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Connelly Top 10 – Boston Celtics Tough to Watch



Connelly Top 10 – Boston Celtics Tough to Watch

1. Celtics Playoffs –

* Got punched in the mouth and hid under the bed

* Marcus Smart one of the worst game in playoff history – 8 turnovers / 2-9 shooting / MINUS 19 (told you a while ago to get rid of him – just like I said Rondo)

* Knew it was going to be a long game when Doris Burke was introduced as the color person

* Does Smart look fat

* Crazy unit Brad put on the floor in the first quarter – taking out Crowder who was hot for the first time

* Celtics were down 17 in the first game / 14 in the second / 26 in the third

2. Red Sox –

* One way or another I’m blaming Farrell for costing Steven Wright his career

* You cannot under any circumstance let Machado hit a home run – never mind three

* Sox are 17% through the season on pace to win 87 games

3. Ted Williams at age 38

* Intentionally walked 33 times

* Hit 388

* Walked 119 / Struck out 43

4. Top ten Sox prospects from after the GM traded everyone:

*Devers, Groome, Travis, Dalbec, Hernandez, Chatham, Lakins, Ockimey, Chavis, Johnson

5. Celtics next year – Horford $28mm / next four paid players Bradley, Zeller, Thomas, Crowder = $29.7mm

6. Hoops hype ranked every NBA player – Celtics starters – Isaiah 11 / Horford 36 / Crowder 46 (Hayward 22) / Avery Bradley 63 / Amir 166

7. Amazing Stat – 35 time NBA players have scored at least 50 points in a playoff game:

* Michael Jordan eight times

* Sleepy Floyd once

* Celtics – Cousy twice / Sam Jones / Havlicek / Thomas

8. Old School – Quarterback Bobby Layne was 3-1 in the playoffs despite the below numbers:

* 12 interceptions / 1 TD pass

9. Just a Little Bit Outside – Famous pilots:

* Red Baron

* Wright Brothers

* Charlies Lindbergh

* Emelia Earhart

* Sully Sullinger

* Jimmy Doolittle

* Jim Backus in it’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

* Maverick

10. Randomocity

* Top Ten – we zip in – we zip out

* Cardinal best New England bird

* Clams in a clam chowder are fourth on the list of important ingredients – broth must be thick, potato, ground pepper, then clams

* convicted no

Michael has written for the Boston Herald and other sites in the past and his top ten column is now housed on Trifecta Sports Network. Connelly's Top Ten releases on Monday's and Friday's.

Boston Celtics

The Good, the Better and the Best



Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images

Well if this wasn’t the worst week in Boston Sports history then I don’t what is. Now that I think of it, this month of October has arguably been the worst month ever, for Boston fans. The Sox are done, the Pats are neck-and-neck with the Jets in the AFC East and the Celtics are currently 0-2. There’s just no salvation to be found!

By now, all of us have fully absorbed the magnitude of Gordon Hayward’s injury. And the prognosis will certainly not put a smile on your face, nor will the trajectory of this Celtics team, as they are still searching for their first win. If that’s not frustrating enough for you, Marcus Smart is out for tonight’s game with an ankle injury.

Man, New England is in dire need of a pick-me-up. Have no fear. I am here to answer the call.

Rather than doing another installment of the Good, the Bad and the Ugly (where I mostly enumerate the worst things in Boston Sports) let’s do something a little more positive. This city needs a big injection of enthusiasm and I’ve come to provide it.

It’s time for the first ever (and probably only) edition of The Good, the Better and the Best.

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Boston Celtics

Gordon Hayward Likely Out For Season, Celtics Looking For Answers



Gordon Hayward

Not a shock, but it is looking like Gordon Hayward‘s season is over.

After the completion of his surgery in Boston on Wednesday night, it was being reported that Hayward would likely miss the entire season with his ankle injury.

According to Hayward’s agent Mark Bartelstein Hayward is unlikely to return this season, but that he is expected to ” make a full recovery and return to his All-Star form.”

Of course, there is the chance he returns in some type of playoff-bound scenario, but that thought has to be a long ways away. For the moment it is important to figure out what this team can do this season without an all-star forward in the mix.

This will mean added pressure to superstar guard Kyrie Irving and the longest tenured Celtic Marcus Smart. Even without Hayward this Celtics team still should be in the top of the Eastern Conference conversation like they were last season. They are essentially last years team now with a better point guard.

There will be an overreliance on Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown. But if those two young players can pull through you could see a Celtics team that could be set up better over the long haul than if Hayward was healthy.

Unfortunately for Brad Stevens and company the Boston Celtics have opened their campaign 0-2 and will now look to find themselves moving forward.

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Boston Celtics

The “Green” Lining



Boston Celtics

Not to understate the solemnity of Gordon Hayward‘s injury, but the Boston Celtics are going to be just fine.

Saying, that without one player, the C’s are done for presupposes that this team is short on talent. It’s not.

When a newly acquired superstar goes down, it’s hard for fans to manufacture any positivity. Especially when such a thing happens during the first quarter of the season-opener. But let’s try to take a look at the implications of Hayward’s injury, without myopic jumpiness.

The 2017-18 season is very far from over for the Celtics. Gordon Hayward dislocating his ankle did not fracture Boston’s playoff hopes.

There are a few reassuring abstractions to be made from the box score of Tuesday night’s game, in which Hayward suffered the gruesome left leg injury.

Yes, the C’s lost to the Cavs 99-102, but this team passionately competed. And they mustered up the resolve to do so with one of their best players being escorted to the hospital.

This fact alone suggests that there are guys on this team who are willing, and able, to attempt to fill Gordon Hayward’s Nikes.

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