Boston Celtics
Boston Celtics

Connelly 10 – Didn’t See That Coming

Connelly 10 – Didn’t See That Coming:

1. Celtics Playoffs –

GAME 3 –

* Reason why not to bet reason #6,241,321

* Are you kidding me – even when up late I didn’t believe they would win

* I know Cavs are more aggressive but 36 Cavs free throws to 12 for the Celtics is unacceptable – Stevens has to put down his GI Joe and pick up a Tech

* Cavs had the three best players in the game – Lebron, Irving and Love

* Poor Rozier got the Depends award

* 79 three pointers / 82 two pointers (that’s not good for the league)

* How many free looks are you going to give Love

* Celtics won and Amir Johnson was a MINUS 15 in NINE minutes

* Jerebko leading the fighting Wyc’s – PLUS 22

* That’s how to man up! Just fight boys

* You can’t let Irving get to the rim

* Does a game on Sunday really have to start at 8:30 at night

* So much for punk JR Smith and his broom

GAME 2 –

* Has to be the worst playoff loss in SPORTS history

* Cleveland took their manhood from them – and as a result the city of Boston

* Wyc Grousbeck should pull a Mayor Menino and apologize to the city

* Avery Bradley soft layup allowing Lebron to come from behind to block the shot – is what Avery all about (trade him and his injury prone game in the offseason) – he’s no James Posey

* JR Smith was taunting fans simulating sweeping a broom

2. Red Sox

* Pitchers not available – Price, Wright, Carson Smith, Thornburg

* Moreland has 21 extra base hits and 17 singles

* With a quarter of the season done – only Bogaerts has more than one triple on the entire team

* Third basemen for the Sox are hitting .211 and on a Butch Hobson-like pace of 52 errors

* Sox are 9-15 at night

3. Update on Farrell vs. Francona since Tito left:

* Farrell…….332-310 / .517 ($881m in payroll)

* Francona – 374-333 / .544 ($432mm in payroll)

4. Mom and Dad’s hide your boys: It’s that time of the year – baseball tournament. This is when coach’s urgency to win usurps consideration of his players’ arms manifesting itself in higher pitcher counts: From DIII college regional tournament:

Worcester State – Tyler Barrie – 150 pitches

U Mass Boston – Matt Tulley – 148 pitches

St. Scholastica – Martin Alconverde – 148 pitches

5. Coach of the Year and MVP when they played

·Frank Robinson

·Joe Torre

·Don Baylor

·Patrick Roy

·Larry Bird

6. For those who follow soccer – Harry Kane of Tottenham had 7 goals in his last two games to win the Golden Boot in the English Premier

7. Amazing Stat – Pawtucket payroll on Friday night

·David Price….$30mm





8. Old School – Celtics vs. Cavs in postseason history:

* Celtics surprisingly only 19-18

* Started 9-4 / 10-14 since

* Celtics are 4-2 in the six series

* On 5/14/76 – Cavs beat the Cowens, Silas, Jo Jo Celts 106-87 – Led by Bingo Smith’s 27 points

9. Just a Little Bit Outside – Three TV shows that went out on top of Nielsen Ratings (

* Andy Griffith

* I Love Lucy

* Seinfeld

10. Randomocity
* Whatever happened to Zip Zepper

* Sad no more circus

* How did the Charleston Chew fade?

* Great weather weekend – we’ll take it

* Great time of the year for shrubs

Connelly 10 – Didn’t See That Coming
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