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Boston Red Sox Roster Predictions For The 2017 MLB Season


Mookie Betts RF:

The MVP runner up is still just 24 years old, crazy to think that he can still get better, but all signs are pointing to him taking another step forward to being one of the best players in the entire game of baseball. It will be tough for him to put up the stats he did last season though.

Predictions: .308 AVG with 28 home runs and 95 RBI’s 

Jackie Bradley Jr. CF:

JBJ is hot, JBJ is cold, and that is the life of Bradley. His elite defense is enough to keep him around for awhile, but will he hit 26 home runs again? Unlikely, this season his power numbers will come back to earth.

Predictions: .245 AVG with 17 home runs and 65 RBI’s 

Andrew Benintendi LF:

Benny Baseball, Benny with the good hair, or the messiah as I like to call him. Benny came up and played well right away at 21-years-old and even in the playoff series with Cleveland he had ice cold blood. He will win the rookie of the year this season and will be a pivotal part of Bostons success.

Predictions: .280 AVG with 21 home runs and 68 RBI’s 

Chris Young LF:

Young hit .329 against left handed pitching last season, no sign in sight of him slowing down against lefty’s.

Predictions: .265 AVG with 10 home runs and 35 RBI’s 

Rusney Castillo CF:

I would rather eat a pile of dogshit than see the incompetence of Rusney Castillo grace the outfield wearing a Red Sox uniform. I don’t often think I could play better than a professional, but I think the average fan has a higher baseball IQ than Castillo. For injury purposes I will give a quick prediction below.

Predictions: .250 AVG

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