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Connelly 10 – Bruins Done, Celtics Done, Tax Week Dangerous




Connelly 10 – Bruins Done, Celtics Done, Tax Week Dangerous

1. Bruins Back in the Tournament:

* Backes invisible – looks like an old Keith Crowder or Wayne Cashman

* Pastrnak invisible – He is nervous even his passing stinks – no hands

* Shots in two games by Pastrnak 1 / Spooner 0

* They should be hitting Karlsson 30 times a game – like Buffalo used to Bourque

* Bruins are allowing Senators to run them

* David Krejci out again – has averaged 66 games a year – last five years

* Classless Rask showed up 19-year-old Charlie McAvoy after the second goal with a stare

*  Last goal – Chara penalty / Marchand giveaway / Rask threw-up on the shot before keeping the play alive

* I think the crowd sometimes chants at games to lure Jack Edwards into telling the TV audience what they are chanting


2. Celtics Playoffs

* The series is over – it’s about options in the playoffs – Chicago has two (Wade and Butler) / Celtics have one

* Amir Johnson is useless – has he ever boxed anyone out?

* Celtics outrebounded 53 to 36 / gave up TWENTY offensive rebounds

* Celtics took 38 three pointers – think of that – that’s one every 1:15 of the game

* The last two minutes of the game took over twenty minutes – NBA do something about all those timeouts

* Enough with the Isaiah MVP chants – he has zero chance – chant I.T. instead

* Crowder should worry less about Gordon Hayward and baiting Boston racist discussions (see ESPN and Saturday Night Live) and worry about his playoff performance: last eight playoff games he has shot 24-84 (28%) / last nine playoff games three-pointers – 11-48 (23%)

* Crowder was a MINUS 10 / Smart was a MINUS 13


3. Red Sox

* Sunday Sox game after Easter perfect set up for a nap – game was a ridiculous 3:46 – the top of the eighth inning took TWENTY minutes

* Teams, like golfers, should be fined for slow play

* Think of this way – the Kenyans on Monday will run 26.2 miles an 1:40 minutes faster than the Sox game OR almost eight Seinfeld’s

* Runs scored for Chris Sale 1.25 a game

* Mitch Moreland flipping RBI singles into left field – looking like Wade Boggs – his .356 average is a hard .356 too

* Saturday – first and second no outs and Sandoval at the plate hitting .135 and Farrell lets him hit away


4. Boston Marathon stuff – American Men winners by decade:

* 1900’s – 7

* 1910’s – 7

* 1920’s – 8

* 1930’s – 7

* 1940’s – 3

* 1950’s – 1

* 1960’s – 1

* 1970’s – 5

* 1980’s – 3

* 1990’s – 0

* 2000’s – 0

* 2010’s – 1


5. Jackie Bradley is already 45th  in Red Sox history in career strikeouts with 367


6. Most Over-rated in Boston sports history:

Paul Pierce

Roger Clemens

Tuukka Rask

Drew Bledsoe

Jim Rice

Russ Francis

Andre Tippett

David Krejci


7. Amazing Stat – Rajon Rondo has more top ten finishes in MVP voting than Paul Pierce: 2 to 1


8. Old School – Things that have happened this week in history (tax week):

* Virginia Tech Shooting

* Marathon bombing

* Oklahoma bombing

* Branch Davidian

* Abraham Lincoln Shot

* Columbine High

* Bay of Pigs

* American Revolution starts in Lexington


9. Just a Little Bit Outside – Ridiculous movie Fast and Furious which is more unbelievable than a Disney cartoon is going to do an opening weekend that exceeds $100,000,000 – compared to these year’s Oscar nominated movies for the year:

Hell or Highwater…..$26mm


Manchester by the Sea..$47mm




10. Randomocity

* Reese Easter eggs are awesome!!

* I saw a Facebook post from the Bruins alerting fans to ticket availability for playoffs – wow – where have all the Revere girls gone?

* From Mike Holley’s book War Room on Asante Samuel: “in the Super Bowl win over the Eagles, he had been playing zone when he should have been playing man, and it led to a touchdown. Against the Giants, Samuel had gotten lost in the coverage, so Tyree became Harrison’s problem”

* Nice job by the Navy Seals sabotaging that North Korean missile – embarrassing Kirby Pucketts Asian cousin


State of Trifecta Network



State of Trifecta Network

The last two months have been a whirlwind. There are no words that can truly describe what has happened to us as a website.

We went from a site that was getting an average of 2-3k viewers a week to getting that in a single day on average since the start of June. Since the start of June, we have been a credentialed member of the media to several of the teams in the area and look to increase that in the Fall.

Ultimately everything we create is meant to be read/consumed by our readers, you.  Often it is tough to get a vibe on what is or isn’t working in terms of content. That is why we would greatly appreciate if you guys give your thoughts in the comment section of this post to help us curate better content.

One thing we are looking forward to in the Fall is more reader/writer interactions. We will start doing Q and A’s related to all the Boston sports teams as well as a live Fantasy Football podcast where we will take your lineup questions.

The launch of the Fantasy podcast has yet to be decided, but expect it ahead of week 1 of the NFL season with a draft podcast. We will also be launching a Fantasy Football league to run alongside it if interested in joining fill out the contact form below with your information.

Trifecta Network is a growing platform, we will always be free and made for our readers. We appreciate your readership and want to build the best product we can to ensure the best Boston sports experience in the city.

You may have noticed more video content on the site, it is an area we are looking to improve, but not focus solely on. Many sports sites are going away from traditional writing, a move that I believe is a mistake.

If you ever have any thoughts or comments please feel free to reach out to us.

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Happy Fourth of July From Trifecta Network!



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Pete Frates Tweets Out Video Confirming He Is Indeed Alive



Pete Frates Tweets Out Video Confirming He Is Indeed Alive

Pete Frates, the leader of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is still alive.

This has to be reported after Mike Barnicle tweeted a false report on Monday morning claiming Pete Frates had passed away, Frates himself denied the report by tweeting a video of himself set to the Pearl Jam song “I’m Still Alive.”

After the Barnicle tweet, the family denied the report with an update on Frates’ condition posted on Facebook. As this video proves, he is very much still alive.

If you want to donate to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge use this link. 

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