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Boston Red Sox 3rd Basemen Pablo Sandoval Looks Like He Can Actually Play Baseball Now

Pablo Sandoval

Boston Red Sox 3rd Basemen Pablo Sandoval Looks Like He Can Actually Play Baseball Now

After the Red Sox 12-5 win over the Minnesota Twins today, one thing that has become somewhat certain is that the Red Sox might have a competent 3rd basemen in Pablo Sandoval. Yes he’s getting paid $17,000,000 but after last year’s disaster, no one knew what to expect this season.

As you might already know, Sandoval bulked up this off season and everyone was praising him for losing all of this weight and assumed he was going to have a monster year. I was not so optimistic because his entire career he was an overweight 3rd basemen who could hit the ball. When he lost all of that weight, you didn’t know if he was going to be able to do the same thing with no weight behind him.

Today, Sandoval went 2 for 4 with 2 home runs raising his average this spring to .333. What made his home runs today even more impressive, especially his 2nd home run today, was that it was a missal off the bat.

Yes its spring training and you can’t really look too much into it, but Sandoval is hitting the ball on the screws. Then when he’s in the field, he looks like he has more range and is able to actually play 3rd base for a major league team, instead of a fat slob who’s belt buckle would break when he’d swing the bat.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, below is a video from last year where that happened.

Like I said, it’s only spring training but Pablo Sandoval looks like he can be an everyday player for the Boston Red Sox. If he does get hurt or doesn’t perform, super utility players Brock Holt or Marco Hernández would take over at 3rd base, but I don’t see him under performing. Sandoval looks like he can actually play ball.


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