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Boston Celtics

Boston Celtics get Gordon Hayward?

Boston Celtics get Gordon Hayward?

Earlier this year, it was mentioned that Utah Jazz Forward Gordon Hayward was going to opt into free agency for this upcoming NBA season. Shortly thereafter it was rumored the Boston Celtics would be in on Hayward with the Brad Stevens Butler connection being a big driver.

The Celtics have a good small forward, Jae Crowder, but could use an upgrade after the loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference finals.

Gordon Hayward is an excellent scorer who could help the Celtics on the offensive side. He also can handle the ball well and shoots smart as far as shot selection goes.

The only issue that stands in the way with the Celtics trying to sign Hayward is the Miami Heat. They too have expressed interest in Hayward’s services.

The Miami Heat have been lacking in the small forward position. They need someone who can help carry them far into the playoffs and Miami sees Gordon Hayward as the guy to do just that.

The Celtics would have to give up some assets in order to sign Hayward this offseason. Jae Crowder would have to be traded and Al Horford would have to go as well. These two players have huge contracts in which the Celtics would not be able to manage if they sign Gordon Hayward.

Now, if Hayward would be willing to take less of an offer then keeping Horford and Crowder would be a possibility.

There’s still time this offseason for the Celtics to try to persuade Hayward into a contract, but it will be a challenge.

Boston Celtics get Gordon Hayward?
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