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Connelly Top 10 – All Star Break – Ugh as Boring as a Baseball Game:



Connelly Top 10 – All Star Break – Ugh as Boring as a Baseball Game:

1.Red Sox

* If you are making $30mm a year and don’t make the All-Star team – shouldn’t you have to donate 10% of your salary to the Boys Club – ie. David Price 2016 and 2017

* Price ERA by team: Tampa 3.18 / Detroit 2.90 / Toronto 2.30 / Boston 4.00

* Red Sox have a chance to do something this year – I would trade Price and eat $8mm, Trade Hanley eat $5mm (hitting .261), cut a check for Panda, fire Farrell.

* Can we not say the half way point at All-Star break seeing the Red Sox have played 55% of the season

* On a pace to win 91 games

* Top five in Red Sox salary didn’t make the All-Star game – Price, Hanley, Porcello, Panda, Pedroia

* How psyched were the Red Sox players to end in Tampa so they could fly right to the Bahama’s for the All-Star break


2. Celtics Summer Ball

·Never seen so much excitement over a Summer League game as Saturday against Ball and the Lakers – $25 tickets were going for $250

·Love the one foot fall away from Tatum reminds me of Bobby Dandridge or John Havlicek

·Danny has to make a huge trade – starting line up right now – Rozier, Thomas, Heyward, Morris and Horford – coming off the bench Brown, Smart, Crowder


3. Around the MLB

* Balls juiced? 5’6” Dustin Pedroia hit a one-handed home run to the opposite field

* Mike Scioscia the last three years with the Angels 203-212

* Altuve will have 1,200 hits before age 28

* Twins have a winning record of 45-43 but have given up 60 more runs than opponents

* Astros and Dodgers combined have scored 325 more runs than their opponents (that would be a fun World Series)


4. Tom Brady running the ball versus crybabies LaDainian Tomlinson and Marshall Faulk in the playoffs:

*Brady playoff rushing TD’s – SIX

*Tomlinson playoff rushing TD’s – SIX

* Marshall Faulk playoff rushing TD’s – SIX


5. In the 1975-1976 season – Celtic Charlie Scott fouled out of 17 regular season games and 11 playoff games


6. I’ve been saying this for six months – trade Isaiah – he is supposed to be the leader of this team and he says you better back up the Brink truck to pay him – isn’t that the polar opposite of Tom Brady?


7. Amazing Stat – The 1947 All-Star game was played in 2:19:

·Featured -Ted Williams, Joe DiMaggio, Bob Feller, Stan Musial, Warren Spahn, Johnny Sain

·American League won 2-1


8. Old School – Saturday’s 8.5 innings 1-0 game took 2:41 – how about the final game of the 1973 season?

* Red Sox lost 1-0 to the Indians

* Bill Lee pitched in the 1:57 game

* Attendance 1,453 in Cleveland

* Red Sox roster had four hall of Famers – Yaz, Orlando Cepeda, Carlton Fisk, Luis Aparicio


9. Just a Little Bit Outside – Ways to make All-Star game better

* Pot of $10,000,000 for the players or $400,000 a player

* Losers have to donate a combined $1,000,000 to a charity (ie. Pete Frates cost)

* Baseball donates $5,000,000 to the cities of the winning team for inner city baseball

* Losers spend next day in city at various baseball camps around the city of the game

* Continue the losing team loses home field advantage in playoffs

* Put all the speed up rules into play


10. Randomocity

* Would you say more people in this country know Sam Adams for beer instead of historical significance

* I think they said this on ESPN – the 1978 All Star game was watched by 36,000,000 people / last year by 9,000,0000 and they still make no changes

* Great stretch of weather after a terrible spring

* Mike Barnicle disrespecting the Frates family by prematurely announcing his death – should compel the writer to sincerely apologize (which he hasn’t yet) and donate $50,000 to ALS research seeing he and his wife are worth millions (live next to Kennedy’s in Hyannisport)

* Loved the Impossible Dream special on MLB Network – great memories – Ken Coleman, Don Gillis, Yaz’s insane year and Jim Lonborg not backing down from anyone hitting 19 batters that year

Michael has written for the Boston Herald and other sites in the past and his top ten column is now housed on Trifecta Sports Network. Connelly's Top Ten releases on Monday's and Friday's.


 Connelly’s Top Ten – Brady Great, Gronk Fragile, Sox Boring, BC Losers






* Other than the hand injury, I’m going to say that most of Gronk’s injuries occur running after the catch. Turn him into a Red Zone specialist where he is just catching the ball

* I’ve said this before – being a wide receiver in the Brady offense is dangerous – Injuries to Edelman, Hogan, Dorsett, Amendola, Gronk and Hawkins would rather go to Columbia than get hurt

* Is Ryan Allen off to a bad start? Gostkowski another missed extra point

* Patriots have lost back to back coin tosses

* How great is Belichick – just watch the Patriots kicking team run onto the field and line up for the end of the half kick – amazing thing everyone was involved – offensive players were spinning their index finger around while they ran off/ McDaniel was waving a towel over his head – amazing.



* Treasure every game with him representing you as your quarterback

* He won two arguments with officials and Romo was reading his mind – first time was the pick/rub at the line of scrimmage that got overturned / second was the too many men on the field (see #9 below for more Romo thoughts)         

* Brady will “love” watching film when Hogan points to where he should have thrown the ball in the end zone



* Running back touches – Gillislee 18 / White 10 / Burkhead 5 / Lewis 5 / Devlin 1

* Nice game plan by McDaniel – more creativity and diversity

* Austin Carr is on the Saints but got no play on Sunday – Patriots should offer them a 7th round draft pick – he knows the system



* Former Razorbacks – Wise and Flowers are going to make a nice pair

* McCourty is an amazing tackler

* Chung chasing in coverage

* Gilmore looked confused again on a ball down the right sideline

* Jonathan Jones just seems to make plays

* Ninkovich traveled to New Orleans?

* No Hightower – he is fragile



* Mr. Kraft with 27 seconds left in the second quarter – he didn’t look good, put some weight on and needs a hair cut

* Bill going with the blue windbreaker with short sleeves



* Be prepared to hear this on sports radio some morning – “the Patriots have called for an impromptu press conference – word out of Patriots camp is Rob Gronkowski is retiring.”

* Gronk’s fluorescent underwear waste strap must have distracted the defenders

* It’s painful when a cameraman keeps the camera on a cheerleader for too long – once she goes through the pom poms, the “Go team” and throwing a kiss there isn’t a lot of material left in her routine.

* I have a funny feeling there will be some extra sprints this week after Dwayne Allen jogged off the field and got the team flagged for too many men

* Saints receiver Michael Thomas couldn’t stand on his own after hitting his head and then was cleared to come back in the game

* Gronk will be joining Bobby Orr, Cam Neely and Larry Bird for careers that ended too soon

2. Red Sox

*  Tampa used 19 pitchers in the three game series

* Pedroia played in two games and went 0-12 losing 10 points off his average!

* Red Sox have played 15 games this summer over 4 hours – insane

* Red Sox analyst hit a new low Saturday with Saltlimacchia talking about ghosts that he has seen and telling the viewing not to be scared of them

* Averages since All Star game – Bogaerts .217 / Young .187 / Hanley .206 / Leon 194 (153 point lower than Vazquez)

* If Devers played a whole season – his errors would be pro-rated to a Butch Hobson level 44

* Betts and Benitendi have a high number of 10 combined errors in the outfield

* Here is a bad stat – from the ten Red Sox third basemen this summer they have more than double the errors than home runs 30 to 14 – ugh

* Sale needs 13 k for 300 – has two starts left


* I think the AFC Title comes down to the Steelers backup quarterback

* Jacoby Brissette decent numbers – 20 for 37 / 216 yds     

* From the I miss Tom Brady column – No carries for Blount in Philly



* Michigan has 280 plays in its playbook / Ole Miss has 28

* Freaky watching a game played at Cal Berkley – there is an earthquake fault that runs through the football field – so there is a spot behind the end zone they can’t use turf because the shifting plates constantly rips it

* Gary Pettis of California Angels son Dante of Washington ran back his 8th punt return for a TD Saturday tying Wes Welker’s record

* Best games of the Day – USC 27 – Texas 24 / Memphis 48 – UCLA 45

* Why is a back up kicker wearing Tim Tebow’s number at Florida – can’t believe it wasn’t retired upon graduation



* The worst thing you could say about a coach is that his team quit

* What a message Addazio sent to his team with 18 seconds left in the first half and the ball on the Notre Dame 44-yard line and two time outs and he virtually took a knee – how ironic that the school who threw the most famous Hail Mary pass in college football history doesn’t even trust their team to throw a ball into the end zone – how did the team respond – they were outscored 35-10 in the second half before Notre Dame decided to stop scoring (BC should play big games with a nothing to lose dangerous attacking spirit)

* BC gave up 515 yards rushing (515!) to a team that last week ran for 55 yards on 37 carries

* Defensive end Harold Landry finished last year with 7.5 sacks in four games – could have went into the draft and made millions – came back to play for Addazio and has one sack in three games and his future less green

* BC last eight games against opponents ranked in the top 25 – 0-8

* Has recruited one four-star player  

* Central Michigan is a must win in two weeks – because they play top 15 teams Clemson, Louisville, Florida State and Virginia Tech over the next 6 weeks

* Take a chance and hire a coach that needs a job – Mack Brown (old doesn’t matter), Les Miles, or how about this – hire despicable Art Briles and make him donate his entire contract to Rosies House and put insane restrictions on his tenure and player’s behavior


6. Since 1980 Mt Rushmore – Brady, Bird, Neely, Pedro

7. Amazing Stat – Quarterback Luke Falk of Washington State’s in his last 28 games has thrown 85 TD passes / Boston College last 75 games – has thrown 83 touchdown passes


8. Old School – A stat from MLB Network – Yankees completed their 25th straight year with a winning record which is fourth behind the Bruins’ 29 straight years 1967-1996 – thank you Bobby Orr

9. Just a Little Bit Outside –  Wow – Tony Romo – his voice wasn’t perfect but his insights were superb and a lot of them:

* Talking about Brady’s flat-footed throwing
* Brandin Cook and Brady not being on the same page and that Brees didn’t fight to keep him
* About Brees trying to add yards to his stats at the end of the game like he used too

* He read Tom’s lips talking to the trainer about Gronk

* Belichick running a certain defensive front to throw off game prep for future teams – really interesting


10. Randomocity

* Ironic David Ortiz is doing a documentary on Ted Williams seeing Ortiz has gone out of his way to say the red seat in the bleachers is fiction

 * What has John Henry done with the Boston Globe – it shows up later and doesn’t have up to date scores or stats – with today’s technology this should be the easiest thing he does over there

* Colin Kapernick – Never seen a quarterback who has won 9 of his last 31 games get so much attention – Tebow fans aren’t as insane

* Great stretch of weather – should rent a cottage in September not August

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Connelly’s Top Ten – Patriots Must Win to Keep Tobin Bridge from Being a Launching Pad




* When Brady lost in two openers he came back and won the next games outscoring his opponents 61-17 / 4 TD to 0

* If Hightower can play this week then he shouldn’t have sat the other night

* How many tattoos did Marsh get this week – should get one of toast

* What is the over- under of Patriot fan arrests on Bourbon Street

*Patriots 38-17

2. Red Sox

* David Price has made $454,545 an inning this year

* Pedroia needs two hits for 1,980

* I would say that Hanley’s helmet falling off to hits ratio has to be 5 to 1

* Red Sox on pace to win 92 games
* Sam Travis should start getting bats over Hanley who is under .240 now
* Pedroia 45 strike outs / 45 walks

* Betts 72 strikeouts / 72 walks

3. Players or sports personalities we hated to see leave:

* Danny Ainge

* Terry Francona

* Phil Esposito

* Isaiah Thomas

* Leon Gray

* Michael Haynes

* Carlton Fisk

* In retrospect – Sparky Lyle

* Bill Parcels

* Theo

* In retrospect – Paul Westphal

* Paul Silas

* Andy Moog

* Frank Lahey, Gary Williams, Tom Coughlin, Dr. Tom Davis (and the bounce pass)

4. The attendance for the last five home games of winning streak in Cleveland

Win 18 vs. Baltimore – 21,259

Win 19 vs. Detroit – 18,521

Win 20 vs. Detroit – 24,654

Win 21 vs. Detroit – 29,346

Win 22 vs Royals – 30,874

5. Rick Porcello giving up home runs as compared to a guy whose nickname was – Way Back

* Porcello given up 35 home runs this year or one every 5.1 innings

* Wasdin gave up a home run every 6.2 innings when with the Red Sox

6. First three years David Pastrnak scored 59 goals in 172 games

* Seguin 56 goals in first three years – 203 games

* Kessel 66 goals in first three years – 222 games

7. Amazing Stat – Drew Brees has thrown 466 TD’s to Tom Brady’s 456

8. Old School – Fisk vs. Munson (less at bats for Munson)

Fisk – .269 average / 23.3 at bats per HR / threw out 34% of runners / Rookie of Year

Munson – .292 average / 45.8 at bats per HR / threw out 44% of the runners / Rookie of the Year and MVP

9. Just a Little Bit Outside – Racism sign dropped from the green monster – what signs should have been dropped:

* Players AND manager – Stay off the sideline reporters

* Someone wake up John Henry

* Is the bat boy eligible for social security

* You could buy a 12 pack for the price of one Fenway beer

* How do we get down from here

* Was that from North Korea or is Porcello pitching

10. Randomocity

· Joe Montana crossed the picket line

* Indians are 31-5 since Jay Bruce arrived

· How does Japan know if the North Korean missile had a nuclear warhead. And was there any defense systems in play over there?

* Lynn Swann went to Brady’s high school

* ESPN ranks Al Horford 40th best player and shockingly Jae Crowder 38th (Irving 25 / Hayward 20)

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Connelly’s Top Ten – Patriots / Porcello / Irma



Boston Red Sox

Connelly’s Top Ten – Patriots / Porcello / Irma

1. Isaiah Thomas hip in big trouble – I’ve heard (from someone that knows someone) that his career is now in jeopardy and might be facing hip replacement surgery.


* Patriots are in last place – Bill’s in first!

*In Super Bowl championship years – Patriots were 2-3 in opening game / 4-1 second game

* Has Deion Lewis lost a step?

* Has Malcom Brown improved?

* They looked like an 11-5 team


3. Red Sox

* The three-man booth with Eck and Remy wasn’t awful

Friday night – 28-minute bottom of the fifth – that’s an out every 9.1 minutes

* Drew Pomeranz is tied for the American League lead in wins with 15 – I presume he would be the only pitcher to win that title and never make it into the eighth inning in a game

* Just think – David Price and Rick Porcello make a combined $50mm a year and they won’t pitch in the first three games of the playoffs.

4. Around the NFL and College Football

* Eziekel Elliot getting in injunction just drove every fantasy football player wild who didn’t draft him

* Evander Holyfield’s son is returning kicks for Georgia (one of 11 kids – six mothers)

* Ohio State is 1-2 over last three games / 3-2 at home over their last five games

* Boston College up to its old tricks in the ACC – throwing three interceptions to Wake Forest

5. Around the MLB

* Red Sox managers Lovullo and Francona will be managers of the year in their respective leagues

* No Major League pitcher on a pace to win 20 games

* Adrian Gonzalez impact on the Dodgers: While on disabled list the team was 46-8 since his return – 7-16

* Phillies rookie Rhys Hoskins has hit 14 home runs in 107 at bats = 7.6 at bats per HR (Stanton is 9.7 at bats per HR)

6. Draft position of the Patriots captains:

* Andrews…..Undrafted

* Brady………..199th

* Slater………..153rd

* Harmon……..91st

* Gronkowski….42nd

* McCourty…..27th

* Hightower….25th

7. Amazing Stat – Rick Porcello versus Pedro Martinez:

Porcello in 2017….9-17 record / 29 starts

Pedro 1999-2002: 68-17 record / 106 starts

8. Old School – In 1971, four Oriole pitchers won at least 20 games – Jim Palmer, Mike Cueller, Dave McNally, Pat Dobson. How about multiple 20 games winners for the Red Sox in a single season dating back to 1930:

1935 – Wes Ferrell – 25 / Lefty Grove – 20

1946 – Dave Ferris – 25 / Tex Hughson – 20

1949 – Mel Parnell -25 / Ellis Kinder – 23

2002 – Derek Lowe – 21 / Pedro – 20

9. Just a Little Bit Outside – 9/11 and Irma

* Don’t forget about 9/11 anniversary – amazing 16-year anniversary – never forget!

* Underdogs can use weather to help neutralize a superior foe – so wouldn’t be this an opportune time for an enemy of the United States to attack with the Texas floods, Florida storms and Mexico earthquakes

* Looters exploiting the vulnerable represent the worst element of our society – if they were shot on sight they would have no one to blame but themselves – I wouldn’t waste any Kleenex on their loss to the community

* Irma approaching Florida is eerie – it’s like Hiroshima having notice (not that it was the wrong decision)

* Would it be bad if Irma took out the Tropicana in Tampa?

* Where’s Shelby Scott?

10. Randomocity

* Sadly, the US Open isn’t what it used to be – Nadal didn’t have to beat one player in the top 25 in rankings –  seedings of opponents 121st / 85th / 64th / 59th / 53rd / 32nd / 28th

* Brilliant letter by Isaiah Thomas – his line “I fell in love with Boston” will endear him forever here

* How about Martina Hingis winning two US Open championships this weekend: Women’s Doubles / Mixed doubles – 25 Grand Slam titles now

* With football teams doing excessive team building exercises – a high school in New York is in trouble when a football player dropped a log killing him

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