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Connelly’s Top Ten – Another New England Bye Week / QB’s Traded for 1st Round Picks / Field Goal kicking:




1. In lieu of Jimmy G. going 5-0 in exchange for the 44th pick – here is a look at NFL QB’s traded for a first-round pick or even more (USA Today)

*For three first round picks – Jim Plunket (and 2nd round pick)

*For two first round picks – Jay Cutler (and 3rd round pick) / Joe Hadl (and two 2nd round picks / one third round pick) / Jeff George (and 3rd round pick) / Roman Gabriel (and 3rd round pick) / Jim Everett (5th round pick)

* For a first-round pick and a lower round pick – Sam Bradford, Fran Tarkenton, Craig Morton, Mike Boryla, Carson Palmer, Rob Johnson, Bert Jones, Matt Robinson, Kelly Stouffer, Steve Walsh

* For one first round pick – Trent Green, Rick Mirer, Joe Theisman, Mike Phipps, Bob Lee, Marty Domres, Craig Erickson, Trent Green, John Elway, Richard Todd, Jack Thompson, Chris Chandler, Brett Favre, Joe Montana


2. NFL Playoffs and stuff

* Gruden only took Raiders job because the hockey team is doing so well in Vegas

* Unbelievable reverse psychology move by Marvin Lewis saying he was retiring and getting a two year extension to reward him for not making the playoffs

* The Brady jinx continues – Baltimore rats to Colts on deflategate they haven’t made playoffs / Colts rat to refs – they haven’t make playoffs / Mara complained – they are out of playoffs / Houston owner complained – they are out of the playoffs / Carson Palmer is out of the league / New Orleans supported Patriots they are IN


3. Celtics – Cavs wrap up from Wednesday night:

* What happened to the Bill Russell outlet pass – Only nine of the Celtics 102 points were on the fast break

* Forty-eight missed three pointers in the game or one every minute of the game

* To me its becoming more apparent every game – Jason Tatum will be a top five NBA player / Jaylen Brown will only be a top 25 player (sleepy and doesn’t compel his will on a game)

* Love the 2 for 12 brick shooting from Jae Crowder (some things don’t change) and him showing a disgruntled persona which was validated by not hustling back on defense


4. A Brady trade would have put him on a list with – Babe Ruth / Wayne Gretzky / Lou Alcindor / Peyton Manny / Joe Montana / Wilt Chamberlain / Frank Robinson / Tom Seaver


5. First pick in the draft by the local teams – NONE LED THE TEAM TO A CHAMPIONSHIP (Red Sox and Celtics have never used one)


1950 – Celtics – Charlie Share – Traded to Fort Wayne

1966 – Bruins – Barry Gibbs – played in 797 regular season games but hit it big with Saturday Night Fever

1971 – Patriots – Jim Plunkett – He got Patriots three first round picks in trade

1982 – Patriots – Ken Sims – paid the price for the leg whip

1982 – Bruins – Gord Klusak – known for bad knees and was chosen instead of Brian Bellows

1984 – Patriots – Irving Fryar – look out for that tree

1993 – Patriots – Drew Bledsoe – lot of tapping of the ball

1997 – Bruins – Joe Thornton – was happy when losing


Most first picks – Six times – Cavs / Five times – Astros, Mets, Padres, Canadiens, Tampa Bay Bucs


6. When he does this – Stephen Gostkowski field goals per game and the correlating win-loss record and win percentage:

Kicked zero field goals – 22-11……(.666)

Kicked one field goal – 34-12…….(.739)

Kicked two field goals – 53-18…….(.746)

Kicked three field goals – 36-6…….(857)

Kicked four field goals – 12-1……. (.923)

Kicked five field goals – 1-0……… (.1000)


7. Amazing Stat – Successful field goals are trending up significantly. NFL has to think about narrowing the goal posts or implementing a longer snap area (center to holder) on kicks inside 50 yards, or wider hashmarks forcing tougher angles (See Irish football or Australian rules football), or forcing drop kicks from inside 35 yards.


YEAR…….40-50 yards………50 yards plus

* 1970’s — 99-242 (41%)………..17-73 (23%)

* 1980’s – 112- 224 (50%)…….23-84 (27%)

* 1990’s – 145-235 (60%) .……28-78 (36%)

* 2000’s – 207-298 (69%)…….37-68 (54%)

* 2010’s – 208-285 (73%)…….58-109 (53%)

* 2017 –    253-320 (79%)…. ..106-153 (69%)


·         In 1980, kickers were successful 67% of the time from 30-39 yards – look at fifty yards plus this year 69%!


8. Old School – In 1970, Patriots kickers were 2 for 14 from 30 yards or further


9. Just a Little Bit Outside – Reported college coaches’ affairs:

* Arizona’s Rich Rodriguez

* Louisville Rick Pitino

* Louisville Bobby Petrino

* Wisconsin’s Barry Alvarez

* Houston’s Major Applewhite

* South Florida’s Charlie Strong

* Louisiana Tech’s Women’s Coach – Tyler Summit (Pat Summit’s wife)

* LSU – Dana Chatman – Women’s basketball

* Fordham – Jeff Neubauer – men’s basketball


10. Randomocity

* Keep an eye on Trae Young (16th ranked high school candidate last year) point guard from University of Oklahoma – unlimited range / great handle / can dish – he is all over the internet

* Will Isiah Thomas come back someday and serve as the assassin scorer off the bench?

* Classic – from Barstool Sports – Arizona coach Rich Rodriguez had his wife and mistress on the sideline at the same time

* Zdeno Chara only has points in seven of 38 games

* Ainge, McHale, DJ, Bird and Parish combined for 70,433 points for the Celtics

Michael has written for the Boston Herald and other sites in the past and his top ten column is now housed on Trifecta Sports Network. Connelly's Top Ten releases on Monday's and Friday's.

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Connelly’s Top Ten – On to the Jaguars!




Connelly’s Top Ten – On to the Jaguars

1. Patriots – Jaguars

* Patriots are 10-1 vs. Jacksonville / 3-1 in postseason / 1-0 in conference championship

* Get ready for the – “Coughlin has the blueprint” reports and article

* Only time they lost to Jacksonville – Scott Zolak was quarterback

* Brady’s 12th conference championship

* Spy Bortles / take away the throws on the flat on play action boot legs

* Jacksonville one sends four – so seven in coverage – need a big game from Deion Lewis

* Jacksonville two pertinent injuries – Fournette ankle (he has had foot/ankle problems) / Gipson on defense


2. Around the NFL

* Mike Tomlin should be fired for going for the onside kick with two time outs and the two minute warning

* Steelers fans are said to be the best in football – they were booing their team off the field in the second quarter

* James Harrison to AFC Championship game – Pittsburgh goes home

* The lose-to-the-Patriots jinx continues – Atlanta out

* LeGarrette Blount has nine TD’s in nine playoff games

* Its Minnesota vs Patriots in Super Bowl in Minnesota – I think that works against the Vikings

3. Patriots betting odds in AFC Championship games:

2018 – Jacksonville……….9

2017 – Steelers…………..5.5 / covered

2016 – Denver……………3.0 / lost

2015 – Colts………………7.0 / covered

2014 – Denver…………..+4.0 / lost – did not cover

2013 – Ravens……………13.5 / lost

2012 – Ravens……………..7 / did not cover

2008 – Chargers…………..14 / did not cover

2007 – Colts……………..+3 / lost – did not cover

2005 – Steelers…………….3 / covered

2004 – Colts……………….3.5 / covered

2002 – Steelers……………+10 / won – covered

1997 – Jacksonville………7.5 / covered

1986 – Miami……………+5.5 / won – covered


4. Vegas odds:


* Red Sox are 7th in Vegas to win the World Series

* Celtics are 4th at 10-1 (might be a good bet right now – Danny can go trade for someone and Hayward could come back)

* Bruins are 3rd now at 12-1

* Patriots are 1st at 7-5

* Boston College 52nd in college football


5. James White scoring


* College football at Wisconsin – 48 TD in 52 career games

* Patriots…………………………20 TD in 53 career games


6. Deaths come in three – Dick Endberg, Keith Jackson – who else should be worried:

* Vin Scully- 90, Brent Musburger – 78, Al Michaels – 73, Dick Stockton – 75, Marv Albert – 76 (hair is only five years old), Dick Vitale – 78, Don Criqui – 77

7.  Amazing Stat; If Brady throws for 561 yards next two games – he will have thrown for 10,000 in the postseason which is more than: Griese, Unitas, Len Dawson, Simms, Starr, Theisman, Tarkenton – COMBINED in postseason


8. Old School – 1997 AFC Championship versus Jacksonville:


*Patriots win 20-6 in the fog at Foxboro

* Jacksonville was 10-8 coming into the game

* Otis my man Smith and Curtis Martin with Td’s

* Patriot hater Mark Brunelle threw for 0 TD’s / 2 INT

* Interceptions by Bruschi and Clay

* Vinatieri was 2 for 2

* Bledsoe 0 TD to 1 INT


9. Just a Little Bit Outside – Murders in Boston 2017 – 52

* Twenty-six in Dorchester / Zero in Charlestown

* Chicago population – 2,700,000 / 650 murders = one in 4,153 citizens are killed

* Boston population – 670,000 / 52 = one in 12,884 citizens are killed

* Nice job Boston Police


10. Randomocity

* Matt Patricia going to Detroit – tough to figure out how much the defense is Coordinator and how much Bill

* Ugh – Lakers have won four in a row

* Hawaii missile alert – makes you ask the question – where would you go – I think you are best to grab a beer and put on the replay of Patriots-Atlanta

* I would take Astro over Dino

* Double stuff potato under-rated

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Connelly’s Top Ten – Another Treat!



Connelly’s Top Ten – Another Treat


* Cherish every game / every moment

* Seven AFC Championship games in a row – IN A ROW!

* Interesting won the coin toss but took the ball

* You came out of the game with a win and a healthy Gronk and Brady



* He did his thing – what a treat – we have been the beneficiaries of his genius, will, courage and drive for excellence

* He looked grumpy early – an F Bomb after an incompletion – they confused him the first couple of drives with a lot of men in coverage

* Brady needs 569 yards in the next two games for 10,000 in just the postseason – think about that

* Brady is much more engaged with Hoyer on the sidelines than he was with Jimmy G (granted Hoyer’s years gives him something to offer in advice)

* Amazing throw by Brady in 4thquarter – running right and throwing left all the way across the field to Amendola



* James White six touchdowns in the last 41:40 of playoff football – wow!

*Is every catch by Amendola huge – he is one of those special players that played in Foxboro during the dynasty (who would you take Amendola, David Patten or David Givens)

* Cooks can’t win the ball in the air – all those balls that Moss caught for Brady

* 53 pass attempts – no sacks – nice job line (Solder retirement around the corner)

* Romo said it a couple of times – McDaniels scheming was great – had defenders outnumbered all night

* Patriots haven’t scored in the first quarter last two post season games

* Lewis 24 touches / White 8 touches / Bolden 4 touches

* How much better is Brandin Cooks than sprinter Renaldo Nehemian (or Bethel Johnson)

* If Mitchell comes back – don’t you go with Mitchell, Hogan and Amendola




* Defense has allowed over 17 points in a game just twice in the last 13 games – wow

*Getting after the quarterback – great schemes and efforts – draft position of players with sacks – Flowers 212 /Grissom 97th / Butler – free agent / Jean Francois 277 / Wise 131st

* Everytime I see someone catch a pass on Malcom Butler – I see a cartoon with dollar signs going out the window (teams seem to actually be picking on him)

* Gilmore nice game – two pass deflections and filled the hole on the 4thdown run by Titans

* Twenty-two players with a tackle / eight players with a tackle for a loss




*Bill blue hoodie with blue Patriots winter coat / made an adjustment at halftime and came out with scuba mask – completely scaring the Titans / surprised he didn’t go to gloves late

* Huge day for Kraft – he was actually included in the pre-game promo / then again in the pre-game hand shake of players / he got more air time than the players – 9:20 left in second quarter / 1:52 left in second quarter “Robert Kraft is excited – he put this whole thing together” / 2:01 left in the third quarter to 0:29 in the third with three different cameos




* A CBS decision to push the “end of the dynasty?” theme

* Geico going to the well too often with the Sloth playing Pictionary

* Shouldn’t Tony Romo shave around 2 PM to lose the shadow

* Anything stupider than the Dr. Pepper ad with the mini looking Steven Tyler guy

* Romo couldn’t get off the two penalties the Patriots got

* Romo said the Patriots got the benefit of the time keeper at the end of the first half – I think the league is in charge of the scoreboard

* Romo pointed to offensive lineman Conklin going out of the game as a game changer – really it was a 35-14 game

* Halftime show talked about the Decker push off and 4th down punt call




*Someone said on the radio this week if Luck and Watson at Houston aren’t hurt – Titans come in last in that division

* Logan Ryan led them in tackles with 12

* 4th down call of a passive run is not how you beat the champ

* End of the first half explains it all – Amendola gets down and calls timeout but Logan Ryan touched him when down helping to stop the clock instead of letting him lie there




*Biggest call was the reverse of the illegal motion to encroachment on the punt – Patriots special teams coach yelled Bullshi* and they changed the call leading to a TD drive

*Nationally the country is going crazy about Patriots getting calls

* The replay on the Lewis TD on the screen – should have taken 10 seconds not five minutes – see butt hit the ground / New York should already have reviewed what yard line / whats time on the clock? – lets go

*Patriots third TD drive – three first downs by penalty

*Tennessee fans complaining about James White TD that his knee was down – while that could have been answered if the Rules Committee listened to Bill who said there should be a chip in the ball.


9. Just a Little Bit Outside – *Watched the game at a bar – what a howl the bar was going crazy in the last seconds hoping Tennessee would score so they would win the bet for OVER 48


10. Randomocity

* Gottta love Bill – throwing the red flag on a maybe reception up 35-7 in zero degree weather

* Hogan and Bolden throwing balls into the crowd after TD’s will cost them a league fee and more if someone was texting and not paying attention and gets drilled in the face

* No turnovers in a game with 0 degrees

* Shouldn’t Patriots security confiscate the D and picket Fence from fans – Patriot fans are better than that

  • * The win on Saturday makes Sunday viewing that much funner

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Connelly’s Top Ten: Patriots Prepare for Titans



Connelly’s Top Ten – Last Get it On!
1.Titans Stuff
* Tom Brady has 63 TD passes in 34 postseason games – Mariota has 58 TD in 42 regular season games
* Thank God Titan Drew Bennett dropped that 4th down pass back in 2004
* Titans have only given up six rushing TD’s in 17 games
* Mariota this season – 15 TD’s to 13 INT
* Delanie Walker last five years 356 receptions / 26 TD —- Gronk last five years 287 receptions / 38 TD
* Tennessee was 5-2 against teams over .500
* Kicker Ryan Succup is only 2 of 5 from 50 yards or more
* Patriots are 7-1 lifetime versus Tennessee / They were 14-17 against the Oilers
* Not a concern in the world – 27-13
2. More Fallout from Brady / Belichick reported feud:
* Is it possible Bill was working on a deal for Brady to San Francisco and Kraft pulled the plug and then Bill decided to move forward with Jimmy G because one had to go and he already started the conversation
* If Bill goes, Patricia goes, Dante leaves, Ernie Adams leaves
* The discussion topic radio stations are throwing around about Brady being less liked in New England is absurd – he has brought as much joy to this region as any citizen to walk our streets – I’m talking JFK, Sam Adams, John Hancock, anyone
3. Average points per game per offensive coordinators with Brady
Weis (2001-2004)…………………………..384 / 16 = 24 points a game
O’Brien (2011)……………………………..513 / 16 = 32 points a game
McDaniel (2006-2008 / 2012-2017)………..468 / 16 = 29 points a game
4. If Bob Gainey is in the Hall of Fame then Patrice Bergeron is a lock:
Gainey…1,160 games / 239 goals / 262 assists / 4 Selke Awards
Bergeron – 934 games / 275 goals / 428 assists / 4 Selke Awards
5. Adam Vinatieri had more Patriot TD passes than Jacoby Brissette 1-0
6. Celtics have only had two players average over 9 rebounds a game for a season over the last twenty years: Al Jefferson / Kevin Garnett
7. Amazing Stat – Longest streak of hitless games for hitters that hit over .370 since 1941:
Ted Williams – 1941 – .406 – five games
Tony Gywnn – 1994 – .394….two games
George Brett – 1980 – .390….two games
Ted Williams – 1957 – .388….two games
Rod Carew – 1977…….388 – three games
Larry Walker – 1999…..379 – two games
Stan Musial – 1948…….376- four games
Nomar – 2000…………..372 – two games
Todd Helton – 2000……372 – four games
Ichiro – 2004……………372 – 2 games
8. Old School – Oscar Robertson’s rookie year in 1960 – 30.5 points / 10.1 rebounds / 9.7 assists
9. Just a Little Bit Outside – Numbers retired
* Only current players who will get number retired – Brady, Bergeron, Pedroia (needs three more 180 hit seasons and finish with Red Sox)
* How do Kraft’s honor Belichick after his retirement – gray hoodie on the façade (like Johnny Most microphone)
* Players who shouldn’t have their number retired: DJ, Reggie Lewis, Don Nelson, Satch Sanders, Jim Loscutoff, Bruce Armstrong, Ed MaCauley, Michael Haynes
10. Randomocity
* Shouldn’t every Patriot beat writer be suspended for getting scooped by an out of town writer
* Bob Lobel was being paid $600,000 in 1989
* How crazy is this world – Hollywood cheered and celebrated Tonya Harding – a woman involved with the assault and attack of another woman – insane! Almost as insane as a standing ovation for Roman Polanski.
* Wes Welker only go into the Patriot Hall of Fame after Bill goes?
* The Slater Hall of Fame talk is insane – he isn’t even a top 25 player on the field on any given Sunday
* I was thinking this during the National Championship game and then was reminded of it on Facebook – the fact that ESPN ignored the President the entire game never showing him but will show Bob Kraft three times or show cheerleaders every five minutes despite the networks record of abuse and harassment in Bristol – at best they are hypocritical
* Over the last two months the Bruins, Celtics and Patriots are 3-0 outside of the country with wins in England, Mexico and Canada
* As soon as Alabama offensive coordinator Brian Daboll left the stadium with a national championship on his resume – he was never going to look back and deal with an abusive boss

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