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Boston Red Sox Defeat Rangers In Rain With 20 Strikeouts

Boston Red Sox Defeat The Texas Rangers In Rain With 20 Strikeouts

The Boston Red Sox defeated the Texas Rangers 6-2 on Thursday night in Fenway Park underneath a rain filled sky. Despite the rain the game was expected to start on time, and it almost did with Drew Pomeranz warmed up and ready to throw the first pitch.

But as the batter started into the batters box, and just seconds away from throwing the first pitch of the ball-game, Rangers manager Brian Bannister came out of the dugout to voice his displeasure in the field conditions of the park. This forced a 15 minute rain delay where the grounds crew came out to improve the areas of the field that needed attention.

This timing angered Carl Willis the Red Sox pitching coach, because Pomeranz was already warmed up and Bannister could have made his thoughts known when he handed in his lineup card. But the weather did not matter for Pomeranz as he had his best outing of the season, he finished his outing with six innings of work and allowing only two runs with eleven strikeouts.

Wild Top Of The Ninth At Fenway For Boston Red Sox

The entire Boston Red Sox pitching staff threw 20 strikeouts including a wild top of the ninth where closer Craig Kimbrel struck-out four batters.

Kimbrel got Nomar Mazara to strikeout to start the ninth on a sharp slider that hit Mazara in the ankle, which by rule is supposed to result in a dead ball strikeout, sending Mazara back to the dugout. But he ran to first base and the umpires ruled a strikeout and wild pitch.

“I challenged the call,” manager John Farrell said. “Challenged that he was hit by a pitch, which in fact he was. And then it was brought back to me that it’s not a reviewable or challengeable pitch. Which, any hit by pitch is reviewable. I still to this moment don’t know why that ruling came down. It doesn’t matter what side of the baseball you’re on, a hit by pitch is reviewable.”

Crew chief Alfonso Marquez told a pool reporter after the game that “It was just a swinging strike three, ball that got away and he obviously reahed first base. The only thing that I can tell you, and the only thing that I will say is, this was a replay issue. New York will come out with a statement concerning the replay issue.”

The inability to see the play and review it sent Farrell into a frenzy as he got into a heated argument with the Crew Chief after the ruling.

“The home plate umpire did not see it in the moment,” he said. “Felt like it was a wild pitch, even asked if it was a foul tip which he said no. We saw it as a hit by pitch, asked for it to be reviewed. They convened as a group. Apparently they didn’t see it on the field but it was clear that it was a hit by pitch and a swing-and-miss at the same time.”

Boston is on a nice little four-game win streak with a win in the last game in Oakland and a quick three-game sweep of Texas. They will play the host of the Seattle Mariners starting Friday night with Eduardo Rodriguez on the hill for Boston.

Boston Red Sox Defeat Rangers In Rain With 20 Strikeouts
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