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Boston Celtics Rumor: Unlikely To Trade For Butler Or George

Boston Celtics Rumor: Unlikely To Trade For Jimmy Butler Or Paul George This Offseason According To Adrian Wojnarowski

The Boston Celtics netted the number 1 overall pick on Tuesday night, and now all the talk related to it has been the debate on weather or not they should trade the pick or keep the pick.

But the issue with the number 1 pick is that it allows Boston to select the best player in the draft or the one that best fits them. Trading this pick is one that is too tough, you have players at that slot that are potential game changers and can alter the direction of a franchise for the next 10 years.

Many are clamoring for a trade of that pick though, in the attempt to land a star player like a Paul George or a Jimmy Butler to help aid Isaiah Thomas and this current Boston Celtics team win a championship sooner rather than later.

But don’t expect a massive C’s trade to come this summer, at least based on the latest report from The Vertical’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

“I think with Boston and L.A. getting No. 1 and No. 2, I think it makes it highly unlikely that Butler and George are involved in trades with those two teams,” Wojnarowski said when asked about ‘big moves’ from the Celtics and Lakers. “Danny Ainge at No. 1 now, with Jimmy Butler, they dealt with this at the trade deadline last spring.”

Ainge’s hesitancy to pull the trigger on any Butler deal likely comes back to what’s considered their big summertime plans in free agency.

“Boston is really focused on trying to get Gordon Hayward from Utah in free agency,” Wojnarowski said.

Hayward is unable to sign a ‘mega max deal’ with the Jazz (five-year, $207 million), as he was left off an All-NBA team. The same goes for Indiana’s Paul George, a player that the rebuilding Lakers seem to believe they can land in 2018, either via a trade or as a free agent. Those misses for the Jazz and Pacers seem to be gains for either the Celtics or Lakers, too.

“Why trade assets to get Butler when you think you might have a chance at Hayward in the summer where they have the cap space to sign him in and you don’t have to trade anything?” Wojnarowski noted. “Boston could possibly know closer to the draft where they stand with Hayward, but I think Danny Ainge has not gone ‘all in’ with this group yet. And having the No. 1 pick this year, and potentially the No. 1 overall pick again next year with Brooklyn’s pick again, he doesn’t have to take that kind of a risk.

“I think Boston preserves its cap space and goes really hard after Hayward on July 1.”

Personally I would not trade the number 1 overall pick, you do not run into that pick often. Take Markelle Fultz number 1 and pray in four years he is Russell Westbrook. For now plan on going hard at Hayward to play the small forward role and wait till next year to sign Isaiah.

If all of this happens by next season look for Avery Bradley or Smart to be gone, if they decide to keep both of those Thomas will be gone. But if they can flip AB or Marcus out for a rebounder that could be a big help for this team with them likely moving on from Amir Johnson.

Imagine this roster taking the court next season:

Starting Five





Al Horford



Jaylen Brown


Terry Rozier

Kelly Olynyk (qualifying offer)

Tyler Zeller

Prospect like Nader or Yabu?

There is a lot that can change, and move, but the Boston Celtics have some talented young players and have the opportunity to add another top young talent. Who knows what Ainge will do, but all I know is there will be fireworks in Boston this summer no matter what happens.

Boston Celtics Rumor: Unlikely To Trade For Butler Or George
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