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Boston Red Sox Acquire Eduardo Núñez From The San Francisco Giants

Boston Red Sox Acquire Eduardo Núñez From The San Francisco Giants Early Wednesday Morning

It is being reported tonight that the Boston Red Sox have acquired infielder Eduardo Nunez from the San Francisco Giants. In exchange for Núñez, the Red Sox traded the Giants RHP Shaun Anderson who is at Hi-A Salem. Along with Anderson, the Red Sox have traded 17-yr-old RHP Gregory Santos. The Giants owe Núñez about $1.5 million dollars for the rest of the season.

This season for the Giants, Eduardo Núñez has batter .307, with 4 home runs, and 29 RBI’s in 75 games. He also has 17 stolen bases this season. Since June 1st, Núñez has batter .358, which is the 4th highest in the major leagues (minimum 100 AB’s).

Núñez has seen playing time at four defensive positions this season. Although he has seen a majority of his playing time at 3rd base this season, he has also seen time at shortstop, left field, and right field. In his 48 games at 3rd base, he has 7 fielding errors which equals out to a .941 fielding percentage.

Means For The Red Sox

The Red Sox have been connected to Eduardo Núñez for a while now. With the team promoting Rafael Devers on Sunday, it is unclear who the team will play at 3rd base going forward. However, with Xander Bogaerts struggling since he was hit on the hand a few weeks ago in Tampa, the Red Sox could put him on the DL. That means the Red Sox could play Núñez at shortstop with Rafael Devers at 3rd base

Eduardo Núñez is a versatile player who can play multiple positions. Even thou the Red Sox have 2 other players like him in Brock Holt and Josh Rutledge, the Red Sox love players who can play multiple positions.

Playing Núñez over Holt, Rutledge, or Deven Marrero also make sense because Núñez is able to hit. It’s no secrete that the Red Sox have struggled hitting since the All Star break. Having Núñez playing over Marrero or Holt would definitely help give the Red Sox offense a boost.

Boston Red Sox Acquire Eduardo Núñez From The San Francisco Giants
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