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Boston Red Sox Hitter Hanley Ramirez Unaware Of Struggles Against Lefties

Boston Red Sox Hitter Hanley Ramirez Unaware Of Struggles Against Left-handed Pitchers

Boston Red Sox Designated Hitter Hanley Ramirez has had a tough time getting going this season. Whether it is a lingering injuries, mechanical, or just not caring, Hanley is struggling mightily against left-handed pitching.

The 33-year-old is batting .143 against left handed pitching this season compared to .259 against right-handed pitching. Last season his numbers couldn’t be more different. Last season Hanley batted .346 against left handed pitching, an astronomical season number for Hanley.

Throughout his entire career he fluctuates from year-to-year against lefties. In 2012 .275, 2013 .349, 2014 .282, 2015 .230, 2016 .346, and then 2017 with a .143.

As you can gather, he has had up and down seasons against lefties. But overall Ramirez is a .300 hitter in his career against lefties compared to a .291 against right-handed hitters.

His struggles this year have been noted by members of the media and his manager, John Farrell.

“Where he was so good against left-handed pitching last year, that’s been still a work in progress, for a lack of a better way to describe it,” Farrell said on Tuesday. “We’re always looking to put the best combination on the field, but the one thing you can’t do is completely turn away from what Hanley did last year. While I know that is last year, we’re still working to get some increased performance from him. I think he’s still a key member in our lineup. The presence he provides, the impact he’s capable of, and yet we’re still working to get there.”

Despite both his manager acknowledging his struggles, Ramirez had an interesting back-and-forth with a reporter where he claimed to be unaware of his struggles.

Reporter: How do you feel against lefties right now?

HR: Me? What am I hitting against lefties right now? 

Reporter: It’s low.

HR: Is it really? So its not me. I’ve got to get going because I crush lefties. It can’t happen.


For real? How Low?

Reporter: Not good. It’s one-something. 

HR: You’re kidding me. It took you long enough to tell me that. I didn’t know that for real. So OK, after this conversation, let’s see what is going to happen now. I’ll say it. Yeah. Bring it. OK? I didn’t know, I swear. Interesting. Thank you. 

[HR then asks for specific stats]

How many strikeouts?

Reporter: It’s 5-for-35.

HR: Yeah but how many strikeouts. That can be line drives. 

Reporter: Its eight, in 45 plate appearances 

HR: Eight in 45 plate appearances? You think that is bad? Come back to me with that in August. 

Ramirez has been out of the lineup for a couple games now dealing with nagging injuries and trying to get his mechanics in order. For now it looks like he will get a go primarily against right-handed pitchers.

Boston Red Sox Hitter Hanley Ramirez Unaware Of Struggles Against Lefties
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