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Connelly 10 – Bruins Win, KC Jones and Spacely’s Sprockets




Connelly 10 – Bruins Win, KC Jones and Spacely’s Sprockets

  1. Bruins Back in the Tournament:

* Nothing better than playoff hockey

* Marchand finally gets a playoff goal (two game suspension might have helped his legs)

* Doesn’t seem fair that Bruins can add Charlie McAvoy for the playoffs (24:11 time played)

* Don’t like that the Bruins are letting Borowiecki run around – went after Colin Miller’s knee and then after Backes who completely turtled (Backes useless)

* Has to be the worst defensive corps in Bruins playoff history – old Chara, McQuaid, Miller, Miller, Liles

* Bruins are trying to win a playoff round with some guys named: Vatrano, Stafford, Spooner, Schaller, Nash, Moore, Kurlay, Belesky

* Krecji better have an x-ray with a broken bone somewhere if he sat – old school Bruins must be shaking their head – somewhere Harry Sinden is saying “Damn Europeans”


  1. Celtics win the East

* Hats off to Brad Stevens – quite an accomplishment with that roster– should earn him Coach of the Year

* I hate their three point shooting system

* Horford – in 20 of the 68 games he took less than 10 shots (record 11-9) – Amazing what $30mm gets you

* Isaiah averaged 29.83 minutes last six games – hope that helps

* Cleveland under .500 on the road (20-21) should donate money to Boys Club

* Celtics won the East without a player averaging over 7 rebounds a game – has to be a record (see #8 below)


  1. Steven Wright should sue John Farrell:

* Before Pinch running Wright: 13-5 / 3.00 ERA / 123 K to 51 BB (2.41)

* Since Farrell thought he was Claudell Washington: 0-2 / 10.50 ERA / 7 K to 11 BB (0.63)


  1. Did the top four paid players from Boston teams make All Stars (only 3 of 12):

Celtics – Horford $30mm – No / Amir Johnson $12mm – No / Bradley $8.3mm – No / Zeller – 8mm – No

Red Sox – Price $30mm – No / Hanley $22.5mm – No / Porcello $20mm – No / Sandoval $18mm – No

Bruins – Krejci $7.2mm – No / Rask $7mm – Yes / Chara $6.9m – No / Bergeron $6.7mm – No

Patriots – Brady $13.7mm – Yes / Solder $10.6mm – No / Hightower $7.7mm – Yes / Sheard 6.9mm – No

5. Bogus sports movie list on MSN – Top Ten

  1. Hoop Dreams
  2. Raging Bull
  3. Hustler
  4. When We Were Kings
  5. Million Dollar Baby
  6. The Wrestler
  7. Searching for Bobby Fischer
  8. MoneyBall
  9. The Fighter
  10. Laggan – Once Upon a Time in India

* Ranked too low Rocky 11 / Hoosiers 25 / Bad News Bears 34 / Rudy 36 / Slapshot 38 / Miracle 40 / Friday Night Lights 44 / Caddyshack 45 / Rookie 56 / Sandlot 58

  1. Fun Fact – In 1953 a rodeo at the Boston Garden drew over 100,000 fans in five days
  2. Amazing Stat – Big Baby Davis averaged more a game than KC Jones – what? 7.57 to 7.41
  3. Old School – Celtics who averaged 7 rebounds or more a game in championship years:

2008 – Kevin Garnett 9.2

1986 – Bird 9.8 / Parish 9.5 / McHale 8.1 / Walton 6.8 (round up)

1984 – Parish 10.6 / Bird 10.5 / McHale 9.0

1981 – Bird 10.9 / Parish 9.5

1976 – Cowens 11.7 / Silas 8.1

1974 – Cowens 15.7 / Silas 11.2

1969 – Russell 19.3 / Howell 8.8 / Havlicek 7.0 / Sanders 7.0

1968 – Russell 18.6 / Howell 9.8

1966 – Russell 22.8 / Sanders 7.1

1965 – Russell 24.1 / Sanders 8.3

1964 – Russell 24.7 / Sanders 8.3

1963 – Russell 23.6 / Heinsohn 7.5 / Sanders 7.2

1962 – Russell 23.6 / Heinsohn 9.5 / Sanders 9.5

1961 – Russell 23.9 / Heinsohn 9.9 / Conley 7.3

1960 – Russell 24.0 / Heinsohn 10.6 / Conley 8.3

1959 – Russell 23 / Heinsohn 9.7

1957 – Russell 19.6 / Loscutoff 10.4 / Heinsohn 9.8


  1. Just a Little Bit Outside – In honor of Passover and Easter:

Players Boston should have Passed Over – Larry Anderson, Danny Cater, Kenny “got to find my car” Anderson, Rick Pitino (not a player but gotta add), Adalius Thomas, Sidney Wicks and Curtis Rowe, Eric Montross, Mark Blount, Chris Canty, Mike Torrez, Hart Lee Dykes, Brian Shaw

Players Reborn in Boston – Isaiah Thomas, David Ortiz, Luis Tiant, Randy Moss, Corey Dillon, Cam Neely, Wes Welker, Mike Easler, Charlie Scott, Derek Lowe, Tim Wakefield

  1. Randomocity

* Article in the Globe recently – Tom Brady’s family tree included a professional baseball player who lived in South Boston, a soldier who was the first POW of World War II and a fireman who fought the 1906 San Francisco Fire

* Who was a meaner boss – Mr. Slate or Spacely (from Spacely’s Sprockets?

* I’m a traditionalists but at some point the NHL will have to look at 4 on 4 hockey – really exciting (and sprinkle in 3 on 3)

* The bombing of the Dortmund soccer bus by terrorists is a sign of the future – we are going to have a major sports tragedy to a team or stadium within 24 months – sorry

Boston Bruins

Boston Bruins Have Many Prospects Playing In World Juniors



Boston Bruins Prospects To Represent The Bruins At the

Upcoming World Juniors

It is now December and that means one thing. The World Juniors is right around the corner. The World Juniors have produced guys like JFK, Charlie McAvoy, Clayton Keller, Patrice Bergeron and many more. Once again the Bruins will be very well represented at this year’s World Juniors.

In total there will be six Boston Bruins prospects competing for a spot on their respective teams. The players are as follows: Trent Frederic, Ryan Lindgren, Jeremey Swayman will be going out for team USA. Team USA’s Final roster is expected by December 23. Urho Vaakanainen and Joona Koppanen are vying for a spot on Finlands team. The rounding out the six is Oskar Steen for Sweeden.

This is some of the best hockey around to watch. Kids playing kids. The pace of play is off the charts along with the skill and the mistakes. Being so young the kids make more mistakes which leads to more opportunities for the opposing team.

Here is what development coach Jaime Langenbrunner thinks:

“Give credit to the scouting staff, they’re identifying the right players,” said Bruins Player Development Coordinator Jamie Langenbrunner. “We have a lot of pride for the effort that [the players are] putting in, the positions they’re putting themselves in to have those opportunities to have those experiences going forward.”

The 2018 IIHF World Junior Championship will take place from December 26 -January 5 in Buffalo.

Quick Background of the players

Trent Frederic, F: University of Wisconsin.

Frederic was drafted by the Bruins 29th Overall in 2016. He is currently in his Sophomore year at the University of Wisconsin.

“It’s a great opportunity for him to gauge himself in that next group here,” said Langenbrunner. “He looks to be in a spot now that he can be a contributor on that team.”

Frederic has already won a bronze medal with Team USA in the 2016 IIHF U-18 Men’s World Championship.

Ryan Lindgren, D: University of Minnesota

Taken 49th overall in 2016, the University of Minnesota sophomore is looking to gain some experience at the World Juniors.

“Ryan was a key part of that gold-medal winning team,” said Langenbrunner. “With Ryan, you look at the stats sheet and you’re like, ‘What’s going on?’ He doesn’t put up a whole lot of numbers, but you go and watch him day in and day out and you see how valuable he is to teams and why teams he’s on are successful.”

Lindgren won a gold medal at the world juniors last year where he played with current Bruins, Charlie McAvoy.

Jeremy Swayman, G: University of Maine

An Alaska Native was drafted 111th overall in this years draft. Playing in his freshman year at UMaine he looks to gain some exposure by being the backbone of Team USA.

“It’s a great opportunity for him [to be at USA camp], it’s a credit to the year he’s having,” said Langenbrunner. “I don’t believe he’s really been at any of the big tournaments before, so this is definitely an opportunity to see him at another level.”

Maybe is the Bruins answer to their goaltending question.

Urho Vaakanainen, D: SaiPa Lappeenranta

Drafted at this years draft the Fin will look to improve upon his two-way game.

“He’s one of, if not the leader in ice time for defensemen in the Finnish Elite League as an 18-year-old kid, and continues to impress with his consistency and the professional nature in which he plays,” said Langenbrunner.”

Joona Kopanen, F: Ilves Tampere

A 2016 fifth-round pick. The 19 year has been playing well over in Sweden.

“Reliable player. I don’t want to stereotype the Finns, but they all seem to have a lot of really good details in their game where they understand how to play the game defensively,” Langenbrunner said of the 6-foot-4, 192-pound winger.”

Oskar Steen, F: Farjestads BK Karlstad

Steen was also a 2016 pick being selected in the sixth round.

“He’s continuing to try to develop more of his scoring…was really good in Plymouth, [Michigan] during the [World Junior] Summer Showcase, had a hat trick in one game and has shown a little bit of the scoring that we think is in there.”

We will have to wait and see what these kids have and if they have what it takes to be a Bruin.

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Boston Bruins

Fantasy Hockey Talk: Two Month Update



There is snow on the ground and it feels like winter today.  What better time it is to talk Hockey!  More importantly I’m talking about Fantasy Hockey.  It has been a little over two months and things are really starting to ramp up.  There has been some injuries that have come and gone.  But nothing like last year’s Flu outbreak, or whatever that was.  If you have read my previous Fantasy Hockey Blog then you know I am one of those “Die Hard” Fantasy Hockey Fans.  Hey I just love Fantasy, I can’t get enough of it!

So yeah it has been two months and my Fantasy Team is steamrolling the competition.  I’m 8-1 in a Head 2 Head Weekly Points League.  This type of format is common.  What you do is add up the total points you’ve scored every day and at the end of the week if your total points for the week is greater than your opponent, you notch a Win for the week.  Easy, right?  Not so fast you can net negative points, mainly if your Goalie loses.  And players don’t play every single day, so you have figure out who to start when their team is playing.  Yeah it gets challenging but let me tell you the secret to my success.  My Roster, of course!

So yeah everyone on my Roster is playing well and here are some of the big names on my Fantasy Team.  Brad Marchand is tearing it up for me on the the ice.  He is having an unbelievable Season. He has 10 Goals and 12 Assists with 44 Shots on Goal, that’s 62 Fantasy Points for the year.  David Pastrnak is having an even better year than Marchand.  He has 14 Goals and 11 Assists with 76 Shots on Goal, that adds up to 72 Fantasy Points.  That is my top duo and they have been giving my opponents the “old one two.”

At Forward I also have Jonathan Huberdeau 75 Fantasy Points, Brayden Schenn 91 Fantasy Points, Patric Hornqvist 61 Fantasy Points, Vladislav Namestnikov 77 Fantasy Points, and James Neal 62 Fantasy Points.  These are the big play makers on my team.  All of them are having a great year.  If you are playing Fantasy Hockey I suggest you look to mirror my team and pick some of these guys up via trades.  You won’t be disappointed.  I have particularly like the way Nikolaj Ehlers has been playing.  He is my go to at the Utility Position when my starting Roster is stacked.  He has 12 Goals and 10 Assists with 78 Shots on Goal, that is 63 Fantasy Points.  Yeah he is having a career best.  I also like J.T. Miller at Utility.

On Defense I have Victor Hedman 44 Fantasy Points, Colton Parayko 41 Fantasy Points, Alex Goligoski 32 Fantasy Points, Aaron Ekblad 31 Fantasy Points, and lastly I have Johnny Boychuk 20 Fantasy Points.  Suffice to say I rely heavily on my Forwards to net me Points.  I had David Krejci but he has been injured.  I released him immediately, he just wasn’t a good fit for my Fantasy Team.  Marchand was injured briefly but I dodged a bullet as he is back to his usual form after that.  Other than that I really like the way everyone has been playing.  I mean seriously I have a stacked team, its been one of the better years for me, Fantasy wise.  Just look at those numbers!

For Goalies I rotate three of them around.  I have Tuukka Rask who has been my big “Achilles Heal” this year.  He just isn’t playing up to his talent.  He has only 6 Wins with a Save Percentage of .908 and Goals Allowed at 2.52, that has netted -8 Fantasy Points.  Yeah not good, they had to pull him.  Anton Khudobin has played better with 7 Wins and a .922 Save Percentage, that has netted 10 Fantasy Points.  I’m expecting Tuukka to play better the second half of the Season.  I do have Jonathan Quick who has 14 Wins and 27 Fantasy Points on the year.  Lastly I have Brian Elliott who has 9 Wins but has a net points of -15.  Ouch!  If he continues on this dreadful streak of negative points expect me to make some drastic changes.  Picking Goalies is just difficult in Fantasy Hockey.  It always is!

So that’s my Superstar Team, heavily populated by Forward Scoring Machines.  They have carried me so far; into almost Playoff contention.  That I think if you look at them deep down you will discover a good mix of Goal Scoring, Shots on Goal, and Assists.  It’s only been two months but if my Fantasy Team continues to out perform expect an expanded blog.  Maybe a blog each week?  We’ll see!  Oh yeah and “Don’t Poke the Bear.”  Cheers!

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Boston Bruins

Boston Bruins Consensus: Matt Beleskey Has To Go



Boston Bruins Round Table: B’s Have Many Tough Decisions To Make As Roster

Nears Full Health

Boston Bruins have struggled to put together a full team and grow chemistry due to injuries. As of late they have nearing a fully healthy roster, now that David Backes, Jake Debrusk, and Anders Bjork are now all back from injury.

The biggest question is will Bruce stick with the kids or send them down and put in the vets. Where the Bruins are right now it looks like Bruce is leaning more towards the kids and was them to develop. Vets are still needed on the roster for guidance. As of today 12/8, the Bruins have moved back into third place in the Atlantic with a few games in hand as well. The kids are the one who has brought them this far so why change now.

What I would like to see the roster look like when fully healthy


Brad MarchandPatrice BergeronDavid Pastrnak

Jake Debrusk-David Krejci-Anders Bjork

Danton Heinen-David Backes-Peter Cehlarik

Ryan SpoonerRiley NashNoel Acciari


Zdeno CharaCharlie McAvoy

Kevan MillerBrandon Carlo

Torey KrugAdam McQuaid


Tuukka Rask

Anton Khudobin

The Players To Be Sent Down/Traded

With the roster set, the Bruins will have to either send some guys back to Providence or even trade them. Sean Kuraly and Tim Schaller will most likely be sent down. Frank Vatrano is a bit of a toss-up. The best path for him would (should) be a trade. Vatrnao is a great skater with an unbelievable shot. There has just not been a breakout from him here in Boston. Also, he will have to go through waivers which means that a team will pick him up and the B’s get nothing in return.

The elephant in the room is Matt Beleskey, what happens to him. If he is sent down then that means Boston is paying a guy $3.8 million to play in the AHL. That is not going to happen. The only option is for a trade. This is the hard part due to Beleskey’modifieded no-trade clause.

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