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Eduardo Rodriguez Feels Really Good After Rehab Outing

Boston Red Sox Starter Eduardo Rodriguez Feels Really Good After Rehab Outing With The Pawtucket Red Sox

Boston Red Sox starter Eduardo Rodriguez took a giant leap forward in his third and final rehab start.

He pitched 6.1 innings giving up 1 earned run on 6 base hits with seven strikeouts.

After the game E-Rod described just how good he felt.

Really good, all my pitches, feels really good, with the slider, with the changeup, with the fastball, feels really good.

To start off the game Rodriguez threw 9 straight fastballs to set the tone against the Buffalo Bisons.

As a starter, you just need to start with fastball first and then go to the offspeed. Just trying to get him out, not thinking about knowing 9 straight pitches.

On how it important it was to go deep today after only tossing only 4 innings in his last rehab start in Rochester.

Really good, that is a part of what I need to get on. Go deep in the games and get pitches, and it was really good to get out for the seventh.

After his outing, Eduardo Rodriguez was wearing a brace.

I am wearing a brace, but it feels really good.

When asked if he felt anything out there that caused him to wear the brace post game he denied any type of discomfort in his knee.

No no, it is a brace just to be really careful with it. But the rest is feeling normal

E-Rod in his last rehab start gave up 5 walks, this time around 0 and he explained just how he that.

The command, throw more strikes with the fastball. That is what helped me open the window to throw my offspeed. If you throw the fastball you will be ready to throw the rest of the pitches.

When he fell behind batters a few times, E-Rod made a couple of adjustments to get outs after falling behind batters.

Just throw strikes, if you are down 3-0, 2-0, 1-0, you just have to try and be better and get back in the count and try and get the guys out.

E-Rod plans on taking what he has accomplished in this potentially final rehab start back to the Major Leagues with him.

 The 1st two starts was really hard for me because of a lot of balls and things like that and couldn’t get deep in the game. The pitching counts were a little bit high. But today I was able to get into the seventh and now I am ready to go.

When asked about his confidence after his final rehab appearance.

After this game I feel like I am ready to go. With all my pitches, with my knee,  even my body, everything is ready to go.

After the All-Star break E-Rod is expected to be integrated back into the Boston Red Sox rotation.

Eduardo Rodriguez Feels Really Good After Rehab Outing
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