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Boston Bruins Talk: Adam McQuaid is Still Alive


Adam McQuaid To Play Today

During Saturday’s game Defenseman Adam McQuaid nearly died from a cut to the neck from teammates David Backes‘ skate.


McQuaid was able to finish his shift somehow, but after he received 25 stitches. McQuaid says that he did not see ant blood so he did what any hockey player would do and that is finish his shift. This is another example of why hockey players are the toughest athletes out there.

“Initially I didn’t see a ton of blood or anything, figured I was OK,” McQuaid said following Sunday morning’s session at Warrior Ice Arena. “And they didn’t blow the whistle. The game was still going on and obviously [it was] an important part of the game. I was pretty helpless without my stick and stuff. But just kind of tried to be an extra body in the way.


“He’s cleared. So assuming there’s no adverse effects from his injury then he’ll go back in, for sure,” added Bruins interim head coach Bruce Cassidy. “He’s a tough customer. I’m not telling you something that you don’t already know. It’s a scary injury…he even stayed on the ice.

McQuaid was then asked if he was going to wear any neck protection in the future. His response was stereotypical hockey player.

“I don’t know,” said McQuaid. “We’ll probably play around with it and see different things. Not really sure what we’re going to do.”

This was a big scare as the Bruins can not have any guys go down right now as they are pushing for the playoffs. McQuaid said that he will most likely be playing in tonight’s game against the Ottawa Senators as this is a must win for the B’s.

“I should be good to go,” said McQuaid, “Obviously barring any unforeseen circumstances.”

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