Boston Red Sox
Boston Red Sox

Connelly Top Ten – Red Sox Don’t Deserve Chris Sale

Connelly Top Ten – Red Sox Don’t Deserve Chris Sale

1.Red Sox are so tough to watch

* With two outs in the 9th in a 1-0 game and tying run on first – you really march Panda up there hitting .208 and he chases two balls in the dirt

* Boston’s whole summer was resting on Sale not blowing out his hamstring hustling out his double

* Sale doubles, tags up to third and Pedroia can’t put the ball in play

* Sale works a lot harder out of the batter’s box than Hanley

* That was the Red Sox 5th game this year under 2:45 – as compared to their five games over 4:00


2. In honor of Lebron – most contrived, packaged and fake athletes:

* A Rod

* OJ

* Reggie Jackson

* Roger Clemens

* Tiger Woods

* Nuke LaLoosh

* Magic Johnson

* George Foreman

* Michael Strahan


3. Patriots Quarterback Durability:

* Brady out of 157 potential games since 2008 – he played in 157 games

* Garroppolo out of 4 potential games – he played in 2 games


4. Is there any question that Mookie Betts is better than Bryce Harper – last two years:

Betts……150 RBI / 42 HR / .308 AVG / 37 SB / Gold Glove

Harper… 135 RBI / 40 HR / 264 AVG / 23 SB


5. Brandin Cooks versus Antonio Brown the last two years:

* Receptions over 40 yards – Cooks 11 / Brown 11

* Receptions over 60 yards – Cooks 5 / Brown 0


6. Thank God for interleague play – Red Sox are 157-81 since 2005


7. Sox ruined another prospect – Blake Swihart is hitting .216


8. My annual report on the median house prices of towns in the Eastern Mass Lacrosse Semi Finals:

* Needham – $818,600

* Lincoln – $1,200,000

* Sudbury – $711,400

* Hamilton – $900,000

* Acton – $544,900

* Winchester – $957,700

* Duxbury – $799,000

9. Just a Little Bit Outside –

Isaiah Thomas of Boston before Isaiah Thomas (I’m not talking the racist one) – Was the first public orator to read the Declaration of Independence. Wrote about the battle of Lexington and Concord.

10. Randomocity

* American hostage released by North Korea in a coma reminds me of the scene in Planet of the Apes when Charlton Heston finds the other astronaut and he had a lobotomy

* According to – one of the Tom Brady’s nicknames is – Pharaoh

* Congratulations to local players Packy Naughton and Johnny Adams – both drafted this week in the MLB draft

* It is time for Charlie Baker to step in – Traffic has now hit an all time crisis. Every day now is 25 mile back up on 128 South – thats five times worse than the Sagamore on 4th of July weekend

* Remember when I asked if it was possible that BC High threw their star pitcher 140 pitches in a game – guess what – they brought him back on one day’s rest out of the bullpen – hello wake up Vassils

Connelly Top Ten – Red Sox Don’t Deserve Chris Sale
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