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Connelly’s Top 10 – NBA who cares

Connelly’s Top 10 – NBA who cares

1.Red Sox

* Bogaerts last two May’s 89-238 = .374 (don’t forget he hit .253 after All Star game last year)

* Chris Sale on a pace for 20 wins / 344 strike outs

* Season 35% over

* Another Sunday game over 3:00

2. Only two of the top 20 NBA salaries are in the finals – LeBron first at $33mm and Durant 6th at $28mm.

3. Around the MLB

* Jon Lester in his last 14 decisions at Wrigley: 14-0

* Rich Hill ERA with Red Sox 2015 – 1.55 / Dodgers2016 – 1.83 / Dodgers 2017 – 4.15

* Dodgers closer Kenley Jansen – 9/9 saves / 40 K to ZERO BB / 0.65 WHIP

4. Yankee Aaron Judge is 90 pounds heavier than Yaz was

5. Marlins have thrown four no hitters over the last two decades at home – what was the attendance at those games





6. Things that only happen in one sport

·Hockey interviews between periods

·Baseball managers wearing uniform

·Baseball managers coming on the field of play and getting thrown out of games

·Hockey fights and stay in the game

·Basketball substitutes have to report into the game

·Hockey – substitutes can come onto playing arena while play is going on

7. Amazing Stat – Pitchers who gave up a first home runs:

Clemens gave up Sammy Sosa’s first home run

Warren Spahn gave up Willie Mays first home run

Fergie Jenkins gave up George Brett’s first home run

Tom Gordon gave up A Rod’s first home run

Mark Langston gave upGary Sheffield’s first home run

Goose Gossage gave up Craig Biggio’s first home run

Denny McClain gave up Rod Carew’s first home run

8. Old School – You can’t let Machado kill you 6 home runs in 50 at bats – how did Babe Ruth do vs Red Sox:

* 1,030 at bats

* 90 HR / 272 RBI

* 240 BB / 139 K

* .337 AVG / .464 OBP

9. Just a Little Bit Outside – Baseball related stuff kids never do these days: aau

* Automatics

* Flipping baseball cards

* baseball cards in your spokes

* Stick Ball

* Half Ball

* Three flies out

* Throwing a ball up in the air to your self

* Listening to a game on a transistor radio while chewing gum from a pack of baseball cards

* Using a pitchback to play catch with yourself

10. Randomocity

* House of Cards is a sad shadow of itself

* Give Subban credit he went all Messier and delivered on promise of win

* ESPN had an article asking how many teams would want the Patriots second team over their first team on offense

* Of the 300 or so terrorist that have inflicted pain – I hope they are doing an analysis and connecting common dots especially that most are second generation coming to their host country

* Some form of rain or overcast almost every day

Connelly’s Top 10 – NBA who cares
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