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Connelly Top Ten – Celtics Bitc* Slapped



Connelly Top Ten – Celtics Bitc* Slapped

1. This is the Playoffs Right?

* If I was Brad Stevens I would show Kevin McHale taking down Rambis video in a non-ending loop in the locker room

* At one point Lebron turned his back on the whole defense dribbled around like he was at shoot around and then ran to the hoop and laid it in – no one did anything

* He embarrassed your best player Thomas – wagging his finger at him and no one did anything

* Lebron getting to the hoop for layups was really embarrassing – he has to be knocked down 20 times
* Twice players fouled him and patted him on the backside – Smart and Green

* This has to be war – set a tone

* Team taking on their coach’s persona – soft

* The walked out  on the floor glad to be there


2. This is why you can’t give Isaiah $30,000,000 a year:

* He couldn’t get his shot off

* He not only gets posted up but gets beat off the dribble too which is all about effort (Watch Spud Webb and Mugsy Bogues on small guys playing effective defense)

* First offensive possession he got trapped in the corner and turned the ball over to start the game
* Defensively – his man took him to the basked twice in a row to start the game


3. Danny Ainge
* He had three years to do something about Tristan Thompson – failure
* You need to change the roster in the offseason – get rid of Zeller, Jerebko, Kelly (trade him), Young, and you need a big tough bastard


4. Brad Stevens

* After playing against Cleveland 12 times – that’s your defensive scheme – call Rex Ryan and get some creativity

* Really Brad you went to Zeller early in the game – did something change from last time TristanThompson ragdolled him


5. Other Celtics

* Horford threw up on Dean Wormer again – he was so scared that he was dribbling to the basket for an open layups and passing it off to he corners

* Jaylen Brown showed something but I’m not sure if has the highest basketball IQ – I know he got into U California but at one point he left a man in the paint with the ball to cover a guy in the corner – ugh dunk
* I give Bradley credit trying to dunk on Lebron – Horford was too busy fixing his Depends
* James Young looks like the most dis-interested player in sports
* Kelly’s run is over – Kelly Green was mold – should never played him after Game 7 and maintained his trade value


6. Defense

* You gotta give Lebron the threes – take away the corners and compress the middle
* Please don’t run at Kevin Love when he is shooting a three – he’ll lean into you and take the free throws

* Mix in some zone – two men on Lebron and play a triangle behind him – do something!

* Has Kevin Love and Lebron ever been punched in the face and responded – you better find out


7. LeBron
* The most contrived superstar in sports history – ooh my ankle
* He whines on every call – get in his face when he’s talking to the ref
* We need Don Corleone to slap every Celtic (Johnny Fontane) who let him get to hoop and yell “be a man”
* Fuc*ing compete for crying out loud (Watch a Piston’s Bad Boys game or something)


8 .TNT
* No Barkley stinks
* Reggie Miller is already talking about the finals against Golden State (he isn’t wrong) and what a great experience for the Celtics – his producers must have been screaming in his ear
* David Aldridge the sideline reporter might be the worst in sports – its like he’s coming off some sleeping pill overdose
* Chris Webber and Reggie Miller sound too much alike

9. Stats
* Three pointers ruining the sport 69 of 169 shots three pointers


10. Random Celtics Stuff
* Can Amir Johnson dunk?

* Tyron Lue stole Mr. Kraft’s high chair

* Green Teamers (code for pink hats) standing ovation for the home team as they are down only 20

Michael has written for the Boston Herald and other sites in the past and his top ten column is now housed on Trifecta Sports Network. Connelly's Top Ten releases on Monday's and Friday's.

Boston Celtics

Reviewing Celtics Trade For Irving



Boston Celtics

Reviewing Boston Celtics Trade For Irving

The Boston Celtics traded for Kyrie Irving on Tuesday. This trade sent a shockwave through the Celtics fan base and throughout the entire NBA community.

Irving is a 25-year-old point guard with two years left on his deal with the third year being a player option.

In exchange for Irving, the Celtics sent Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder, Ante Zizic, and the 18 Nets pick to Cleveland. Many will debate if this is indeed a good trade, or even makes the Celtics better.

But in terms of Irving and Isaiah, their stats tell similar stories. But with term left on his deal, a younger age of 4 years, and growth potential, Irving over Thomas is a smart pick in terms of the future.

Losing Crowder isn’t a big deal. Boston already has Gordon Hayward, Jaylen Brown, and Jayson Tatum locked up at that position.

Zizic is still a big man prospect but left a lot to be desired in Celtics Summer League action. The real question here is the Net’s pick. The 18 Brooklyn pick is a reason to be concerned with no restrictions on it. On paper, the Net’s are a better team than they were last year.

But losing the Net’s pick means that Boston has lost their largest trading pick. One could argue Ainge should have included a Tatum or a Brown before the Net’s pick. Because of the Net’s pick, symbolized a potential to land a big man superstar like Anthony Davis.

But when it comes down to it, getting Irving was real, Davis? Not so much.

Ainge made the smart play for the long term on a player that seems committed to staying in Boston. If I were in his shoes, this move is a no brainer. It is easy to get sentimental about Thomas.

IT helped turn Boston into a contender and his personality fit right in. His play style, attitude, and the way Celtics fans showed their love and support for him after losing his sister in the playoffs will go down as one of the most emotional times in Boston sports. By no means should trading Thomas mean that we should degrade him as a player. Thomas is a top 5 guard in the NBA, an all-star, and an MVP type player.

But when it comes to sports, business is king.

Thank you IT.

Boston Celtics

Boston Celtics’ Isaiah Thomas stands by himself during team introductions before a first-round NBA playoff basketball game against the Chicago Bulls Sunday, April 16, 2017, in Boston. (AP Photo/Michael Dwyer)

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Boston Celtics

Danny Ainge Addresses Trade For Irving



Boston Celtics

Danny Ainge Addresses Trade For Irving

Late Tuesday night, Danny Ainge addressed the media with a fiscally callous tone. On this conference call, Ainge expanded on the complicated circumstances regarding the acquisition of superstar Kyrie Irving. There was a certain steady melancholy to Ainge’s voice that betrayed the truth. This was not an easy trade to make for the veteran Celtics general manager.

Isaiah Thomas (the little guy), Jae Crowder and Ante Zizic now play for the Cleveland Cavaliers. And barring a trade so does the Nets 1st round selection in the 2018 draft. Ainge stammered when trying to communicate the misgivings he had with trading those players. But it was a well-weighted decision. He added, “at the same time we got one of the best offensive players in the league.”

Certainly, letting go of a franchise-face like Isaiah Thomas is a recalcitrant option to flesh out in the war room. Celtics management really ruminated on the trade proposal, before pulling the trigger.

Danny Ainge disclosed to the media members on the conference call that “this deal was not available a month ago.” According to the Celtics GM, the C’s had been in deliberations with the Cavaliers for quite a while. It’s safe to conjecture that the two teams had been aggressively spitballing with each other for the nearly the entire offseason.

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Boston Celtics

Sully Is Back To Give His Take On The Irving Trade



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