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Celtics Road To Landing Hayward Revealed

Boston Celtics Road To Landing Hayward Revealed By His Father Gordon Hayward Sr.

How did the Boston Celtics land free agent Gordon Hayward? Thanks to several reports the path to land Hayward has been revealed.

“His text said, ‘I hope all is well. We’re really looking forward to having Gordon come visit,’ ” Gordon Hayward Sr. told the Boston Globe’s Adam Himmelsbach.

After the text from Brad Stevens, Hayward saw his son have meetings with the Heat, Celtics, and Jazz in a three-day window. According to his dad after the meeting in Boston, he and his son chatted about his meeting with the Boston Celtics.

“Gordon said to me, ‘Dad, it was impressive. It was amazing,’ ” his dad told the Globe.

According to his father, he talked about how Coach Stevens showed him how he would fit into the Celtics gameplans and another important takeaway was how Boston let the players bring their wives and families with them on road trips.

The Utah Jazz did have the ability to one up the Celtics with the Salt Lake Tribune detailing that adventure.

Team owners Gail and Greg Miller, team president Steve Starks, general manager Lindsey, coach Quin Snyder and assistant coach Johnnie Bryant came. Along with them was Jazz teammates Rudy Gobert, Rodney Hood, Joe Ingles, and Ricky Rubio. Part of the Jazz pitch was how they claimed Gobert was better statistically than any player on the Celtics, along with how they want to keep their core together for years to come and with his help be a 60-win team next season.

Also according to the Tribune, the Jazz was open to Hayward structuring his max contract however way he wanted.

When Hayward ultimately picked Boston, an early leak had derailed his PR attempt to smooth things over in Utah.

“Clearly, this wasn’t the way he wanted it to go down,” Hayward Sr. said of the social media frenzy on that day, with conflicting reports galore. “That’s the unfortunate thing, is that it wasn’t his intention. He just wanted to be the one to tell everybody.”

Despite the intent to make a clean exit, things didn’t go down that way. And Hayward Sr. understands why the fans were mad at his son

“I mean, I grew up in Indiana, and I’m not saying Gordon is Reggie Miller, but if Reggie Miller had left in the middle of his career, that would have been really sad to me,” Hayward Sr. told the Globe. “So, it’s really tough. It’s a tough situation. But is he supposed to stay in Utah just so he just doesn’t disappoint others?

“It is tough on him. I know it’s hard on him. I know his decision hurt some people, but, you know, the burning of his jerseys, that’s hurtful, too.”


Even with the Celtics pitch landing Hayward, just looking at the layout of the NBA would make a player want to jump to the East.

Celtics Road To Landing Hayward Revealed
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