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Boston Bruins Top Modern Skaters

#4: David Krejci

David Krejci came to the Boston Bruins via the 2004 NHL Entry Level Draft. He was a second round pick.

Krejci only played 6 games his first year and 52 his second because he was bouncing back and forth between Providence. He played his first full season in the 2008-09 season.Over his 11 year career with the Boston Bruins, Krejci has played in 705 games with 526 points (157 G, 369 A). Krejci was also a key member of the 2011 Stanley Cup Team.

In that 2011 playoffs, Krejci had 23 points (12 G, 11 A). He also had 4 game winning goals. He was one of the best guys during those playoffs. Krejci is one of those guys that brings out his best for the playoffs. In his playoff career, Krejci has played 96 games and has 77 points (29 G, 48 A). He was also a key part of the teams 2013 Stanley cup run. He had 26 points during that playoff stretch.

In the 2008-09 season, Krejci finished first in the league in plus minus with a plus 37.  Then again in the 2013-14 season with a plus 39.

Krejci is not the most flashy player ever but he is one of the most consistent. He did have a very bad year this past season but that is mainly because his linemates kept changing and his head coach changed. Krejci plays a slower game. He likes to slow it down and evaluate what is around him and make the right play.

Krejci needs a linemate that can play his speed, a guy like Milan Lucic who has skill but still needs a guy like Krejci who can feed him the puck. He is a player that flies under the radar then he goes for the throat in the playoffs and makes his presence known. Krejci has cemented himself as the number two center on the B’s for a while.

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Boston Bruins Top Modern Skaters
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