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Boston Celtics

Boston Celtics Have Multiple Avenues To Success

Boston Celtics Have Multiple Avenues To Success With Danny Ainge Poised To Go For It All Next Season

What Danny Ainge does with the third pick in the NBA draft is anybody’s best guess. The current NBA structure has two elite teams, the Golden State Warriors, and the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Boston Celtics are somewhere in the tier below, but appear to be closer to the Cavs than Golden State.

Looking at Boston though, it is clear Ainge needs two more NBA quality star players to win a title in the current structure. Some saw the trade of the No.1 pick as moving down in the draft and getting future firsts. But another way to look at the trade is to acquire more tradable assets to land a superstar.

For Ainge, he likely has the assets to take a player with the No.3 pick and still assets to net a star. But what kind of star is the question.

Jimmy Butler has been in the conversation, but wouldn’t having the defense of Avery Bradley be better?

Take a glimpse at the 2008 team and watch their rebounding compared to this past years team. Rebounding has been a big area of weakness for Boston and an area Ainge should look to improve.

There have been murmurings of Pelicans star Anthony Davis. A deal like that though would likely require the No.3 pick and future firsts from Boston though.

Taking a step away from the trade market and free agency is an area where Ainge can supplement the team. The Celtics have the ability to bring in a max player and give Isaiah Thomas a max deal next season.

Could it be free-agent big man Blake Griffin who reportedly would love to be in Boston? Griffin would certainly solve the rebounding issue and allow Ainge to trade for a shooter.

Or will the free-agent signing be Brad Stevens Butler prodigy Gordon Hayward who would fill the shooter role? In that scenario a trade of the picks would be allocated to acquiring a rebounder like Davis.

All of this discussions comes after the trade of the No.1 overall pick.

Ainge could take a player like Josh Jackson at No.3, sign a big name free agent, and potentially net another star via trade. The feeling I am getting from Boston is they are trying to load up for a run of 3-4 seasons of title run possibility. And going for it all makes sense.

Golden State will not be able to hold onto all their stars, a Kevin Durant departure feels like a possibility. LeBron James could leave Cleveland this off-season with the Cav’s not looking close to the Warriors.

With this latest move, Ainge is putting it all on the line, his legacy is going to come down to this move.

Boston Celtics Have Multiple Avenues To Success
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