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Boston Red Sox Are Tied For 1st in the American League East

Boston Red Sox Are Tied For 1st in the American League East With Their Division Rival, The New York Yankees As The Midpoint Of The Season Nears

Its been a long year and the Boston Red Sox have had their ups and downs.

The mid point of the Season is almost here and the All Star Game is just a few weeks away.

The Red Sox have battled through some injuries.  Some notables are David Price, Brock Holt, Pablo Sandoval, and now Hanley Ramirez just to name a few.  There was also that flu out break in the beginning of the Season, right after Spring Training.  This Red Sox team has been through a lot, but they are a resilient bunch.  They have won some games to get themselves to the top of the Division.  Yet there is so much more for them to improve upon.

The Red Sox are currently 42-34 , while their rival the New York Yankees are 41-33.  The Sox have had a roller coaster of wins and losses.  They will need to play better to compete with the Yankees.  They need to find some consistency.  We’ve seen this team during blowouts and they have the bats to hit.  We’ve seen them win close games and their closer Craig Kimbrel is having one heck of a year.  But listen, they haven’t been hitting as well as they should.

It always seems like the top of the batting order gets on base but the bottom half can’t drive them in.  They also need to improve on hitting when their Starting Ace Chris Sale is on the mound.  He has had an incredible year for them with 10 Wins and 3 Losses.  He is a strikeout machine with the most by any Pitcher this year, at 155 Ks.  And his ERA is one of the lowest at 2.77.  They need to score more for their Bullpen.

Lets face it the team has been struggling to stay consistent all year.  They have had some real opportunities to beat weak opposing teams.  They had opportunities against the Angels, Kansas City, and Philadelphia.  These are the teams that they should have swept.  It was disappointing to see them lose those games.  I feel like the team is ‘Bipolar’ or something.  They have great hitting one day and then the next day they struggle.  They have great pitching one day and then the next day they struggle.  It feels to me, like a real grind.  Especially since I’ve been covering them all year.  The team needs to find their groove.  Listen they are a good baseball team but if you can’t sweep KC or Philly then you need to really sit down your players and tell them ‘Hey we need to hit the ball better and not let our pitching staff down’.

The second half of the Season begins after the All Star break yet the Red Sox have a long way to go if they want to stay ahead of the Yankees.  Listen they have the Pitching, they have the Hitting, they just have to put the two together for each game.  The grind shouldn’t be so up and down.  They know that they can do it, now just find a rhythm and make some winning streaks happen.  I know that 3rd Base has been an issue; they have been rotating guys in and out of it.  And I know fielding hasn’t been as stellar as years past.  But they definitely can work through these hiccups and play great baseball.

Last night’s game against the Twins was the perfect example.  They made sure to get in scoring position for Chris Sale, and knew that he would pitch a great game.  Then Kimbrel came in to close it out in the 9th and finished the game with a Save.  That is how they need to do it if they want to keep winning games for the next half of the Season.

Boston Red Sox Are Tied For 1st in the American League East
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