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Boston Red Sox DH Hanley Ramirez Is Still Adjusting To The Role

Boston Red Sox Designated Hitter Hanley Ramirez Is Still Adjusting To The Role

Hanley Ramirez has struggled so far this season to find himself as the designated hitter for the Boston Red Sox. Much of the struggles according to HR is the role being so different from what he is used too.

“It’s different,” said Ramirez of his role as David Ortiz’s replacement. “When I get used to it it’s going to be a little bit easier.”

Many have theorized that Hanley’s struggles are due to injury or physical pain he might be dealing with. Even I have wondered if his shoulder injury has been effecting his play at the plate. But Hanley insisted he is fine from a health perspective.

“I think I’m better this year,” he said of his physical state. “I wake up and there is no pain. Back has been good. Body-wise, I’m better. Oh yeah. (Not playing in the field) has helped a little bit more. You’re not that beat up.”

Ramirez has been taking the time to keep himself in good condition including showing up the park early every day.

“I take a lot of time with my body,” Ramirez said. “I think I put more time into my body than I do in the cage. I say that because in the cage you go down there, you get loose and after a couple of swings and you stop hitting. But body-wise, you have to do shoulders, hips, arms, everything to be ready to go every day. … You have to take care of your body if you want to stay healthy. It’s common sense.”

As of right now the Red Sox are pointing towards Hanley’s timing and mechanics as being the culprit for his lack of production.

“There’s a tendency just watching the finish to the swing, he’ll get big at times. He continues to work with [hitting coach] Chili [Davis] in the cage to get on track, to get right. We need him in the middle of the order,” said Sox manager John Farrell. “But we have to get a little more consistent timing from him right now. And right now it’s what it looks like, it’s a timing issue. And occasionally he’ll get big with his swing.”

Boston Red Sox DH Hanley Ramirez Is Still Adjusting To The Role
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