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Connelly 10 – Sunday’s Red Sox Game Cruel and Unusual Punishment



Connelly 10 – Sunday’s Red Sox Game Cruel and Unusual Punishment

1. Celtics Playoffs –

* Turnover by Isiah with a chance to clinch the series was 47% of Buckner

* Doesn’t it fall on Brad Stevens to always compel the refs to review the time left on the clock when you are down to a last second shot?

* An overweight Greg Kite? Marcus Smart is shooting 36% – three pointers / 33% – two pointers / 50% from free throw line

* Boston favored by 4 – ugh that’s close – Vegas knows something

* Horford’s bank shot (he was fouled) the other night was looking like Don Nelson’s off the back of the rim in 1969

2. Red Sox

* That was a long way from the Mother’s Day comeback years ago

* Third basemen for Red Sox have 13 errors already this year – on a pace for over fifty

* I know we are overrun by pink hats at the games – but surprises me the crowd isn’t on their feet when Chris Sale gets two strikes

* Since being signed to monster contracts – Sandoval and Hanley have played 426 games out of 972 or 44% – not quite coal miners

* Robbie “Kid Rock” Ross better be lights out if wants to wear that haircut

3. Gray, cold, drawn out, boring, bad baseball:

* MLB wants to know why blacks aren’t playing baseball – they need to ask themselves another question – why doesn’t 90% of kids want to play baseball – MLB got their answer Sunday at Fenway

* $50 parking / $100 tickets / $13 beers / $125 souvenir shirts (too big to fail – that’s what Bank of New England said)

* 16,320 seconds to play (4:32)

* 370 pitches or one every 44 seconds (count 44 seconds and see how long that is)

* 86 batters / 30 strikeouts and walks / Meaning a ball was put into play every 4.9 minutes

* Is it a war crime for press members to have to sit through that game and then a John Farrell press conference

4. Big Shots against Celtics

* John Wall three pointer to force game seven

* Magic’s baby hook in 1987 Game 4 in the Garden

* Kareem’s skyhook in 1974 in the Garden to win Game 6

* Patrick Ewing’s three pointer (only of the year) in Game 5 of the 1990 playoffs – at the Garden

5. Around the MLB

* Matt Harvey the most overrated player in sports – 31-31 record – doesn’t even deserve a nickname – never mind Dark Knight

* From MLB Network – when the Dodgers score 4 runs for Kershaw he is 89-0

* Former Red Sox, and now Brewer Travis Shaw, is on pace for 34 HR / 128 RBI

* Aren’t Giancarlo Stanton and Blake Griffin the same player

6. Value of playing Colorado – the Rockie’s franchise has the highest batting average of any franchise since their origin .275 / Red Sox are 4th at .267

7. Amazing Stat – Tyree, Dent, Klima after breaking our hearts:

* Dent 17 home runs 2098 at bats (one every 123 at bats)

* David Tyree receptions after freak Super Bowl catch – Zero

* Petr Klima had 159 after scoring in triple overtime in the Garden – 1990

8. Old School – Bruins history in the Playoffs:

Series record – 57-64

Record in Game 7’s – 13-12

9. Just a Little Bit Outside – Infamous Mothers for Mothers’ Day:

* Ray Allen’s mother got more face time on the TV than her son

* Irving Fryar and his mother arrested on fraud

* Lebron’s mother with Delonte West

* Lebron’s mother arrested for DUI and kicked the police car window out

* Amare Stoudemire’s mother arrested DUI

* Lance Armstrong’s mother was part of the crime (I presume)

* University of Tennessee football star’s Jalen Hurd’s mother was arrested at his game for disturbance and assaulting a police officer

* Demaryius Thomas mother in prison for drug trafficking – pardoned by President Obama

* In an argument – Dez Bryant allegedly grabbed his mother by shirt and hair and pushing her

10. Randomocity

* Saw a crazy stat the other day – something like – if your child gets five sunburns they have an 80% chance of getting skin cancer

* In fifteen days in May – there has been rain in 10

* What happened to bumper pool?

* Whether you agree or not – to tear down Confederate war monuments is dangerous – like you are trying to rewrite history – the history books are clear on the cause and outcome

* NHL home team record in the history of playoff games that go to overtime 388-379

* Home come I didn’t hear this – The mother of Jae Crowder’s child got arrested at the Celtics -Clippers game this year for spitting on someone?

* If Brady gets hurt this year – the hater’s will have fun with his video tempting fate regards to the Madden cover

Michael has written for the Boston Herald and other sites in the past and his top ten column is now housed on Trifecta Sports Network. Connelly's Top Ten releases on Monday's and Friday's.

Boston Red Sox

Boston Sports Teams Will Play Anti-Racism PSA



Boston. Home of the American Revolution and a city of people that have always stood up and fought for the rights of the American Citizen. Boston has always been a forerunner and if you recall an article I wrote a few months back, Boston’s major sports teams have always shown the true American Spirit.

This month, all five major Boston sports teams are making a true American stand against Racism.

After two reported racial incidents occurred at Fenway Park in May, All five major sports franchises in Boston are coming together with a public service announcement entitled “Take the Lead” against racism, reports the Boston Globe.

The Patriots, Celtics, Bruins, Red Sox, and Revolution have made a PSA video that features both white and black athletes asking fans to oppose racial behavior at sports venues. The video will first air at Fenway Park Sept 28. All five clubs will then play the PSA at their respective stadiums.

The two incidents that sparked this decision? Adam Jones, an Orioles centerfielder, stated that a fan spat out the n-word towards him and then the very next night a fan got banned for life for using a racial slur to another fan when a Kenyan woman sang the national anthem.

And just last week, a banner was hung on Fenway’s Green Monster that read: “Racism is as American as baseball.” The protesters were ejected but they were not banned.

Red Sox CEO Sam Kennedy told the Boston Globe,

“When the incidents in May occurred, one of the first things we recognized was sports teams are high-profile, and we have the opportunity to help lead a high-level discussion around this “We wanted to take the lead in taking a stand against racism.”

People’s behavior’s may or may not change, however, there can never be enough messages that condemn this type of behavior. It’s a message we all need to hear and be mindful of.

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Boston Red Sox

Red Sox And The Walk Off, Why 2017 Is Different



Red Sox

The Boston Red Sox defeated the Baltimore Orioles on Monday night to the tune of 10-8. The win was a staple of what the 2017 Red Sox have become. A team that never gives up.

Despite a poor start by Doug Fister and being down countless times throughout the game the offense and the team battled back to force the Orioles into another extra-innings affair.

Monday’s game was the 17th time this season Boston has played into extras with the pitching staff tossing 55.2 innings of “free baseball” to go along with it. To put that into perspective through Monday the Red Sox have played 150 games this season. That means roughly 9% of the time their ballgames have gone into extras. And when they go into extras it usually takes awhile with the average game going over by 3.2 innings.

But Boston has been good in these situations. Their pitching staff ranks 1st in ERA, 1st in WHIP, 1st in BAA, 1st in OPBA, 1st in SLGA, and 1st in OPSA (Courtesy of BostonSportsInf on Twitter).

As a team, they are 14-3 in extra-inning games. Their play in these situations has been remarkable with Monday’s win coming off the bat of rookie sensation Andrew Benintendi.

Boston has had their fair share of trouble and uncertainties this season. But their never giving up attitude is a trait that should serve them well heading into October. It isn’t just in extra innings that this pops up though. In 1 run ballgames, this season the Red Sox have a 19-17 record. The only winning record in the AL East besides the Orioles who are in fourth place at the moment. While that number isn’t “elite” it is a different spin for the Red Sox.

In their 2016 division winning campaign, they were dreadful in 1 run games going 20-24. The worst 1 run game record of any playoff team and the second lowest in the division to the last place Rays. Seeing this year’s Red Sox win games late and win them close is a positive sign.

They might not be the high-powered offense of 2016, but in 2017 they have more balls.

Heading into Tuesday’s game with the Baltimore Orioles the Red Sox are 3 games up on the New York Yankees for first place in the AL East. With 12 games to go, it is still a dogfight to the end with no more games against New York who holds the head to head lead if there is a tie. But with Boston’s clutch factor through the roof, confidence levels should be high.

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Boston Red Sox

Boston Red Sox Starter David Price Successful In Relief



Boston Red Sox

On Sunday, Boston Red Sox Pitcher David Price tossed his first outing in relief. Price who signed for the largest contract in Red Sox history last offseason has been rehabbing from an elbow injury. An elbow injury that has been nagging left-hander since spring training.

In his first appearance out of the bullpen, he tossed two perfect innings. Price was able to hit 96 mph on the radar gun and successfully mixed in his pitches recording a few swing and misses. For Boston, this far exceeded their expectations after 7 weeks off.

“That was even more than personally anticipated,” Farrell told reporters. “From the power to the touch and feel, I’m amazed that someone can pitch — haven’t pitched in a game in seven weeks and come out with that kind of command and throw three, four pitches for strikes. He’s a unique pitcher, and that was really a strong two innings of work today.

Farrell postgame also mentioned that the earliest Price will be used again is the finale of their series with Baltimore that starts on Monday.

Price’s success against the Tampa Bay Rays out of the pen will be very different than an outing against a playoff-bound team. Seeing him locate pitches and throw with some velocity is a positive sign. But he has had his fair share of simulated innings to build up to that point.

Price being used out of the bullpen can add much-needed depth for John Farrell. But Price as a starter is more valuable to the ballclub. But at this point, it looks like the plan will be strictly out of the bullpen for Price. Maybe not the right call, but for the pitcher that will eventually need elbow surgery it is the safer bet.

If you are a Red Sox fan that wants nothing to do with Price and would like him gone. Then you should be rooting for his success to end out this season and throughout next season. If he can pitch well till the end of next season chances are he opts out of his contract. But if he doesn’t, if the elbow acts up again which is likely, then Price will likely be in Boston for the remainder of his contract.

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