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Connelly Top 10 – Half Way there and the Sox still Bore Me

Connelly Top 10 – Half Way there and the Sox still Bore Me

1.Red Sox

* 3rd base production so far – 7 HR / 38 RBI / .224 / 17 Errors

* Did Vazquez’s arm never truly recover 20 stolen bases in 30 attempts so far

* Who took a bigger cut – Yaz, Boomer or Plantier

* Moreland on pace for 60 extra base hits – Ortiz had 87 last year

* In a year and a half – Price has a very Al Nipper like 21 wins

* Ugh if only Fred Lynn stayed – hit .347 career at Fenway

* John Farrell ruined Steven Wrights entire career


2. Gordon Heyward to the Celtics – I love it – the Celtics have their best one–two scoring punch in years (by the way I love the Marc Gasol rumors):

2016-2017 – Isaiah and Heyward combined for 3,800 points

1985–1986 – Bird and McHale combined for 3,563 points


3. So far in the Major League there have been 17 complete game shutouts combined in the first half a year – Bob Gibson had 13 by himself in 1968


4. Jim Rice in back to back years 1977-1978 – combined for:

* 30 Triples

* 54 Doubles

* 85 home runs

* 269 RBI

* 419 hits

* 1,456 plate appearances


5. In the 1972 Super Bowl – the champion Cowboys had two receivers catch passes that would later go on to win Super Bowls as head coaches – Mike Ditka and Dan Reeves


6. Manning cheating again:

·His teammates ratted him out for using ear pieces for amplified signal calls

·They piped in crowd noise

·So they say – He had steroids sent to his house and then used muscle men to intimidate witness

·The Colts lost on purpose to get Andrew Luck


7. Amazing Stat – Lexington High All-Scholastic Sal Frelick didn’t strike out this year – he is quarterback too


8. Old School – Jimmy Piersall and Gene Conley die within five weeks of each other – each responsible for a bizarre moment in Red Sox history:

* 1962 Gene Conley gets off the Red Sox bus in New York and goes to Israel

* Piersall climbed backstop at Fenway


9. Just a Little Bit Outside – In honor of a recent picture of Amelia Earhart – how about some Boston athletes that disappeared:

* Roger Clemens and the Ninja Turtle shoelaces against Oakland in playoffs – got himself tossed

* Mo Vaughn and Jose Canseco in the 1995 playoffs versus Cleveland 0-27

* Chuck Fairbanks leaves after Houston Oilers playoff loss

* Three years ago – Hanley Ramirez just took off the rest of the year

* Irving Fryer left a Patriots game at halftime hurt and crashed his car into a tree

* Logan Mankins held out for multiple games in his walk year – Bill traded him

* Suffolk Downs, Wonderland both disappeared

* Going got tough in Boston and Doc Rivers took off


10. Randomocity

* The ESPN nude pictorial is absurd and inappropriate – does Edelman really need to fawn over himself?

* When do the Bruins run for the eighth playoff spot begin

* How long before Terry Francona put his name on the list for a heart transplant?

* Venus Williams is found responsible for killing someone in a car accident and she’s off playing tennis at Wimbledon?

* Sneaky Pete on Amazon – grade B

* War Dogs – B+ and legit performance by Jonah Hill

Connelly Top 10 – Half Way there and the Sox still Bore Me
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