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Boston Red Sox Trading For Nunez Is A Waste

Boston Red Sox Trading For Eduardo Nunez Is A Waste

On Tuesday night, the Boston Red Sox traded for Eduardo Nunez of the San Francisco Giants.

Nunez is batting .307, with 4 home runs, and 29 RBI’s in 75 games. He also has 17 stolen bases this season. Since June 1st, Núñez has batter .358, which is the 4th highest in the major leagues (minimum 100 AB’s).

Núñez has seen playing time at four defensive positions this season. Although he has seen a majority of his playing time at 3rd base this season, he has also seen time at shortstop, left field, and right field. In his 48 games at 3rd base, he has 7 fielding errors which equals out to a .941 fielding percentage.

In exchange for Nunez, the Boston Red Sox traded Giants RHP Shaun Anderson who is at Hi-A Salem and 17-yr-old RHP Gregory Santos. The Giants owe Núñez about $1.5 million dollars for the rest of the season.

Trading for Nunez appears to mean the Red Sox have decided who their third basemen will be this season. Just a couple of days ago Dave Dombrowksi stated the market for third basemen wasn’t great. That prompted the callup of Rafael Devers.

Devers played in his first major league game on Tuesday night and he went 0-for-4 with 2 walks. After the trade, the Red Sox have yet to make a decision with Devers. But chances are he is returning to AAA-Pawtucket.

Moving for Nunez is a puzzling move. As the team is stumbling and failing to find consistent offense, the front office has traded for a utility player. Nunez’s stats are high but think of Brock Holt, a player who when hot, is effective. Nunez has speed but lacks the gap or long ball power. Both of which Boston desperately needs.

The price Boston paid looks to be fair, but who knows how these young relievers will turn out. Devers was called up too early, and bringing in Nunez allows the Red Sox to send him back where he belongs. But with Devers comes the potential of a great bat, with Nunez, you have a bat that is currently hot, but likely to fall.

The question now is, does Nunez stabilize your team, does he move the needle?

The answer to that question is no.

Boston Red Sox Trading For Nunez Is A Waste
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