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Connelly’s Top Ten: Celtics March to Flag #18



Connelly’s Top Ten: Celtics March to Flag #18

1.Celtics Draft

* That was boring – ugh – was getting excited for the Knicks to hand us a 7’3″ three point shooter

* That means the Celtics are two years away at best

 *Right now NBA have the Celtics picking 1 / 3 / 27 next year

2. Jim Lonborg – in 1967 he was 10-4 with 2.71 ERA when he pitched on three days rest

3. Quite a day for Addison Russell of Cubs – 4 for 5 and his wife filed for divorce

4. Panda vs. the games best at third (Panda makes more than Arenado, Bryant and Rendon combined):

Panda……………..$17.600m…………..4 / 12 / .212

Rendon…………..$5.800m…………..13 / 45 / .289

Arenado………….$11.750m………..15 / 59 / .302

Machado…………$11.500m………..15 / 36 / .223

Bryant……………..$1,050m…………..15 / 28 / .260

Moustakis……….$8.700m……….…19 / 46 / .276

5. Lovullo vs. Farrell update:

Arizona – $102mm payroll – 45-27

Red Sox -$204mm payroll – 40-32

6. More good news for Patriots – Derek Carr signs for $125,000,000 – more ammunition for Brady’s motivation and Oakland’s QB just lost some hunger


7. Amazing Stats – Wade Boggs in 1988 with a 3-1 count:

* 58 plate appearances

* 32 walks / 12 Hits

* .462 average / .759 average

8. Old School – Celtics draft success or failures with Center’s over their history – points / rebounds

1.       Dave Cowens – 1970 – First Round – ……17.6 / 13.6

2.       Al Jefferson (is listed as center) – 2004 – first round – 16.0 / 8.6

3.       Mel Counts – 1964 – First Round…………….8.3 / 6.0

4.       Greg Kite – 1983 – First Round……………….2.5 / 3.4

5.       Eric Montross – 1994 – First Round…………4.5 / 4.6

6.       Acie Earl – 1993 – First Round…………………5.1 / 2.7

7.       Jerome Moiso – 2000 – First Round……….2.7 / 2.7

8.       Fab Melo – 2012 – First Round……………….1.2 / 0.5

9. Just a Little Bit Outside – With Keyshawn Johnson’s son being suspended for pot – will college recruits start committing to colleges located in states that have legalized pot?

10. Randomocity

·         Strange that Otto Wambier’s parents didn’t want an autopsy – things that make me go hmmm

·         Can’t hear the Exorcist music without getting scared

*      So far a good year for corn on the cob

*      Have you seen the Ameritrade commercial take on the Harry Chapman song

Michael has written for the Boston Herald and other sites in the past and his top ten column is now housed on Trifecta Sports Network. Connelly's Top Ten releases on Monday's and Friday's.

Boston Celtics

Kyrie Irving Wants To Win Without LeBron James



Kyrie Irving

Newly minted Boston Celtics point guard Kyrie Irving had a public fallout with LeBron James. This fallout caused Irving to request a trade from the Cleveland Cavaliers and ended up getting him to Boston.

In his first media appearance as a Celtic, he took to ESPN’s First Take to tackle a number of issues including LeBron James. In regards to James, Irving doesn’t care about the future hall of famers feelings and didn’t even tell him he wanted out of “Believeland”.

Smith: “Did you speak to LeBron James or talk to LeBron James before you or your representatives met with ownership to let them know that you wanted out?”

Irving: “No.”

Smith: “Why not?”

Irving: “Why would I have to?”

Smith: “If you don’t speak to someone about it, they might take it personally.”

Irving: “Yeah.”

Smith: “Do you care about that at all?”

Irving: “No.”

When Irving requested out of Cleveland the Cavs handled the situation poorly and leaked the request to members of the media. For that, Irving was even more at ends with them.

“I felt like the timing was impeccable if you ask me,” Irving explained. “I think how ironic it was that I was on my China trip and how my trade rumors all of a sudden just came out publicly. And it was hurtful because I knew how professional I had kept it throughout the whole entire process, and how strategic it was. Because I knew it was going to be madness, and it turned out to be like that. And when you’re living in a reality-based (world) and I’m a very awake individual and you have all these exterior forces trying to change or skew everyone else’s opinion, and I’m not able to say anything, and I’m sitting back and being very, very patient, it became something that I didn’t understand because of the amount of moments that we had together as a team. .. It was hurtful to see that a lot of the reports, and a lot of things that were happening, there was minimal truth to it.”

When it came down to it though, the culture and environment surrounding Cleveland was a driving factor in making him want out. Part of it admittedly was likely the departure of former GM David Griffen and James’s controlling factor.

“When you think about the journey, and you also put things into perspective for what they really are, it’s a truthful environment. And I wasn’t getting that (in Cleveland). And that’s where it really stands,” he explained.

Despite being considered one of the favorites in the Eastern Conference this season Irving understands a lot of work will need to be put into making the Celtics compete.

“That’s the kind of difficult question that will be asked throughout the entire season until we form our identity,” Irving said when asked about expectations. “Only four guys from last year’s team are returning. It’s totally a new journey. I have high expectations and we share that as a group.”

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Boston Celtics

Isaiah Thomas Only a Ploy in Trade with Cavs




Isaiah Thomas Only a Ploy in Trade with Cavs

We’ve been bamboozled (to quote Burgermeister Meisterburger). Yes, the nerve-racking Celtics-Cavaliers trade is finally done! You can now exhale. But when we dig through the convoluted pile of permutations and appraisals of this deal, doesn’t it all seem highly questionable? Come on, this thing was announced a week before it was completed, a bonafide Woj-bomb. Why the delay? I’ll tell you. There is one person who is responsible for all this controversy, albeit through inadvertence. That man would be none other than “the little guy” Isaiah Thomas.

That’s right, the undisputed fan-favorite and beloved underdog: Isaiah Thomas. Bless his heart; we all know that he’s done a great deal of good for the Celtics. Surely, we’re grateful for the fearless pony-up player he has been for us.

Since last Wednesday, the Celtics and the Cavaliers have been in a gridlocked game of tug-of-war. Thomas has undoubtedly played the threadbare rope, in the middle of all this. Through no fault of his own, he was misrepresented as the centerpiece of the C’s offer for Kyrie Irving. Maybe cockeyed “homer” fans accept this fallacy to be true. But make no mistake, both organizations knew Thomas’ true value the entire time. He is nothing more than a damaged fringe-superstar whose purpose is to be parlayed into draft picks.

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Boston Celtics

Trade For Irving Now Complete



Kyrie Irving

Trade For Irving Now Complete, Celtics And Cavs Can Move On

In the least shocking news of the year, the trade between the Boston Celtics and the Cleveland Cavaliers is now complete.

After Cleveland extorted the Celtics for extra compensation in the deal the Celtics conceded and sent the Cavs its 2020 second round pick it acquired via the Miami Heat.

Now that the deal is complete the official structure of the trade is as follows.

Celtics Recieve:

Cavs Recieve

Cleveland received extra compensation because they believed that the Boston Celtics were not fully transparent about the health of Isaiah Thomas throughout the process.

Even if that is true, the health of Thomas’s hip has been highly publicized and occurred during a series in which Cleveland was playing in.

Boston, on the other hand, believes they were completely straight forward with Cleveland and that the Thomas status was widely known by everyone in the league. But with the Celtics bent over on the barrel, the Cavs were in the unique position to extort Danny Ainge and company for extra compensation.

It is, of course, worth noting that Thomas isn’t expected to be ready to play day 1. Even he has acknowledged that.

“There’s never been an indication that I wouldn’t be back, and there’s never been an indication that this is something messing up my career,” Thomas told ESPN on Tuesday. “Maybe I am not going to be back as soon this season as everyone wants me to be, but I’m going to be back, and I’m going to be the same player again. No doctor has told me anything different than that.”

With the deal now complete, Boston will look to fill the roster spot that has been created by the trade. Candidates for that include Tony Allen and Andrew Bogut.

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