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Boston Red Sox Roster Predictions For The 2017 MLB Season

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Starting Pitching

One area that many are predicting a great deal of success for Boston is starting pitching, but in Spring Training injuries to David Price and poor play by Drew Pomeranz raised serious questions with the rotations potential. But still a starting five that will include Rick Porcello, Chris Sale, and Price for the majority of the season will be a formidable trio that can help the team win 60+ games this season.

To start the year the Red Sox will run a starting five of Porcello, Sale, Eduardo Rodriguez, Steven Wright, and Pomeranz. Price will join the team towards the back half of April so he will not be in the initial two or three cycles through the rotation. Below I have predictions for all of the Red Sox starters, despite the fact that they will only have five I have included any relevant player who has a chance to start a game this season for Boston.

Rick Porcello RHP:

Porcello who is now 28-years-old is coming off of a Cy Young winning season where he recorded a career high 22 wins for Boston. Now entering his third season with the Red Sox Porcello has been given the Opening Day nod from Farrell and will look to start the season off with a win. The question is weather or not this comeback story will continue or will he fade? But in the prime of his career and an above average talent in every scouting metric Porcello is poised to once again be a rock for the Boston Red Sox.

2017 Predictions:  17-5 in 30 starts, 3.33 ERA in 200+ innings pitched 

Chris Sale LHP:

Chris Sale came to Boston via a trade with the Chicago White Sox this past off-season, the 28-year-old ace has a lot of expectations to live up to. But Sale’s I give a shit attitude will fly over well with a fanbase that loves to see emotion on the mound from a perfectionist. Sale is coming from the White Sox though, a team that hasn’t been a contender, the question now is weather Sale can transition to the championship driven City of Boston. My money though is on Sale coming through for Boston.

Predictions: 15-10 in 29 starts, 3.25 ERA in 200+ innings pitched

David Price LHP:

Price failed in Boston in his first year with the 31-year-old veteran succumbing to the media and the pressure from the fanbase. Starting off spring training with an elbow scare wasn’t the start to the season that Price or the Red Sox wanted. But what many forget despite a 3.99 ERA last year Price was solid from essentially May to September, it was the start of the season that left a bad taste in the mouths of fans. When Price returns this season he will get on the good side of Red Sox Nation.

Predictions: 16-7 record in 27 starts, 3.40 ERA in 180+ innings pitched

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