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Boston Celtics Forward Jonas Jerebko Thinks Kevin Love Flopped

Boston Celtics Forward Jonas Jerebko Thinks Cleveland Cavaliers Forward Kevin Love Flopped In Game 3 Of The Eastern Conference Finals

The story lines following game 3’s Boston Celtics win have been plentiful, from calling Isaiah Thomas on Facetime to celebrate the win, or Al Horford showing his excitement after taking game 3 from the Cleveland Cavaliers. But one of the more interesting characters involved is role player Jonas Jerebko, who is often forgot about on the back side of the bench.

But during Sunday nights win, Jonas had the opportunity to play significant minutes and have a big hand in pushing the Boston Celtics to beat Cleveland. Jerebko’s big moment came when he netted a huge bucket to give Boston the lead with 30 seconds to play after Avery Bradley drove to the lane taking in defenders only to kick it out to the wide open Jerebko.

Despite hitting that clutch shot, his pivotal moments came when he was getting physical with Kevin Love and Deron Williams, it was this physicality that helped set the tone in game 3 and created some interesting moments and soundbites.

Late in the third quarter, he and Love tangled in the post with Love falling to the ground. He told him to “stand up, don’t flop.”

Jerebko echoed his in-game sentiments about Love to reporters after the game.

“I thought he flopped,” he said. “I don’t like people flopping. I don’t flop. So I just had to tell him. He kind of laughed. He knew he flopped. He knew he did it. He’s a great player, you know, but, stand up, don’t flop. That’s my motto at least.”

Jerebko also set some hard screens on Williams during the game and appeared to bring a bit of toughness to the Celtics who looked outmatched, and at times shell-shocked in Games 1 and 2.

“We needed something to get going, so it felt good,” he told TNT’s “Inside The NBA crew in a postgame interview with Charles Barkley.

He later added: “I think we gave them a little bit too much respect in those first two games. We’re out there to compete and I don’t think we competed that hard those two first games. I just wanted to come out there and play aggressive, and play with some attitude, and obviously it felt good to knock down some shots, too.”

Jerebko will likely have an opportunity to once again prove himself with game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals tipping off Tuesday night with the Boston Celtics looking to tie up the series and the Cavs looking to take a commanding 3-1 lead before heading back to Boston for Game 5.

Boston Celtics Forward Jonas Jerebko Thinks Kevin Love Flopped
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