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Boston Red Sox Talk: Farrell Questioned On Sandoval’s Role

Boston Red Sox Talk: Manager John Farrell Questioned On Third Basemen Pablo Sandoval‘s Role With Team

So what is Pablo Sandoval’s role with the Boston Red Sox? Manager John Farrell was questioned heavily ahead of Tuesdays game with the Phillies on the status of Sandoval going forward.

“I wouldn’t say it’s a burden for the manager. You know our team is who we are and we look to take advantage and make the most of who is here,” Farrell said when asked about Sandoval’s usage.  “So, that’s the approach taken.”

For now, however, it looks like Farrell is prioritizing giving Josh Rutledge the opportunity to man third, with Sandoval being used a left-handed pinch-hitter.

“He’ll be on the field. We’ll mix and match. We’ll find spots for him,” Farrell said. “With Rutledge in the game [Tuesday night], you’re looking at a right-handed pitcher with big reverse splits and looking to take advantage of that with a right-handed hitter. And that’s why Rutledge is there. And he needs to be more consistent defensively. So with Pablo, we’ve got work to do. We’ve got to find a way to kind of generate a little of momentum with him, a little bit more confidence and we’ll pick spots to get him on the field.”

As for Sandoval getting another crack at owning the job at third base, there may still be an opportunity, but that seems still a ways off.

“I wouldn’t rule it out,” said Farrell when asked if he was going to give the switch-hitter another chance to start. “But look at it like this. Pablo’s our guy. And it’s up to us to get the most out of him. And that’s ongoing.”

Sandoval enters Tuesday night hitting .211 with a .624 OPS and has made five errors at third base so far this season for Boston. The idea that continues to pop up is the idea of a trade for a capable third baseman and an outright release of Sandoval or a trade that would mean Boston eating the majority of the money remaining on his contract.

Boston Red Sox Talk: Farrell Questioned On Sandoval’s Role
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