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Connelly’s Top Ten – Fog and Patriots dominate Foxboro



1. Patriots


* complete game
* Patriots lost yet another coin toss and had to receive it being the game
* Like the all blue uniforms
* Why the fireworks before the game creating smoke and bad visibility
* Thanks, coach Quinn for going for it on fourth down
* Matt Ryan with no intention of scoring at the end of the first half padding his numbers


* Brady takes three kill shots every game – how many times in a season do the Patriots hit the other QB with equal violence
* Amazing watching Brady move through his progression so easily for the second TD  to James White
* Brady not only greatest clutch QB, and inclement weather QB, and Super Bowl QB, best QB sneak QB – but also best recover-er of his own fumbles
* Nothing better than a Brady run and fist pump


* Nice call on the fly sweep for Cooks for the TD by McDaniel
* Is it me on does Hogan look hurt after any contact
* Deion Lewis a weapon again
* Nice run blocking by offensive line
* Looks like Cook is making some nice route adjustments


* Tattoo man with blocked kick
* Van Noy’s best game – great stop on 4th down
* Defense stands up without Stephon Gilmore –  – how comes Jonathan Jones just makes plays
* Marsh lost containment on Ryan 4th down run

Bill gear / Kraft Sighting

*Bill blue wind breaker with white long sleeve shirt underneath
*Mr. Kraft – 4:42 of second quarter / end of first half – Mr Kraft sneaking up on us in a video being shown in Patriot Hall of Fame


* With the fog floating over the field – the wine drinkers in the red seats still don’t know the second half started

2. Brady vs. Manning playoffs

* over 95 QB rating in playoffs –  Brady 14 of 34 / Manning 5 of 27
* Super Bowl TD to Int – Brady 15-5 / Manning 3-6

3. How come every athlete yells – Lets Go!

4. Doug Baldwin is wearing a shirt that says Equality – last four years in the nfl –

Doug Baldwin – $7.8mm salary / 288 receptions / 3,728 yards
Julien Edelman – $5.5mm a year / 356 receptions/ 3,826 yards

5. Dorset and Allen combined receptions this year

6. Red Sox hire a manager who is a minority – Celtics history as head coach and minorities:
* Bill Russell, Satch Sanders, KC Jones, ML Carr, Doc Rivers

7. How about this for a new Patriot tradition – at 2:12 of every third quarter at home. They change 28-3

8. Thanks Houston

9. Just a Little Bit Outside – Brothers
* Chuck Cunningham
* Racer X
* Bobby Ewing

10. Randomocity
* Jane Fonda said she didn’t step forward on Harvey Weinstein because it didn’t happen to her – that didn’t seem to stop her in North Vietnam
* After the Yawkey Way comments of John Henry – didn’t it almost guarantee that the next manager would be a minority – welcome Alex Cora
* How come hotel doors to rooms are so loud and wake up all the other guests?

Michael has written for the Boston Herald and other sites in the past and his top ten column is now housed on Trifecta Sports Network. Connelly’s Top Ten releases on Monday’s and Friday’s.

New England Patriots

Patriots Talk: Patriots Shut Out Raiders In Mexico City



What a day for the Patriots to secure a win in the most Patriot way possible. The game was effectively over before the 2nd quarter ended. The team was dominant throughout the entire duration of the game and it showed. In many ways, there were a number of factors within this game that caused the Raiders to ultimately fold early on in the game

The Altitude Difference

The Patriots had the smart idea to stay in Denver and travel to Colorado Springs to adjust their bodies to the pressures of high altitude. The Raiders took the same approach when they traveled to Mexico City to play against the Houston Texans in Week 11 of the 2016 season. Although, the method worked last year, you can’t deny that there was a lot of outside interference in that game.

This time around, it was very clearly from just the fact that CB Stephon Gilmore and WR Danny Amendola leaving the game due to dehydration showed how taxing the high altitude was on them. The Raiders were arguably worse with their team as they allowed 4 turnovers on the offense yesterdays. The sheer pressure the game put on most of the players was quite significant in this game for both team. But the Patriots ultimately minimzed the effect that it had on them.

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New England Patriots

Patriots Football Talk: Patriots Dominance Continues In Mexico




It was a sunny Sunday at the Estadio Azteca, Mexico’s Premier Stadium, in Mexico City.  The New England Patriots were facing off against the Oakland Raiders in what was called a Road Game.  It was a made for TV experience to draw in a more viewers and fans.  It was the NFL’s way to reach a larger market, that being fans in Mexico City.

The Game showed off the best in the NFL.  And you know what?  The best Team in the NFL showed what it means to be the best.  Of course I’m talking about the Patriots dominating yet another Team.  They continue to out preform their opponents on the field.  It’s something that this year’s Team has grown in to.  From being just a contender to being an all-out reigning champ; this Team has figured out how to be great.  Today’s game was proof of that!  I’d say they played perfect, but they didn’t get the shut out.  Hey you can’t have everything!

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New England Patriots

NFL Talk: Week 11 Picks




We are finally getting down to the last stretch of the season where teams will finally start to line up where they will make the playoffs and those who will simply tank for the higher pick in the 2018 NFL draft. At this point, most people have teams figured out and know how games should go from here on out. As of now, I got 11-3 correct last week, which puts me at 95-51 for the season.

Tennessee Titans @ Pittsburgh Steelers: Winner – Steelers

At this point in the season, I think the Titans will likely make the wildcard as Jacksonville will run away with the division. The Steelers are pretty much a lock for the playoffs. Their division has the Browns with the worst record in the NFL, and the Bengals and Ravens have fallen off. Even though the game was already played yesterday here was my thoughts before the game:

They are playing the Titans at home and the Steelers defense has been a hack of a surprise for this season. It’s mainly because of how much money was invested into their offense yet their defense has improved substantially from last year. The 2nd best passing defense in the NFL (allowing only 181.8 passing yards per game) and 11th against the run (allowing 102.7 rushing yards per game).

The Titans will have some serious difficulties holding the Steelers down while they are playing at home. Despite the Titans not having a bad team by any stretch (they have the 6th best rushing defense in the NFL), this is the Steelers game to lose and thankfully after what we have seen, that isn’t alot. Steelers won by 40-17 and my prediction was they would score 27-20. (Titans couldn’t even get me that)

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Cleveland Browns: Winner – Jaguars

If the Jags somehow throw this game away I will be so done with predicting their games this season. The Browns are a team that needs a massive overhaul and I don’t see it being enough for them to win this game. The Jaguars will win this game 24-21 with Blake Bortles somehow almost throwing the game away. Almost.

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