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Connelly 10 – Celtics Spot Wiz / Cartoons / Fred Lynn



Connelly 10 – Celtics Spot Wiz / Cartoons / Fred Lynn

1. Celtics Playoffs –

* First – I was wrong that the Celtics were done down 0-2 to Chicago

* Started the game 0-9 shooting / out-rebounded 11-0 / down 16-0

* Won by 12 making it a 28-point turnaround

* 19-39 three point shooting – insane – can’t live off that

* Horford looked like an All Star 21 pts / 9 rebounds / 10 assists (please don’t bring the ball up on the break)

* Can’t let Gortat set moving pics the whole series

* Rozier reminds me of Dee Brown

* How bad is Zeller that he can’t get minutes over Amir Johnson

* Next fan in the front row that looks for a high five from a player – capital punishment

* I’m going to estimate that NBA officials get it right 60% of the time

* I loved the Wizard’s coach in Back to the Future

* I’m gonna be saying Washington Bullets all series (speaking of that – update on Chicago shootings below)

2. Red Sox –

* I noticed this at the end of last year and continued into this year – Jackie Bradley isn’t throwing like he used to – and it looks like its traveled around the league because third base coaches are sending runners

* Red Sox game times: 20 of 24 games over three hours / one under 2:30

* Saw a stat I think in the Globe – Panda has missed more games with the Sox than he has played in

3. Bill does it again

* With this year’s draft, Bill got an all pro caliber receiver / a potential All Star pass rusher / a starting tight end and two steals in their third round

* I love that Bill picked twins up in the free agency – Cody Hollister, WR, Arkansas and Jacob Hollister, TE, Wyoming – the league will be freaking out about this and create a rule for next year banning such witchcraft

4. Around the MLB:

* Cleveland has one of the most exciting teams in baseball – average home attendance 20,244

* Bryce Harper is .386 (he won’t hit .300) I would trade him right now to the Yankees for Judge, Sanchez and Betances

* Ryan Zimmerman on pace for 71 HR / 175 RBI

5. Nationals Anthony Rendon Sunday compared to 6/22/1975 Fred Lynn”

Fred Lynn…………5 for 6 / 10 RBI / 3 HR / 16 Total Bases / Triple / 4 Runs

Anthony Rendon – 6 for 6 / 10 RBI / 3 HR / 16 Total bases / Double / 5 Runs

6. Bruins signed into year 2020 -Marchand / Krejci / Bergeron / Backes / Rask = $27mm

7. Amazing Stat – How did Nomar fall so fast – Look at his numbers from 1999 & 2000:

* Average .365

* 148 extra base hits

* 207 runs / 200 RBI

* 89 K’s / 112 BB

8. Old School – Old School boxing match in London Saturday– reason to talk boxing

* 2000 fight Vince Phillips and Ray Olivera – two combatants threw a combined 463 punches in the twelfth round – 2.57 punches a second

9. Just a Little Bit Outside – My top ten cartoons of all time (not including prime time animation):

1. Bug’s Bunny

2. Flintstones

3. Jetson’s

4. Scooby Doo

5. Fat Albert

6. Rugrats

7. Underdog

8. Hong Kong Phooey

9. Speed Racer

10. Johnny Quest / Popeye

10. Randomocity

* Tragic story written in the Hamilton Spector on Stan Jonathan shooting another hunter by mistake

* End of the month is here – what’s the murder pace for Chicago – 573 / total shot 3,123 or NINE a DAY!

* Doc Rivers – over-rated

* I’m predicting that the Big 3 basketball league featuring retired NBA players will destroy the WNBA in ratings

* Woody Wood Pecker is annoying

Tanner founded Trifecta Network in Spring of 2016 and has been the Chief of Content for the Network since that time. Currently Tanner covers all the sports teams in Boston and has contacts in many of the teams in the city. Before starting Trifecta, Tanner was a Site Expert for the FanSided site Chowder and Champions before leaving to cover Boston teams on the ground as a member of the media for Trifecta.


Fantasy Football Talk: Who is in and Who is out




It was Thursday on the eve of Thursday Night Football, and everyone was watching their Smart Phones.  No in this case I’m not talking about the Red Sox 1st Postseason Game.  No I’m not talking about the Bruins 1st Regular Season Game.  Instead, I’m talking about Fantasy Football.  I’m talking about who was playing in Thursday Night’s game.  Yes that’s right everyone wanted to see if Rob Gronkowski would start for the Patriots Game.

Sadly for Fantasy Owners the last minute News update was that no, he was sitting this one out.  Oh no, how disappointing that was!  Me and the rest of Fantasy Nation scrambled to get a new TE starter for the week. Injuries have been something of a real pain to Fantasy Owners.  Almost as bad as Thursday Night havoc for teams who have only 3 days to prepare.  Here are some players who will be out in Week 5.

Rob Gronkowski was the last major player to make the injury report.  Some other Doubtful Players are Chris Carson, C. J. Prosise, Benjamin Watson, Matt Forte, Ty Montgomery, Derek Carr, and Jordan Matthews.  These guys can pretty much be ruled out of Sunday’s Games.  There are still a few Questionable Players like Marcus Mariota, but don’t expect to see much change in status till Game Time.

The Bye Weeks have already started and they bring with them missing players from your Starting Line up.  Here are the Teams that have a Bye this week: New Orleans, Denver, Atlanta, and Washington.  Yup that’s right no Drew Brees, no Demaryius Thomas, no Tevin Coleman, and no Kirk Cousins. Sunday is just a day away and you need to find some replacements.

Here are some of my Picks for replacements for Week 5.  Deshaun Watson QB of Houston, is a solid pick up this week.  He gets better every game, last week he scored a whopping 33.7 Fantasy Points!  He is definitely a good pick up.  Eddie Lacy RB for Seattle, is an ok pick up this week.  If you’re hurting at the RB position then you might want to start him.  He is projected to have 7.5 Fantasy Points this week, last week he had 5.2 Fantasy Points.  Not great but not bad either.

Devin Funchess WR for Carolina, is a great pick up this week!  He had 2 TDs last week, as a fill in for Kelvin Benjamin, and had 19 Fantasy Points.  Expect him to have another solid outing this week.  Charles Clay TE for Buffalo.  Pick him up, I can’t stress this enough!  He is having an unbelievable year and is averaging something like 11 Fantasy Points each week.  He  looks to be still available in some Leagues, which is just crazy.  Join the bandwagon and start him this week.

For D/ST pick up the Steelers.  They had 15 Fantasy Points last week and have a solid Defensive Line.  They are looking to be the best this year, so pick them quickly before someone else does.  Jake Elliott K for Philadelphia, is a good choice for Kicker, if you need one.  He should be available in most Leagues.  His last week he scored 19 Fantasy Points, 2 XP and 4 FG.

So that about rounds it out for this Weeks Picks.  If there is anything else that I should add it ‘s this: “Play Someone”.  If you have missing players on your roster then you are probably doing something wrong.  Play Time = Points, so if you think you don’t have to start someone for your Team.  Think again!  Just play someone, anyone really, to get those Fantasy Points at that Position.  That’s pretty much all I have to say on that subject.

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New England Patriots

Patriots Win in Spectacular Fashion against the Texans 36-33



It was late in the 4th Quarter with a little more than 2 Minutes left on the clock.  The Patriots were down by 5 and needed a TD badly.  No worries this is Tom Brady territory!  Tommy had the ball and that is all you needed hope in.  He was all set for his 50th 4th Quarter comeback.  Yes that’s right, I said his 50th comeback.

TB12 is notorious for his comebacks as we can look at the Super Bowl as a clear example.  He is just automatic!  This is a guy who refuses to lose.  This is a guy who will throw the ball to the end zone for a needed TD.  And you know what it works!  I don’t know how he does it, I mean really, this guy is just incredible.  He works like magic in the 4th Quarter.  And if he has the ball with 2 Minutes left, you best be on your guard.

What happened before all this was patriots football as usual.  A TD to Rob Gronkowski, 2 TDs to Chris Hogan, and a TD to Brandon Cooks.  It looked like it would come down to the team that scored last.  And I have to tell you I had my doubts when the Houston Texans scored a late Field Goal to make it [33-28].  I mean how do you comeback from being down by 5 late in the 4th Quarter.  I know that the team’s offense looked a bit stagnated with their last possessions.  It didn’t look good.

But you know nothing looks good until the end of a comeback and TB12 was not about to lose.  He got down the field with help from Gronk, Amandola, Hogan, and Cooks.  Then near the Red Zone with 30 something left on the clock he threw it to Cooks for the TD.  It was a spectacular catch!  Cooks toe tapped his way in the end zone and controlled the ball all the way to the ground.  Wow, what a great catch!  And just when they needed it too.

The Pats weren’t done there, they wanted to make sure that they had it in the bag.  [34-33] wasn’t good enough.  What they needed was to take the Texans out of the game with 20 something seconds on the clock.  They went for a 2 point conversion and got it with a Brady-Cooks hookup on the far side of the end zone [36-33].  It was the proverbial nail in the coffin!

TB12 showed us just why he is legendary today, he is the GOAT.  Give him 2 Minutes and he’ll win the game!  He had done it 49 times before this one and I’d have to say that this one was just as memorable as the others.  It just was unbelievable.  I wasn’t sure he had, another one, in him.  But you just can’t doubt him.  He knows the 2 Minute drill inside and out.  He knows his receivers inside and out.  He knows the play calls inside and out.  This was just another reason to love Tom Brady.  His comebacks are simply timeless.  Here’s to 4th Quarter comeback number 50!

The Patriots next game will be against Carolina at Foxboro, Sunday at 1pm on Fox.  Look for them to be doing football as usually going into the week.  I’m expecting Gronk, Amandola, Hogan, and Cooks to have big games.  Hogan and Cooks had a huge game today.  Now that they have those Big Game jitters out of their system, expect them to ride high into next game.

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Fantasy Sports

Fantasy Hockey Talk: Do You Have a Team That Makes the Grade



Boston Bruins

October is right around the corner and you know what that means.  Halloween!  No, actually I’m talking about the NHL Hockey Season.  More importantly Fantasy Hockey Season.  Fantasy Hockey is like Fantasy Football, except its not Football.  No, seriously it is for “die-hard” Hockey Fans.  Fans who enjoy playing their favorite players in the “top tier” Leagues.  And you guessed it, yours truly plays Fantasy Hockey.  So let’s get right to the “meat and potatoes” of it.

Does your Fantasy Hockey Team make the grade?  Listen the most enjoyable part of playing Fantasy Hockey is starting your favorite players but also winning in one of many Top Tier Leagues.  Your Fantasy Team needs to have a subtle balance between Offense and Defense.  But what you really need is some good goaltending.

Goaltending is a skill position where each win contributes points for your Fantasy Team.  It is something you will need in this “Hard Core” type Fantasy Matchup.  The other players in your League will most likely be sporting the best of the best.  So don’t get skittish in drafting a Goalie a little bit early.  I’m thinking Round 3 to Round 4.  Hey, this isn’t some laid back Fantasy Football slouches, these guys are “serious”.  Pick up a high valued Goalie and thank me later!

Overload on Forwards.  It is something that is an easy way to figure out.  Forwards give you Goals and Goal = Points.  Your Fantasy Team should have more than enough Forwards on it.  Check out the high valued Forwards available and put together a roster with them.  What you want are real playmakers.  Like Brad Marchand, Sidney Crosby, and Steven Stamkos.  I know Stamkos is on the list but don’t be afraid to pick up the top valued players in the 1st Round of the Draft.

Pick up a “Mid Ranged” Defense-man a little later in the Draft.  Listen you will want as many Forwards as you can get in the Draft, wait a little bit before pulling the trigger on getting a high valued Defense-man.  Ice Time is an important stat to look for, expect to see lots of Ice Time from your Defense-men.  I’d say start to look for Defense-men in Round 6 to Round 8 of your Draft.  These guys Value Scores are way lower than Forwards.  But remember your Fantasy Team needs to be balanced as you’ll be facing some “Hard Core” Fans.

Power Play Minutes and Scores contribute to your overall Points, pick up Players on PP Lines.  This is one of those Fantasy Stats that only Die Hard Fans will look at.  Look at Defense-men to give you this Stat, they are the ones with the most Ice Time.  If you don’t know how to figure this Stat I’d say look at the Team that they are on.  If they are one of those Power Play happy Teams, ahem Boston, then go pick them up.  I know that I had a chance to pick up Tory Krug, don’t be like me pick up Krug.

If you paid attention to my Drafting you might notice that I didn’t include the Utility Position.  It’s simple, play a Forward it this spot.  If you’ve been drafting accordingly, you should have plenty of them to rotate around as your Utility Player.  Typically the Utility Player is in because of injuries to your other player.  No worries here, if you’re picking Forward heavy, then you should have plenty of players to play.

As I said before Fantasy Hockey is for Die Hard NHL Fans, so do yourself a favor, and if you’re a newbie and follow these Drafting suggestions.  If all goes well, by Round 12 you should have a decent Fantasy Hockey Team that makes the Grade.  Will you make a breakthrough with a Top Tier League?  Maybe.  Just stick with the players that you know and love after Round 14, ahem Bruins, you should be OK!

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