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Connelly’s Top 10 – NBA who cares



Connelly’s Top 10 – NBA who cares

1.Red Sox

* Bogaerts last two May’s 89-238 = .374 (don’t forget he hit .253 after All Star game last year)

* Chris Sale on a pace for 20 wins / 344 strike outs

* Season 35% over

* Another Sunday game over 3:00

2. Only two of the top 20 NBA salaries are in the finals – LeBron first at $33mm and Durant 6th at $28mm.

3. Around the MLB

* Jon Lester in his last 14 decisions at Wrigley: 14-0

* Rich Hill ERA with Red Sox 2015 – 1.55 / Dodgers2016 – 1.83 / Dodgers 2017 – 4.15

* Dodgers closer Kenley Jansen – 9/9 saves / 40 K to ZERO BB / 0.65 WHIP

4. Yankee Aaron Judge is 90 pounds heavier than Yaz was

5. Marlins have thrown four no hitters over the last two decades at home – what was the attendance at those games





6. Things that only happen in one sport

·Hockey interviews between periods

·Baseball managers wearing uniform

·Baseball managers coming on the field of play and getting thrown out of games

·Hockey fights and stay in the game

·Basketball substitutes have to report into the game

·Hockey – substitutes can come onto playing arena while play is going on

7. Amazing Stat – Pitchers who gave up a first home runs:

Clemens gave up Sammy Sosa’s first home run

Warren Spahn gave up Willie Mays first home run

Fergie Jenkins gave up George Brett’s first home run

Tom Gordon gave up A Rod’s first home run

Mark Langston gave upGary Sheffield’s first home run

Goose Gossage gave up Craig Biggio’s first home run

Denny McClain gave up Rod Carew’s first home run

8. Old School – You can’t let Machado kill you 6 home runs in 50 at bats – how did Babe Ruth do vs Red Sox:

* 1,030 at bats

* 90 HR / 272 RBI

* 240 BB / 139 K

* .337 AVG / .464 OBP

9. Just a Little Bit Outside – Baseball related stuff kids never do these days: aau

* Automatics

* Flipping baseball cards

* baseball cards in your spokes

* Stick Ball

* Half Ball

* Three flies out

* Throwing a ball up in the air to your self

* Listening to a game on a transistor radio while chewing gum from a pack of baseball cards

* Using a pitchback to play catch with yourself

10. Randomocity

* House of Cards is a sad shadow of itself

* Give Subban credit he went all Messier and delivered on promise of win

* ESPN had an article asking how many teams would want the Patriots second team over their first team on offense

* Of the 300 or so terrorist that have inflicted pain – I hope they are doing an analysis and connecting common dots especially that most are second generation coming to their host country

* Some form of rain or overcast almost every day

Michael has written for the Boston Herald and other sites in the past and his top ten column is now housed on Trifecta Sports Network. Connelly's Top Ten releases on Monday's and Friday's.

Boston Celtics

The “Green” Lining



Boston Celtics

Not to understate the solemnity of Gordon Hayward‘s injury, but the Boston Celtics are going to be just fine.

Saying, that without one player, the C’s are done for presupposes that this team is short on talent. It’s not.

When a newly acquired superstar goes down, it’s hard for fans to manufacture any positivity. Especially when such a thing happens during the first quarter of the season-opener. But let’s try to take a look at the implications of Hayward’s injury, without myopic jumpiness.

The 2017-18 season is very far from over for the Celtics. Gordon Hayward dislocating his ankle did not fracture Boston’s playoff hopes.

There are a few reassuring abstractions to be made from the box score of Tuesday night’s game, in which Hayward suffered the gruesome left leg injury.

Yes, the C’s lost to the Cavs 99-102, but this team passionately competed. And they mustered up the resolve to do so with one of their best players being escorted to the hospital.

This fact alone suggests that there are guys on this team who are willing, and able, to attempt to fill Gordon Hayward’s Nikes.

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Boston Celtics

Isaiah Thomas Only a Ploy in Trade with Cavs




Isaiah Thomas Only a Ploy in Trade with Cavs

We’ve been bamboozled (to quote Burgermeister Meisterburger). Yes, the nerve-racking Celtics-Cavaliers trade is finally done! You can now exhale. But when we dig through the convoluted pile of permutations and appraisals of this deal, doesn’t it all seem highly questionable? Come on, this thing was announced a week before it was completed, a bonafide Woj-bomb. Why the delay? I’ll tell you. There is one person who is responsible for all this controversy, albeit through inadvertence. That man would be none other than “the little guy” Isaiah Thomas.

That’s right, the undisputed fan-favorite and beloved underdog: Isaiah Thomas. Bless his heart; we all know that he’s done a great deal of good for the Celtics. Surely, we’re grateful for the fearless pony-up player he has been for us.

Since last Wednesday, the Celtics and the Cavaliers have been in a gridlocked game of tug-of-war. Thomas has undoubtedly played the threadbare rope, in the middle of all this. Through no fault of his own, he was misrepresented as the centerpiece of the C’s offer for Kyrie Irving. Maybe cockeyed “homer” fans accept this fallacy to be true. But make no mistake, both organizations knew Thomas’ true value the entire time. He is nothing more than a damaged fringe-superstar whose purpose is to be parlayed into draft picks.

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Boston Celtics

Boston Celtics Big Winners In Kyrie Irving News



Boston Celtics

Boston Celtics Big Winners In Kyrie Irving Trade Request News

Cleveland Cavaliers star point guard Kyrie Irving has reportedly requested a trade out of Believeland.

Ever since LeBron James returned to Cleveland they have been the favorites to win the Eastern Conference. But now with Irving wanting out, their run at the top is about to come to a close.

Even if the Cav’s fetch a favorable return for Irving, it is unlikely they will be able to acquire a player of his caliber or better.

To make matters worse, Cleveland has openly shopped their power forward Kevin Love. Who in theory, could now want to be traded as well with a mass exodus from the Cavs coming with LeBron likely taking his talents out West.

So in the Boston Celtics perspective, an NBA Finals run and banner #18 looks achievable sooner than initially anticipated. Irving has set forth four potential landing spots. One happens to be a division rival of Boston, the New York Knicks.

New York could formulate a trade for Kyrie that involves sending Carmelo Anthony to Cleveland. But even an elevated Knicks team isn’t a real threat. With Carmelo, Cleveland would still be the driver in the East, but Boston would be right there. Other potential destinations for Irving are the San Antonio Spurs, Miami Heat, and the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Minnesota has had Jimmy Butler and Karl-Anthony Towns openly recruiting Irving to push for a Twin city trade. In terms of Boston, this would be an ideal trade to get another superstar out of the East. For the NBA, creating more excitement in Minnesota is an appealing result.

Now the Heat are a prime destination in terms of weather and lifestyle. If Irving goes down to Miami, he would likely elevate that team to a playoff team. But one that would resemble the team Boston beat in Chicago this past post-season. If Cleveland

If Cleveland agrees to trade Irving, the Boston Celtics would be smart to go all in for this upcoming season. The timing of a trade is key here though. The highest value for Irving is right now. If the Cavs looked at the return of Butler or Paul George, they would notice the diminished returns because those two teams waited.

Boston’s time seems to be now if Ainge believes it as well, you might see an aggressive strategy to acquire another NBA star.

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