Connelly Top Ten – Punishable by Death

Connelly Top Ten – Punishable by Death

1. Red Sox Stuff

* Hanley has missed 87 games in three years
* Panda has played in 161 games in three years (Jim Rice played in 163 in 1978)
* Gary Disarcina (1-0) joins Tony Luvollo as bench coaches with a better winning percentage than the head coach
* David Price hasn’t pitched into the 8th inning since 2015
2. Red Sox Minor Leagues Stuff
* Rafael Devers has 16 home runs in Portland in 255 at bats
* ERA of Portland’s starting pitching: 4.42 / 5.11 / 5.03 / 5.81 / 5.66 / 6.51 / 11.21
* Some guy named Beeks (not from Trading Places) has an ERA of 2.19
* Sandoval is 6-32 at Pawtucket (.188)
3. Most beloved former Boston athletes:


·Orr (because he lives here)





·Yaz – Greta Garbo

·Ortiz – will move up the list soon



4. John Lackey 32-30 since leaving the Sox


5. I’m making a declaration – This is Tom Brady’s last year. Reasons why:

   *  Smart move saying five years left – so people aren’t bothering him through the year

   *  Gisselle’s comments about concussions seemed strange

  *  Why would you not take a top ten pick for a back up quarterback unless you are going to need him

 *   They loaded up this year


6. Pawtucket Red Sox site has top twenty prospects BUT its from 2014 and hasn’t been updated. Not a good idea since Dombrowski has traded them all: including Margot, Travis Shaw and Michael Kopech


7. Old School – Old Red Sox that were league leaders when at Pawtucket:

Batting Champion – Juan Beniquez (1973) / Jim Rice (1974) / Wayne Harer (1977) / Gary Hancock (1977), Wade Boggs (1981)

Home Run Title – Jim Rice (1974) / Jack Baker (1976) / Sam Bowen (1979) / Phil Plantier (1990) / Rick Lancellotti (1991), Izzy Alacantra (2001), Early Snyder (2004)


8. Amazing Stats – 1957 Willie Mays had a 20 / 20 / 20 / 20

*20 Triples

* 26 doubles

* 35 Home Runs

* 38 Stolen Bases


9. Just a Little Bit Outside – Update on things that should be punishable by death

*       Talking in a movie theatre

*      Texting while in the speed lane on the highway

 *       Telemarketing by phone

*        When I can’t tape a game on the other channel because the scroll on the bottom of my TV keeps giving me the score

*        Dog owners that allow their dog to walk and pee on my lawn

*        Bikers who think they are a car and ride down the middle of the street and make me miss a light

*        When you get caught in an endless cycle answering the robot’s questions on a phone call – can’t I talk to a person (and not from India with broken English)


10. Randomocity

* Recently an American travel agency suspended its  North Korean Travel company affiliate – you mean there was a need for such a business

*  A favorite sports sign – after Robert Parish got in trouble for marijuana – someone held up a sign at the Garden – “All inhale the Chief”

* is Cookie Dough ice cream just a little bit over-rated?

* Haven’t been to a Red Sox game in three years – since opening day 2015 – no interest

Connelly Top Ten – Punishable by Death
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