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Boston Red Sox Roster Predictions For The 2017 MLB Season

Boston Red Sox


For the infield I only considered players who will likely play the majority of the season in the majors, can’t put every guy who could get 25 at bats in their.

Xander Bogaerts SS:

Sir Xander Bogaerts will have to be one of the players to step up in Ortiz’s absence. He still has a ton of untapped potential and has yet to put it all together, this year feels like he could breakout, but for some reason he doesn’t, remember he is still only 24 years old.

Predictions: .310 AVG with 23 home runs and 93 RBI’s

Dustin Pedroia 2B:

The longest tenured member of the Boston Red Sox will be the leader on and off the field. Him batting out of the lead-off helped spark the Red Sox offense and his gold glove caliber defense only makes the gritty veteran the most important player on the entire team. Without Ortiz this is Pedey’s team.

Predictions: .291 AVG with 13 home runs and 70 RBI’s 

Mitch Moreland 1B:

Moreland is taking over the primary first base duties from Hanley Ramirez, will he succeed? I think he will do just fine, not as good as Mike Napoli would have though.

Predictions: .245 AVG with 18 home runs and 60 RBI’s 

Pablo Sandoval 3B:

The Panda lost a considerable amount of wait and looks like a real baseball player, he will bounce back and look like the Sandoval from the SF Giants.

Predictions: .275 AVG with 15 home runs and 72 RBI’s

Brock Holt Utility:

The utility player that plays every day will play less in 2017, and his stats will improve due to that. Holt isn’t an everyday player, and Farrell will learn from past mistakes and utilize Holt properly this season.

Predictions: .276 AVG and will play every position on the field except catcher and pitcher

Hanley Ramirez DH/1B:

Ramirez will be delegated to the DH role with the retirement of David Ortiz, a role that HR will thrive in. Oh wait did you see what I did there? Hanley’s nickname this season will be HR for all of the home runs he will hit into the Mass Pike.

Predictions: .295 AVG with 35 home runs and 120 RBI’s 

David Ortiz DH:

Just for laughs, put if Pedro Martinez is right you could see Ortiz playing in the second half of the season.

Predictions: .270 AVG with 13 home runs and 40 RBI’s 

Josh Rutledge Utility:

Brock Holt 2.0 will likely make the team over Marco Hernandez to start the season due to contract terms. That is the only reason why Josh is here instead of Marco.

Predictions: .260 and will play 3B, SS, and 2B

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