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Boston Red Sox Roster Predictions For The 2017 MLB Season

Boston Red Sox

Lets Hope Not

Henry Owens LHP:

While many would hope to not see Owens pitch a game or two in Boston this season, the chances of him making a couple of spot starts are high.

Predictions: 1-2 record in 5 starts, 4.55 ERA 

Kyle Kendrick RHP:

Kendrick is one of the only right handed pitchers in Bostons starting reserves, weather or not he ends up pitching for Boston is a question. He has plenty of MLB experience and has looked great so far in Spring Training. My bet is he makes a few starts this season at some point.

Predictions: 2-2 record in 5 starts, 4.65 ERA

Sean O’Sullivan RHP:

O’Sullivan is a big boy on the mound coming in at 245 pounds, last season Boston gave him the ball 4 times instead of handing it to Owens. Even with that he still had a 6.77 ERA last season in those games, at 29-years-old I wouldn’t expect anything different from him.

Predictions: 2-3 record in 5 starts, 5.50 ERA

Roenis Elias LHP:

A simple no thanks I am good is what Elias is. In one start in Boston last season and 2 appearances out of the bullpen he gave up 15 hits and 2 home runs in 7 innings pitched. Unfortunately he is still starting pitching depth with major league experience.

Predictions: 0-3 record in 3 starts, 6.00 ERA

Brian Johnson  LHP:

Johnson at 26-years-old has only pitched one game in the majors, this season I think he will be given a couple of opportunities to prove himself. Issue is I do not see him breaking out this year or anytime soon.

Predictions: 1-1 in 3 starts, 4.33 ERA

For the starting pitching in total the pitchers listed in this slide and the previous one account for 155 games started, as you all know that is 7 games short of the major league season. For those games of course the starters above could pick them up, but I would like those 7 games to signify the unpredictability of the long baseball season. Who knows it could be a player like Jason Groome?

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