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Connelly’s Top 10: Red Sox Looking Up

1. Red Sox

* Love the game time 2:36

* I guess it is almost time to start giving Dombroski his due – Sale, Pomerantz, Kimbrel, Nunez, Young, Moreland

* The ball Bradley hit Friday twenty rows deep over the bullpen – tells me that the ball is more than wound tight something has allowed the flight of the ball to go farther

* Sox on pace for 91 wins

* I get pumped up when Vazquez pumps his fist

* Sale, Price, Rodriguez, Pomeranz = 14 losses / Porcello = 14 losses

2. Patriot QB’s with winning record

* Brady 183-52

* Grogan 75-60

* Bledsoe 63-60

* Parilli 44-32

* Eason 28-21

* Cassel 10-5

* Flutie 8-5

3. MLB not going to have a pitcher win 20 – Only Clayton Kershaw is on a pace for 20 wins – but he is hurt

4. Kimbrel on pace for 39 saves which would be 6th in Boston history

* Gordon 46

* Lowe – 40

* Papelbon – 41

* Reardon – 40

* Urbina – 40

5. In 1970-1971 – John Havlicek averaged 45.4 minutes out of 48 minutes a game

6. Ray Bourque had more power play goals for the Bruins than Phil Esposito – 164 – 153

7. Amazing Stats – Steve Grogan threw 208 interceptions compared to Brady’s 152 – how do their attempts match up – Brady 8,224 / Grogan 3,593

8. Old School – In 1966, brothers Felipe and Matty Alou were one / two in baseball in hitting – .342 / .327 (side note – the brothers along with Jesus combined for 5,094 hits)

9. Just a Little Bit Outside – I can’t think of David Price mouthing off to Eck and not wish Will McDonough was there – September 9, 1979 –

* Raymond Clayborn started elbowing reporters who were near his locker

* Yelled at McDonough to move or he would bury him

* McDonough promised him “you’re not going to bury me”

* Grabbed McDonough ripping his shirt and then scratched the reporter’s eye

* McDonough then laid out Clayborn into his locker

* Clayborn was fined $2,000 by the NFL to add insult to injury

10. Randomosity

* Four weeks from Labor Day

* Panda was booed in his return to San Fran

* London Bridge was the finish line for the World Championship marathon this weekend – just weeks after terrorists murdered innocent people

* Washington National’s announcers – home run call straight from Ralph Kramden- “Bang – Zoom”

* Bad stretch for NESN – Eckersley verbally accosted, Steve Lyons involved in domestic abuse charges, ratings are plummeting, their sideline reporter got a concussion

* I’m so sick of Kapernick – why not Tebow – Miami chose Cutler over him – ugh – swim with losers you are a loser

* Hats off to the bike riders this weekend!

Michael has written for the Boston Herald and other sites in the past and his top ten column is now housed on Trifecta Sports Network. Connelly’s Top Ten releases on Monday’s and Friday’s.


Connelly’s Top Ten – Gronk Abused by NFL / Bobby Orr End to End / Pinky Higgins Meet Alex Cora




1. Is this Tom Brady’s best year of his career:

* He has been pretty much without his top FOUR receivers from last year: Edelman, Bennett, Hogan, Mitchell

*Without the top two scorers from last year: Blount, Bennett

* Has been hit 65 times already this year and is on a pace to be sacked 36 times (4th most in career with age 40 body)

* Throwing for his second highest completion % – 68.5%

* On pace for 36 TD / 4 INT


2. Other Brady Stuff:

* Brady is 126-30 (81%) over his last 156 regular season games

* Update since people said he needed deflated footballs: 40-8 (.833) record / 110 TD to 22 INT

* Brady is the greatest NFL player in the history of the sport and only has two MVP’s


3. Teams the Patriots have an under .500 record against since 1960:

*Dolphins, Carolina, Dallas, Denver, Eagles, Steelers, Seattle, Washington, Chiefs, 49ers

4. My list if I had a chance to see an athlete do his thing just one more time – in order:

* Bobby Orr go end to end

* Pedro Martinez strike out a Yankee

* Larry Bird dagger three pointer – followed by a fist pump

* Tom Brady game winning drive with no timeouts left

* A Luis Tiant strikeout with the crowd chanting Looooie!

* A Cam Neely hit in the corner

*A Doug Flutie scramble and throw

* Mack Herron punt return

*Gerry Cheevers skating with the puck

*A McHale drop step

*A Plunkett to Vataha long bomb

* A Don Cherry explosion at refs or press conference


5. Alex Cora Joins a List of Red Sox Drinkers / Drugs:

* John McNamara reportedly drank beers before the game

* Terry Francona reportedly hooked on pills while players were drinking beer and eating chicken during game

* Dick Williams exposes himself (maybe drunk)

* Pinky Higgins killed a man drunk driving and went to prison (baseballprospectus)


6. Worse football hits than Gronks (and yes – he deserved a game suspension)

*Jack Tatum on Daryl Stingley

*Charles Martin on Jim McMahon

* Joe Turkey Jones on Terry Bradshaw

* Ryan Clark on Wes Welker

* Albert Haynesworth stomping on Andre Gurode

* Burfict on Antonio Brown

* N. Suh – Too many times to mention

* Raven Antoine Barnes on punter

* Antonio Brown kicking punter in the face

* Ray Rice on his wife

* Don Hasselbeck on Joe Klecko


7. Amazing Stats – – Offensive Interference – Gronk versus other Tight Ends last three years:

* Gronk………………………………………34 Games….152 Targets……8 Offensive Interference Calls

* Doyle, Witten, Graham, Kelce..170 Games…1,002 Targets…2 Offensive Interference Calls


8. Old School – Football Violence:

* “Brutality and foul play should receive the same summary punishment given to a man who cheats at cards or who strikes a foul blow in boxing” President Teddy Roosevelt

* In 1909 and 1910, 52 players DIED in football

* At Staunton College in 1909 – running back Edward Schmidt was tackled after a twenty-yard run – he told the other players, “I can’t see you any more – I’m dizzy”. He was taken by a buggy to a doctor’s office but died on the way – his teammates took off their shirts and lit them on fire and then the goal posts.  

* 1909 injury reports following implementation of safety rules in college football: 65 broken collar bones, 40 broken legs, 37 broken noses, 30 broken ribs, 20 broken ankles, 17 broken fingers, 13 broken shoulders, 11 broken wrists


9. Just a Little Bit Outside – From documentary Hard Day’s Night – on April 4th, 1964 – the Beatles had the top five songs on Billboard:

1. Can’t Buy Me Love / 2. Twist and Shout / 3. She Loves Me / 4. I Want to Hold Your Hand / 5. Please, Please Me

10. Randomocity

*I once went to an office Christmas party with a guy who was fired for drunkenness – classic!

* Never forget – Pearl Harbor attack began at 7:55 / the first plane on 9/11 took off from Boston at 7:59

* How long before ISIS claims responsibility for the LA fires

* Anyone injecting the race card in the Gronk hit is actually guilty of racism because they are responsible for stoking fires for their own personal benefit and quest for attention

* Speaking of that – interesting words chosen by Buffalo players that the “Hood” is going to go after Gronk – code word perpetuating racist snowball

* Jimmy G playing well is actually hurting Pats draft position on the pick they got

* A football player will die on national television in the next two years

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Connelly’s Top Ten – Gronk Makes Enemies / Pats Win / One half plus One Quarter equals Three Quarter 




*What fan would wear a Patriots shirt in Buffalo?
*Pats won a coin toss for a change
*Nice to see a new punt returner back there – save Amendola’s head #
*Patriots can clinch next week – we are spoiled
*He was grumpy
*When you watch NFL films its apparent that Brady likes to be massaged a little bit – as soon as I saw McDaniel point out to Brady that he missed his read – I knew it wouldn’t go well
*With that said he is awesome
*Would be interesting for CBS to put down little Fred Astaire dancing school footsteps for Brady when he moves in the pocket – like his completion to Gronk in 4th qtr
*Dion Lewis – last three games – 50 carries for 264 yards / 5.28 per carry
*Dion Lewis – team record 27-2 record when he plays
*Running back touches Lewis 15 / Burkhead  15 / White 9
*Has White lost a little burst?
*Dwayne Allen has receptions in four straight games and is now only 270 games behind Jerry Rice for consecutive games with a reception
*Passing first downs: Pats 15 / Buffalo 3
*Solder multi penalty game
*Eric Lee – How does Bill find these guys – interception / 1.5 sack / two pass deflections
*Gilmore nice game again
*Butler got pulled off the field for the holding on 3rd and 10
*Bill has a guy like Eric Lee playing with a chip on his shoulder and a veteran like Chung pacing like an animal trying to get back into the game
*Bill with a blue Yukon Cornelius winter coat
*Bob Kraft with 1:53 left in second quarter (his sweet spot – the two minute warning)
*Bills had two drives of at least 13 plays: a 14 play drive 7:09 = no points // 13 play drive = no points
*Romo on his game again
*Shaq Mason should send Romo flowers

*The way Butler helps opponents up and taps them on the helmet or backside looks like a guy who knows he could be playing with them next year

*Gronk will be fined – shouldn’t be suspended – part of that is on the refs – he gets abused and gets no calls and then he has three penalties called on him
*Patriots should send film of every offensive interference call on Gronk to the league

2. Around the NFL

*Jimmy Garoppolo has a better winning percentage and completion percentage than Tom Brady: 3-0 (100%) / 91-133 (68.4%) / Brady a mere .781 winning % and 64% completion percentage

*Rooting for Cincy’s criminals over Pitt’s punks on Monday night

*Sad to watch Jet fans going crazy over their 5-7 record

3. Around College Football

*The terrible conference championships is bad for college football (Pac 10 Championship was less than 50% attended)  – go with eight team playoff: Clemson vs USC / Oklahoma vs. Auburn / Georgia vs Wisconsin / Alabama vs. Ohio State
*I hate indoor games
*If you haven’t seen the Shaquem Griffin story – linebacker with one hand dominating at U Central Florida – youtube him
*JT Barrett playing QB for Ohio State six days after getting scoped on his knee is insane (tops Joan Benoit running US qualifying marathon one month after)
*Bad news for Clemson – Alabama will be getting their linebackers back

4. Teams the season after losing to the Patriots in the Super Bowl:

2017 – Atlanta on pace for 9-7

2014 – Seattle – 10-6 lost in Division playoff game

2005 – Philly – 6-10

2004 – Carolina – 7-9

2002 – Rams – 7-9

5. Flutie and NFL playoff snubs:
*Wade Phillips chose Rob Johnson over Doug Flutie in the playoffs – their career record at Buffalo: Flutie…….21-9 / Johnson…9-17

*Raymond Berry chose Tony Eason over Flutie in 1988: Flutie record in 1988 6-3 / Eason’s 1988 record 1-2

6. Gronk had 147 yards but no TD’s – Gronk 100 yard game stuff:

*Twenty-eight games over 100 yards
*Six of the 28 games against hometown Buffalo
*147 yards is fourth highest with 162 the most
* No TD in 100 yard games – 4 times
*24-4 in games over 100 yards

7. Old School – With Georgia in the playoffs – how about some stuff about the greatest College Football running back every – Hershel Walker:

*Averaged 159 yards over 33 game career

*Had 52 TD over 33 games

*Ran for 3,167 yards his senior year in high school

*His Sophomore year he averaged 35 carries a game

8. Amazing Stats – Michael Jordan back to back games in the 1986 Playoffs versus Devon Booker in the back to back games in the Garden:

*Jordan in back to back games at Garden: 112 POINTS / 40-77 (51.9%) FG / 19-23 (82.6%) FT /  9 R – 8 A

*Booker in back to back games @ Garden: 108 POINTS / 37-69 (53.6%) FG / 27-29 (93.1%) FT / 12 R – 11 A

9. Just a Little Bit Outside – In honor of Everett winning the Super Bowl – How about a thank you to Everett: During World War II – Everett sent 5,833 citizens to war (13% of its then population).

·         * That included SEVEN Moore brothers (one fought in World War I as well)

·         * SIX Haroutunians – five boys and a sister / SIX Coogans

·         * FIVE Smiths, FIVE Nickersons

·         * FOUR O’Donnells – Two came home despite their ships being sunk and another was awarded the Bronze Star

·         * THREE Rocco’s

10. Randomocity

*Squirrels were crazy this weekend
*Went to the deli this weekend and ordered 3/4 of pastrami – the girl behind the counter couldn’t figure out 3/4 so she gave me a 1/2 pound in one bag and a 1/4 in another bag
*So much fun to see Tiger on the TV hitting greens and fairways
*Watch how many times Celtics center Aron Baynes gets profiled as clumsy back up white center and refs just default to giving him fouls because they assume he is not athletic enough to make certain plays

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Connelly’s Top Ten: Patriots vs Bills Preview



1.Patriots vs. Bills Preview

·         Patriots are 29-4 in their last 33 games with Buffalo

·         Brady vs Buffalo is 26-3 / 66 TD to 20 INT

·         Patriots versus Buffalo by decade: 1960’s – 12-8 / 1970’s 8-12 / 1980’s 13-5 / 1990’s 8-12 / 2000’s – 18-2 / 2010’s – 10-3

·         Jim Kelly lifetime versus Patriots 12-8  record / 29 TD to 28 INT

·         Joe Ferguson lifetime versus Patriots 11-12 record / 26 TD to 27 INT

·         OJ “Killer” Simpson 10-4 record / 108 yards a game / 3 TD (only 3)

2. Red Sox power hitter candidates

Stanton – (8 seasons)…Avg 122 games last six years / Has over 90 RBI 2 X / Away from warm Miami .256 hitter (versus .281 at home) / Late and close in games he is hitting .201

Abreu – (4 seasons)…..Avg 153 games in four years / has over 100 RBI 4 x / Has hit .354 at Fenway / Late and close avg .243

Martinez – (7 seasons)..Avg 120 games last six seasons  /Has hit .444 at Fenway / Late and Close .255 / Hit 45 HR in 119 games this year which pro rates to 61 full season

3. Celtics Stuffs

* Ten Celtics players are 25 or under

* Al Horford is leading the Celtics in average minutes 32.4 – Celtics 1986 team minutes: Bird 40.6 / McHale 39.7 / Parish 37.4 / DJ 37.1 / Ainge 35.2

* Other than American – there are five players on the team born in another country – Egypt,  Australia, France, Germany, New Zealand

*Amazing to thing they are doing this without Hayward a top 15 NBA player
*Kyrie has a better floater in the paint than Sherman Douglas

4. Bruins Stats and Stuff

·         Longest game time of a regulation game – 2:41

·         $1mm plus Salaries locked in for not next season but the season after that:  Marchand $7.5mm / Krejci $7mm / Pastrnak $6.8mm / Rask $6.5mm / Krug $5mm / Bergeron $4.4mm / Backes $4mm / Beleskey $3mm / Millar $2.5mm

·         Bruins are 7-1-3 when score first / 8-1-1 when leading after one period (0-5-1 when trailing) / 9-0-1 leading after two (0-7-1 when trailing)

·         Been outscored 3-0 in overtimes this year

·         Bergeron and Krejci are winning over 56% of faceoffs

·         Zdeno Chara is now 10th in career Bruins games with 843 – by the end of the year he will pass Dallas Smith, Don Marcotte, Rick Middleton, Terry O’Reilly and move into 6th

5. Patriots vs Buffalo – first time – September 23, 1960:

·         Played at Nickerson Field

·         Lost 13-0

·         Patriots QB’s Butch Songin and Tom Green each threw interceptions in the end zone

·         Attendance 20,732

·         Patriot tailback – Doug Christy fumbled twice in the 4th quarter one on Bill’s 17 yard line and then on a punt return

·         Turnovers 7

6. Article in 1941 Boston Globe on baseball salaries – “There probably are a good many people who will shudder when they read that any man is paid $40,000, $50,000, and even $80,000 simply for hitting a baseball further….while a cancer research chemist will be lucky to earn a tenth of that.”

·         Babe Ruth once was paid $80,000

·         Ted Williams Salary – 1939 – $6,000 / 1940 – $12,000 / 1941 – He held out and received $17,500 – in return alls he did was hit .406

·         Hankus Pankus – 1940 MVP – $50,000

·         1941 – Joe DiMaggio, BoBo Newsome, Bob Feller – $40,000

7. Amazing Stats – Jayson Tatum was born six years after Larry Bird retired in 1998

8. Old School – Never heard of Red Sox Lou Finney

·         Was an All Star in 1940 on a team with Ted Williams, Joe DiMaggio, Hank Greenberg, Bob Feller, Lou Boudreau, Jimmie Foxx, Charlie Keller

·         Played six years 1939-1945 (missed 1943 for the war)

·         Hit .301 for the Sox in 2,108 plate appearance

·         1940 – 23 games with three hits or more / Hit .365 on road

·         He had 32 triples in three years 1940-1942

·         In 2,108 plate appearances he struck out 60 times

9. Just a Little Bit Outside – Proving again that money isn’t everything – Net worths of accused harassers

·         Matt Lauer……………..$60mm

·         Harvey Weinstein…..$300mm

·         Bill O’Reilly………………$85mm

·         Charlie Rose……………$23mm

·         Kevin Spacey…………..$100mm

10. Randomocity

*College football league championships – four of the six games have a spread of at least 6 – that’s not ideal – should have been an 8 game playoff

·         *Is there anything worse than being late for something and there is frost on your windshield

·         *With college basketball players able to leave college now after one year – I wonder what the college graduation rate is in the NBA now – I would guess under 10%

·         *Doesn’t Jim Kelly, Troy Aikman, Mark Brunell, Hines Ward, Jerome Bettis really look silly for taking the outrageous step of going after Brady in Deflategate?

·         *Christmas Tree aroma gets the nod over the smell of a wood fire, fresh cut grass and bacon cooking

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