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Red Sox Drop To Jays



Boston Red Sox Lose In Bitter Loss At Fenway Park To Toronto Blue Jays

Monday was not a great look for the Boston Red Sox. After splitting a series with New York, they came out and lost 4-3 to the last place Toronto Blue Jays.

Boston’s offense continues to look minor league. They only collected 6 base hits which they, fortunately, converted into 3 RBIs. The Red Sox did have the chance to plate their 4th run in a 3 run 7th inning. But left fielder Mookie Betts blew through third base and got tossed out at home.

“I kind of had it in my mind, if he hits a double, I’m going to score,” Betts said. “Because I was running, I didn’t see Butter hold up a stop sign. Obviously, if I see that, I’m going to stop. That’s my fault for not looking up.”

Bett’s aggressiveness while it looked like it was a contributing factor in their loss, it is something Boston requires.

“An aggressive play but I thought a very good play. We forced them to execute a flawless play, which they did.”

On the mound, Eduardo Rodriguez was stellar in his return from injury. E-Rod tossed 5.1 innings giving up 6 base hits and 3 earned runs while walking 4 and striking out 8 batters.

“I think that it was fastball command the first two innings,” Rodriguez said. “The pitch I missed to Morales was supposed to be a fastball up, and the one to Pearce was supposed to be a back-foot cutter.”

Behind E-Rod, John Farrell used Fernando Abad, Heath Hembree, and Matt Barnes.

The pitcher who received the L was Heath Hembree. Hembree walked 1 and gave up two base hits and an earned run in the 8th to give Toronto a 4-3 edge.

Boston remains in first place in the AL East. But Tampa Bay is just two games back now with a victory over the A’s on Monday night.

Tanner founded Trifecta Network in Spring of 2016 and has been the Chief of Content for the Network since that time. Currently Tanner covers all the sports teams in Boston and has contacts in many of the teams in the city. Before starting Trifecta, Tanner was a Site Expert for the FanSided site Chowder and Champions before leaving to cover Boston teams on the ground as a member of the media for Trifecta.

Boston Red Sox

Bottom Line: Boston Red Sox Need Stanton



Boston Red Sox Team President Dave Dombrowski isn’t a great talent evaluator. Throughout his entire career, he has built his success by acquiring proven big league talent. Betting on that changing anytime soon is foolish, so why not make another move for proven talent?

Giancarlo Stanton of the Miami Marlins has long been rumored to be on the trade block and Boston is just one of his potential destinations. Reports have stated thought that Stanton would prefer a trade to a team like the Dodgers despite “advisers” pushing for Boston.

The Stanton vs Judge potential is enough to get any baseball fans heart racing. But should Boston present Miami a god offer? Some have balked at the potential of trading any more prospects but let me tell you a very well known secret, Boston’s farm system has been pillaged. Jay Groome and Michael Chavis are considered the best two prospects remaining under Dombrowski.

So any thought of depleting the farm system anymore should be tossed out the window as there isn’t much left there, to begin with. On top of that, the current makeup of the team and the organization is winning now, a strategy that is far from working given the current talent in the lineup. Last season the Red Sox lacked true pop in their lineup after the retirement of David Ortiz. Many at the time sold it as the 2015 Royals who nickeled and dimed their way to a world series title. But when it came down to it the 2017 Boston Red Sox lacked balls.

Boston needs a power bat in the heart of their order. Not just for the home runs from that player, but for the protection they would offer the other hitters in the lineup. If you were a pitcher facing the Red Sox last season almost every hitter in the lineup could be pitched too. The only exception might be Hanley Ramirez, but the BIG HR simply was set up to fail to have to step in for Ortiz with no protection around him.

Stanton would instantly bring in pop, lineup protection, and the much needed “it” factor that will help drive fans to the team. Without this type of move, it is hard to see how next season will be any different.

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Boston Red Sox

Minimum Expectations for the 2018 Red Sox



Last year, it was Chris Sale; in 2016, the exorbitantly expensive David Price was all the hype. Both of these roundly heralded saviors produced the same underwhelming results. Another short-winded trip to the playoffs; another bummer of a year.

The Red Sox simply cannot afford a third consecutive first-round exit, in the 2018 postseason. And it seems that Dave Dombrowski knows this. In an attempt to prevent car-flipping anarchy in the streets, he fired the overseer of all this recent failure (his direct subordinate) – John Farrell.

Now the Sox will be heading into next season with a newfangled remedy. No, it’s not a hundred-million dollar player. This time around, management has received the upgrade. It’s the newly hired manager, Alex Cora, who will be charged with the burden of resurrecting one of the most venerated franchises in professional sports.

On Monday, Cora was formally introduced to Boston as the new manager (or scapegoat).

Good luck, buddy! You’re gonna need it.  

Should Boston fans really expect an appreciable change to be affected by just one man? After all, this is exactly what we’ve done, to no avail, for the past few years. And if Cora really represents the end-all-be-all solution, what is a realistic accomplishment for him, and his club, in the first season of his tenure?

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Boston Red Sox

Like Looking in the Mirror



Red Sox

After watching the Houston Astros win the 2017 World Series, Red Sox fans deserve to be upset.

Go ahead and sink into your bed of indignance, for a couple of days, and don’t let anyone stop you, Red Sox Nation. You’re safe there.  

The asseveration has lingered on the tip of Boston’s tongue, ever since the ALDS – “That could have been us!” And it’s true, it could have been the Sox hoisting that trophy, on Wednesday night.

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