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Red Sox Getting The Very Best From Pomeranz

Boston Red Sox Getting The Very Best From Drew Pomeranz

Behind Drew Pomeranz, the Boston Red Sox were able to defeat the Toronto Blue Jays on Wednesday night 5-1. Pomeranz went 6.2 innings giving up 1 earned run on 3 hits and 5 walks on a season high 116 pitches.

Pomeranz’s start to his Red Sox career wasn’t perfect, but lately, the 28-year-old starter has been electric. In his last seven starts, Pomeranz has a 2.13 ERA in his last seven starts (10 ER, 42 1/3 IP). It isn’t just the fact that he is pitching better, Pomeranz who struggled to get past 5 innings of work earlier in the year, has now gone 6+ in each of his last 4 starts.

“It’s always a personal goal of mine to stay in the game longer,” Pomeranz said. “I’ve been pitching well, but I’ve been going six innings. I’d like to get a little further, a little deeper into the game.

“Having that goal [as a] mindset, it helps everyone out,’’ he added. “In situations like this, it helps our bullpen out. It helps save them over the long run.”

When Pomeranz has been on the mound, the Boston Red Sox tend to win games. In fact, in his eleven last starts, Boston has won nine of them, truly giving John Farrell and his a team a chance to win.

“Drew has been outstanding. He’s on a pretty substantial run here of quality starts, giving ourselves a chance to win,’’ Farrell said. “We’ve responded well when he’s been on the mound. So he once again stabilized the game tonight.”

On the season, Pomeranz is 10-4 with a 3.51 ERA in 19 games started. A big difference from the 4.78 ERA he possessed in 14 starts last year for Boston. The reason he believes he dropped off for Boston after the trade from San Diego was the lack of growth from him as a pitcher.

“There’s so many reports these days that I feel like you can get away with it for a first half or a year maybe,” Pomeranz said. “But they’re going to catch on sooner or later.” said Pomeranz prior to the All-Star break.

One of the reasons for this difference?

Fellow Boston starter, David Price.

David Price is so good because he can do everything. And yeah, I was having success, but I can’t do that,” said Pomeranz, recalling his mindset last season. “I should probably figure out a way to do that if I want to go to the next level.”

One noticeable difference for him this season has been his ability to move his fastball and curveball around the plate more while hitting his spots with the changeup and two-seamer.

“Being able to move everything — all pitches to all sides of the plate — it just makes things a lot easier for you,” he said. “They can’t cancel things out.”

Drew Pomeranz’s success over the past two months has worked wonders to help the Boston Red Sox. Going forward, the starter will continue to be pivotal to Boston’s success.

Pomeranz’s upside has always been great, he was an All-Star last season for the Padres. This upside is something Boston envisions being elite.

“The impressive thing about Drew is that he’s been able to successfully deal with some of the best lineups in baseball,” assistant pitching coach Brian Bannister said. “I honestly believe that on any given day, regardless of how deep into the game he goes, he can handle any lineup in baseball. He’s got that elite upside.”

Wednesday is the first game that everything has come full circle. For the Padres in 2016, Pomeranz had 7 starts of 3 hits or fewer with at least 6 innings pitched. For Boston, the first time he did that was Wednesday against Toronto.

Red Sox Getting The Very Best From Pomeranz
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