on social media and in the podcast.

Boston Bruins Show Needs Name
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