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Connelly’s Top Ten – Dog Days of Winter Sports



1.Even More Patriots Stuff

* Thought the Ben Volin piece Sunday was subtly disturbing – lot of mistrust by the Krafts toward Bill

* Previous two Super Bowl losses were followed up with season that did not make it to the Super Bowl

* 2016 – win Super Bowl / 2017 – lose in Super Bowl / 2018 – ??? —- lets hope this doesn’t follow the fall of the 1980’s Celtics: 1986 – Champions / 1987 – lose in championship / 1988 – lose in conference finals / 1989 – lose in division finals

* When Bill says get after Foles why not go Buddy Ryan Chicago Bears 1986 – all eleven on the line – bringing corners and safeties?

* Do they have to challenge Gostkowski with a draft pick this camp like Bill challenged Brady with Jimmy G.

* Tom Brady has missed 15 of 288 games (5%) because of injury over his seventeen seasons / Jimmy G missed two of nine potential starts (22%)


2. Result of discipline or dramatic trades in Foxboro

* Wes Welker foot comment benching..…Biggest upset in era’s history to Jets

* Lawyer Milloy released…………………………Demolished by Buffalo

* Butler sits……………………………………………..lose Super Bowl

* Trade Logan Mankins…………………………….Lose to Dolphins 33-20 (2014)

* Trade Jamie Collins………………………………..Lose to Seattle next week at home


3. Some MVP facts:

* Everytime the Red Sox lost a World Series they had the MVP – 1946 / 1967 / 1975 / 1986

* The season the Bruins traded Joe Thornton he won the MVP

* A Bruin / Celtic hasn’t won the MVP since 1974/1986

* Paul Pierce was only considered a top ten player in the league – once (determined by mvp voting)

4. Local team’s MVP and did they win the championship

1912 – Speaker – Won

1935 – Shore – No

1936 – Shore – No

1938 – Shore – No

1938 – Foxx – No

1941 – Crowley – No

1943 – Crowley – Lost in Stanley Cup

1946 – Williams – Lost in World Series

1949 – Williams – No

1951 – Schmidt – No

1957 – Cousy – Won

1958 – Russell – No

1958 – Jensen – No

1961 – Russell – Won

1962 – Russell – Won

1963 – Russell – Won

1965 – Russell – Won

1967 – Yaz – Lost in World Series

1969 – Espo – No

1970 – Orr – Yes

1971 – Orr – No

1972 – Orr – Won

1974 – Espo – Lost in Stanley Cup

1973 – Cowens – No

1975 – Lynn – Lost in World Series

1978 – Rice – No

1984 – Bird – Won

1985 – Bird – Lost in Championship

1986 – Bird – Won

1986 – Clemens – Lost in World Series

1995 – Vaughn – No

2007 – Brady – Lost in Super Bowl

2008 – Pedroia – No

2010 – Brady – lost in Division playoffs

2017 – Brady – Lost in Super Bowl


5. Celtics and Bruins

* Hats off to Tuukka – first loss since November – wow!

* Celtics 6-9 over their last 15

* Could Bergeron win MVP and not be an All Star?

* Robert Parish calling Paul Pierce the Celtics greatest offensive player is laughable – I would put him 4th behind Bird, Havlicek and McHale

* Is Havlicek under-appreciated in this town?

* Isiah Thomas left town as the all-time leading scorer – points per game – in Celtic history

* Congrats to the most over-rated player in Boston sports history Paul Pierce (beating out Russ Francis)  getting his number retired

6. Patriots Free Agents signed 2017 – Grade – B

         Stephon Gilmore

         Lawrence Guy

         Rex Burkhead

         Mike Gillislee

         Davis Harris

         Eric Lee

         Martellus Bennett

         Kenny Britt

         James Harrison


7. Amazing Stats – Games played in Rookie season for Sixers first round picks:

2017 – 1st Pick – Fultz……………0 games

2016 – 1st Pick – Simmons…….0 games

2015 – 3rd Pick – Okafor………..53 games (already traded)

2014 – 3rd Pick – Embidd……….0 games (0 games in second season)


8. Old School – Red Auerbach in his opening press conference in April of 1950:

*I don’t give a darn for sentiment of names. That goes for Cousy or anyone else

* I don’t regard Cousy as good as (Ed) Leede (121 career games averaged 7.8 points)

*We are going to build a club not just to make it up a notch….but one to finish in first place

* I will trade every player on the roster


9. Just a Little Bit Outside – Best appetizers in town:

* Davios – Steak and cheese rolls

* Santarpios – Lamb chops

* Strega – Meatball“

* Golden Temple – Chicken Fingers

* Turners in Melrose – Clam Chowder

* 21st Amendment – Nachos

* Parker House – Rolls (not really appetizers but so good)


10. Randomocity

* From reader JJC – 25 of 28 invited pitchers to Red Sox camp are over six feet tall – the starting four pitchers 6’5” / 6’5” / 6’5 / 6’6””

* Series on NetFlix – Snoop Dog coaching Pop Warner: The series starts with the purpose for him coaching – “when someone comes after you with a gun – these kids need to know what to do

* The things the Opening Ceremony did with drones was amazing and scary at the same time – reminded me of the Michael Crichton book – Prey. Yikes (assassinations and stadium/parade attacks forthcoming)

* Can you imagine the outcry if the Patriots got the calls the Eagles did– Illegal pick on 4th down on their own 46 / juggled pass for TD / illegal formation for TD pass to Foles

* Frank Reich should send Josh McDaniel a thank you card

* Lowest interest in Red Sox in 30 years

* 2018 Patriots draft positions: 31 / 43 / 63 / 95 / 191

* Before retiring – Gronk please look at acting careers of Brian Bosworth, Alex Karras, Jim Brown, Marvin Hagler, Howie Long

*Watching Pebble Beach makes me wonder what I’m doing here in New England

* You guys need a break from my typos and whining – see you in a month or so (unless something happens – like Bill resigns)

Michael has written for the Boston Herald and other sites in the past and his top ten column is now housed on Trifecta Sports Network. Connelly's Top Ten releases on Monday's and Friday's.

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WEEI To Close Its Doors On Friday




Boston sports radio station WEEI is set to close its doors on Friday amidst some highly controversial storylines.

The station is going to be stopping all broadcasts this Friday between 6 am- 6 pm with the entire company attending an all-day mandatory sensitivity training.

The company claimed in a press release that it is trying to put in place policies and procedures that are more align with their listeners and the City of Boston. This move comes after two major national incidents portrayed the station in a highly negative light with Alex Reimer calling Tom Brady’s daughter a “pissant” and Christian Fauria imitating Brady’s agent Don Yee.

These two incidents are not truly isolated though with morning show host Kirk Minihane always stirring the pot and going after anyone he dares too including media giant Boston Globe which is owned by Red Sox owner John Henry who has a radio contract with WEEI.

WEEI’s decision to go dark and refocus their staff has been met with some serious controversy with some supporting the decision but the general feeling is negative. The people who are looking at this in the negative light are seeing it as a serious form of censorship, a censorship that was clearly heard on the airwaves on Wednesday with Minihane saying repeatedly that they are going to do the worst radio show in America and hope they finish last in the rating book.

Ultimately this will likely kill WEEI as a radio station once again which is unfortunate since the Kirk and Callahan program has helped the station launch itself back into relevancy.  At this point, it looks like Minihane might be thinking of greener pastures.

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Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl Title Should Be Vacated For Illegal Play



The Philadelphia Eagles defeated the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LII but they did so illegally.

According to the NFL rulebook, former officials, and common sense the Eagles ran an illegal play on the Nick Foles touchdown catch trick play. Philly lined up illegally on the play with the officials during the game going with the wrong judgment call on the play. With the play being in the trick variety the officials during the game should have been even more aware of what is legal and what isn’t legal.

While this particular play didn’t decide the game it did result in points for the Eagles and impacted the final outcome of a Super Bowl.

Generally, when the Patriots are accused of doing something illegal it becomes a massive national story that doesn’t die with calls of win and to have their title stripped from them.

For that reason, I have taken it upon myself to demand that the Eagles have their title vacated and a long painful investigation with massive reports and then have counter reports with the team’s notes released.

None of this will happen, and it shouldn’t. But in the pursuit of being fair, it may be necessary.

If you haven’t guessed it at this point I am not actually serious about any of this, but the purpose of this was to point out the hypocritical nature of the media and their hatred of the New England Patriots.

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WEEI Censoring Kirk And Callahan With Station Advertisers Pulling Out




The number one morning program in Boston is getting a makeover.

That program is, of course, WEEI’s Kirk and Callahan program that has been number 1 in the rating book for the last 6 months. Much of the show’s success can be attributed to Kirk Minihane who is widely known as a host that is willing to say anything and go after anyone. But now it is looking like WEEI is putting a muzzle on their prized horse in a move that might tank the station.

WEEI’s bosses have allegedly directed the show’s personalities to tone down the rhetoric and avoid certain subjects like attacking the hypocritical Boston Globe and their writing staff.

The reason for this censorship is unclear but with some advertisers pulling out from WEEI it could be the primary reason for WEEI’s change of heart. Advertisers have been pulling out for a variety of reasons with national incidents occurring with Alex Reimer calling Tom Brady’s daughter a “pissant” and Christian Fauria making a poor impression of Brady’s agent Don Yee.

Both incidents occurred at different times but within weeks of each other. The Boston Globe among other media outlets have crucified WEEI for these incidents.

Interestingly enough the Globe and their writers have gone out of their way to write negative outlook articles on WEEI which may or may not have attributed to censoring of radio personalities whose main job is to drive in ratings.

Always interesting to see a station running away from ratings by killing the only product that has them in first. Can’t imagine this will end well for the personalities involved or the station which is owned by Entercom.

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