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Boston Celtics Big Winners In Kyrie Irving News

Boston Celtics Big Winners In Kyrie Irving Trade Request News

Cleveland Cavaliers star point guard Kyrie Irving has reportedly requested a trade out of Believeland.

Ever since LeBron James returned to Cleveland they have been the favorites to win the Eastern Conference. But now with Irving wanting out, their run at the top is about to come to a close.

Even if the Cav’s fetch a favorable return for Irving, it is unlikely they will be able to acquire a player of his caliber or better.

To make matters worse, Cleveland has openly shopped their power forward Kevin Love. Who in theory, could now want to be traded as well with a mass exodus from the Cavs coming with LeBron likely taking his talents out West.

So in the Boston Celtics perspective, an NBA Finals run and banner #18 looks achievable sooner than initially anticipated. Irving has set forth four potential landing spots. One happens to be a division rival of Boston, the New York Knicks.

New York could formulate a trade for Kyrie that involves sending Carmelo Anthony to Cleveland. But even an elevated Knicks team isn’t a real threat. With Carmelo, Cleveland would still be the driver in the East, but Boston would be right there. Other potential destinations for Irving are the San Antonio Spurs, Miami Heat, and the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Minnesota has had Jimmy Butler and Karl-Anthony Towns openly recruiting Irving to push for a Twin city trade. In terms of Boston, this would be an ideal trade to get another superstar out of the East. For the NBA, creating more excitement in Minnesota is an appealing result.

Now the Heat are a prime destination in terms of weather and lifestyle. If Irving goes down to Miami, he would likely elevate that team to a playoff team. But one that would resemble the team Boston beat in Chicago this past post-season. If Cleveland

If Cleveland agrees to trade Irving, the Boston Celtics would be smart to go all in for this upcoming season. The timing of a trade is key here though. The highest value for Irving is right now. If the Cavs looked at the return of Butler or Paul George, they would notice the diminished returns because those two teams waited.

Boston’s time seems to be now if Ainge believes it as well, you might see an aggressive strategy to acquire another NBA star.

Boston Celtics Big Winners In Kyrie Irving News
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