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Boston Red Sox: Assessing Todd Frazier

With the hot stove officially at a low heat, the name Todd Frazier has once again made the list of possible names on the move. The White Sox third basemen has been trade bait for the last two seasons in Chicago, and now might finally be the time for him to move teams. Of the teams he could end up on, team that makes the most sense is the Boston Red Sox.

Obviously this may have some bias, but it is a no brainer when it comes down to it. Let’s break it down.

Hitting: Frazier is an power bat who loves to strike out. While plate discipline isn’t something you can teach over night, Frazier still manages to hit in the .230-.250 range. His average has been declining over the last three seasons from his career high of .273, and his strikeouts have been on the rise (career high 163 last season) but his home-run totals have hit a peak which will only grow in Fenway Park. Frazier loves pulling the ball (he pulls 49.3% of batted balls), and anything in the air to left field is a guaranteed double at Fenway so long as you don’t crawl out of the batters box. With Frazier batting just .210, and on pace for a career worst season, the Red Sox can get him for a low tier prospect, and with the amount of talent waiting in the minors for Chicago, the sooner the better.

Fielding: I would be lying if I said he’s a defensive upgrade to Devin Marrero, but Frazier is also not the worst when it comes to playing the corner. He’s average, exactly what you would expect. He is flexible though, with experience in the outfield while in Cincinnati, and playing a little bit of first base in Cincy and Chicago. But Dave Dombrowiski doesn’t care about the flexibility, he wants a third basemen – and with 741 games played at third base Todd Frazier fits the bill perfectly.

Baserunning: Like most power hitters, Frazier isn’t the fastest – but he does steal bases. Frangraphs has ranked Frazier from 42-54 when it comes to his speed, so he is the definition of an average runner, which is a step up from Pablo Sandoval. Since his the rise of his power numbers, his stolen bases have fallen from 20 in 2014 to only 4 so far in 2017. Similar to his flexibility on defense, Dombroski isn’t looking for the speed. However, it is an added bonus in the middle of the lineup.

With the trade deadline approaching on July 31st, expect the Red Sox to make a move for a third basemen. As of now, Todd Frazier is the name the Red Sox want, and for very good reasons. If the “Toddfather” switches Sox then the Red Sox are more than likely to run away with the AL East. If they don’t then they’re going to have a clear hole in their lineup come the playoff push in September. This guy is a need.

Boston Red Sox: Assessing Todd Frazier
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