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C’s Offseason A Big Win



Boston Celtics Offseason Is A Big Win For Danny Ainge, And Others Agree

The Boston Celtics have had a good offseason despite what some have said over the last day or two.

Some writers aren’t as crazy as others though with writers over at Sporting News declaring the Celtics as one of the winners in NBA free agency.

The Boston Celtics join the likes of James Harden ($230 million deal) and Oklahoma City Thunder GM Sam Presti (landing Paul George in a lopsided trade) on the winning side of the NBA’s frenzy, according to Sean Deveney.

Devaney’s’ assessment: 

Boston got the big score of the offseason by signing Jazz free agent Gordon Hayward, pairing him with his former college coach, Brad Stevens, and putting the Celtics that much closer to the Cavaliers in the East. The Celtics now have a core of Hayward, Al Horford and Isaiah Thomas, as well as some young players who shined in summer league—No. 3 pick Jayson Tatum, last year’s No. 3 pick Jaylen Brown and rookies Semi Ojeleye and Ante Zizic. They still have, potentially, two top five picks in next year’s draft, so the Celtics have emerged from this summer with an all-star caliber core of veterans and a budding group of youngsters behind them.

What the Celtics did this offseason is hard to comprehend for many. It really all comes down to how high you think Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown can go in terms of their ceiling. Essentially moving Avery Bradley, a second round pick and Kelly Olynyk for Gordon Hayward and Marcus Morris is a win.

In a vacuum the Bradley trade to Detriot is a loss, it makes the Celtics worse this season. But that is completely ignoring the addition of Hayward whose profile fits the Brad Stevens system perfectly.

Trading The No.1 For No.3 Without Moving For George Was Fine, They Got Thier Guy In Tatum

It is easy to see how trading the No.1 pick for the No.3 and FFP is a loss. But if they were going to take Tatum at No.1 anyway, what was the point of keeping it?

Was missing out on Paul George a loss? Could Boston have made the trade with the Pacers before the Hayward signing? Yes, but Danny Ainge didn’t want to be pressured into trading off assets to clear the room to sign Hayward. He wanted to do it on his own terms, and when the Pacers made the move to trade George they did it getting well below face value if you believe what is coming out of the Boston camp.

The Boston Celtics are trying to follow up a No.1 seed 53-win season. A tall order. But there are reasons to believe that they will be much better this season. No longer will Isaiah Thomas shoulder the load on offense.

IT now has Hayward on his wing who averaged 21 points last season for a slow Utah Jazz offense. In Boston’s system, Hayward could average 25 points a night. Thomas, on the other hand, could see his point totals fall, but his efficiency as a scorer rise.

As a whole, the addition of Tatum, Hayward, Morris, and Aron Baynes is one that will help Boston improve.

They might have missed out on Paul George, but Brown and Marcus Smart still have a good amount of room for growth and Tatum’s moves should make him a force to be reckoned with on both sides of the court.

This offseason was a win for Boston and a win for Ainge.

If SI is handing out a C-, Trifecta Network is handing the boys in green a B+.

Tanner founded Trifecta Network in Spring of 2016 and has been the Chief of Content for the Network since that time. Currently Tanner covers all the sports teams in Boston and has contacts in many of the teams in the city. Before starting Trifecta, Tanner was a Site Expert for the FanSided site Chowder and Champions before leaving to cover Boston teams on the ground as a member of the media for Trifecta.

Boston Celtics

Boston Celtics Set To Face Their Toughest Test



The Boston Celtics have battled their way to a 13-game winning streak after losing the first two games of their season. This winning streak has catapulted the C’s to the top of the Eastern Conference and has gotten the attention of fans around the NBA. But on Thursday night this team will face it’s first big test, the Golden State Warriors.

Golden State is the reigning NBA champions and still has the most talented roster in the entire league. Boston has done it all during their winning streak, but this task could be their toughest obstacle.

Taking down the Warriors is a huge confidence swing for a team that is potentially eyeing a title chance at the end of the season. Drumming up a regular season game is usually a hard thing to do, but for this game, the two teams are legitimate title contenders. For the Celtics, the loss of Gordon Hayward was thought to be crippling to this year’s team’s potential. But the amount of grit and resilience they have shown has been remarkable.

Whether they have been without Hayward, Kyrie Irving, Al Horford, or Jayson Tatum, this team has battled through it all to win 13 straight games. Thursday’s game will be a challenge, but one that could be very telling for the team’s long-term success.

Celtics-Warriors tips off at 8:00 pm on TNT.

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Boston Celtics

The Mask: Recalibrating Kyrie’s Face and the Offense



Kyrie Irving is being obligated to accessorize on the basketball court. If you haven’t heard – It’s sort of a big deal. 

After getting elbowed in the face by Aron Baynes, during last Friday’s game, Kyrie will have to wear a protective mask for a little while. And many fans believe that Irving wears the good ol’ Rip Hamilton face mask with suave fashionability. 

Despite the raving reviews and social media’s embracement, Irving peers through his plastic transparency with defeated eyes. He looks like an emasculated puppy who has to wear one of those postoperative head-cones.

It’s apparent that Irving wants to release his bite, but feels that all he can do is bark, behind the silly partition. On Tuesday afternoon, Kyrie voiced his ambivalent love for the sensation that his prescription face shield has become. “I know it’s for my safety.” He volunteered during a press conference, before doing battle with the Brooklyn Nets.

Conversely, in his first game back since the recent facial injury, Kyrie Irving did not play with his tail between his legs. He attacked the Barclays Center like a beast unleashed.

Kyrie absolutely stifled the resolve of the Nets, with lancinating drives and frustrated flair. He was able to channel his embarrassment into his performance.

The annoying piece of hardware, that scratched at his face and jostled his vision, was ticking him off in a productive manner. After every play, Kyrie would remove the mask, guffaw at its dorkiness, readjust and then get back to work.

Irving, with a game-high 25 points and 5 assists, would lead the Celtics to a 109-102 victory over Brooklyn, on Tuesday night.

Celtics fans may not realize this, but Kyrie’s notorious mask is going to have a huge influence on the games in which it appears. Not only will the facemask recalibrate Kyrie Irving’s expression, but it will also recalibrate the entire Celtics offense.

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Boston Celtics

Boston Celtics Excitement Reaching 2008 Levels



The 2017-18 Boston Celtics are on a bit of a roll right now with a 12 game win streak. Going into this season the hype surrounding a team that added not one but two superstars was high. And this team has yet to disappoint. But the way they are doing it is beyond impressive.

When Gordon Hayward went down there was an eerie feeling of a new season already being ruined. But with the youth movement in full swing, this team had something else in mind. Boston has battled through it all during their win streak. They have played without Al Horford and Kyrie Irving at times showing the full repertoire of what coach Brad Stevens has to offer.

Stevens during this run has drawn up game-winning plays with personnel such as Terry Rozier, Jayson Tatum, and Jaylen Brown playing well beyond their years. Can this run continue? Are they as good as they are playing? Yes and yes. Obviously, they will lose a basketball game sooner rather than later, but they have yet to play their best basketball.

Brown and Tatum are both young players who in theory will continue to grow and develop as the season progresses. And they are not the only ones, the other young players should be able to do the same under Stevens. On top of that Irving who has fit right into the Stevens’ system, in theory, has yet to hit his stride in the system. Others such as Morris and Baynes are also in that category.

Boston might be in the midst of a serious winning streak, but they still have room for growth. Can they win a title this season without Hayward? Why not? In the NBA playoffs, the team with the superstars tend to win which Boston would be outgunned when playing a Cleveland or a Golden State. But along the way, if they can get Tatum and others some playoff experience and a chance to see what getting close to a championship is like it could go a long way when Hayward returns.

No matter what happens this years team is the first big excitement surrounding the Celtics since Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen teamed up with Paul Pierce.

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