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Boston Red Sox Roster Predictions For The 2017 MLB Season

Boston Red Sox Prospect Update

The Red Sox have dropped from a top 5 farm system prior to 2016 to a mid-20’s system as of right now. With many of their core players being young right now this isn’t a big deal, but they will need to start bolstering it again for the future. Not sure if DD is the guy to do that, actually I know he isn’t that kind of guy.

Team Overview Predictions

This is a Boston Red Sox team that should be one of the best teams in baseball and for that reason I am predicting them to win the American League East with a 95-67 record. There are questions with this team in minor roles that are overall meaningless in the grand scheme of things in winning the AL East.

If Price, Porcello, Sale are healthy this team will be good, if one of two other starters are also right there, then you could win 100 games this season. The lineup without Ortiz is tricky, but with good young talent with a dash of veteran presence this will be a top offense in baseball.

If Farrell doesn’t f anything up I think the Boston Red Sox will win the American League and take on the Chicago Cubs in the World Series where Boston will win its first World Series in the modern era without the name David Ortiz on their roster. Or will he be on it? The question that will come along with a 162 game regular season.

Leave all of your predictions in the comment section below, if I missed a player which is entirely possible please let me know.

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